Elegant Rose

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Twinkles *~* * ~ *

Thought for the day.
"We are all Stars and we all
deserve too Twinkle"..
(Marilyn Munroe)

Its no big secret that I've lost some 
Twinkles recently..
I guess I've put them down some where 
 in a haste of a rush...
I've simply
for gotten to pick them up some how..
 I believe add a little dash to any little blog
post and a little magic to ones day!

Twinkles make your days sparkle...

~ With the prettiest of lights...

They also make you feel grounded and safe
and ready to take on all of life's little hiccups.....

Each day before leaving my little place called home
I ask for my 'Twinkles' to be switched on..
It's a kind of a 'spiritual electricity that 
just can't be seen...
And it really, really works you know!
They send you on a yellow brick
 road that leads to your very own Kansas city!

Ooh yes, Dorothy knew all about Twinkles..
didn't she just...

~ Yesterday I chatted all about twinkles 
with a friend of the sparkle ~ est kind...
She'd sadly lost her twinkly lights that day too..
We both agreed that living with out magical powers in our days 
could be just a little flat and more than a little dissatisfying..
In fact living with out your own lights is a kin to dressing up
in the dark, eating boring meals and decorating your rooms
in the dreariest colours on offer!

Tomorrow I will remember to switch on the power button, before
I start my day....
Most important...
I'll walk through my park and send out positive thoughts
for the grandest of days....
I will give gratitude, which after all is the hearts
memory for all that I have that is good!
 I'm feeling much more twinkly already!!
Wishing you all a day that is of the 
grandest kind!
Do what makes your heart smile ...
And I will be back again, next week with of course more

This post is dedicated to a very sparkly friend!!
I'm a wishing us both to find those  twinkles very soon.....


  1. Oh no! Maria without twinkles is like fish without chips, Eric without Ernie, a garden without beautiful flowers....I'm sure you will find them somewhere soon! My granddaughter loves 'twinkles' and when we watch Snow White and Cinderella she loves to shout out, grandma see the twinkles and sparkles when the fairies are working their magic! Wishing you love and twinkles too! XX

  2. Hehe...LOVED this comment, Anne...Thank you!
    I am a thinking tis because I am writing Bumble bee's blog.. and losing my blog mojo..
    Twinkles will resume, I know....Just forgot to press the button recently!!

  3. Twinkles come in ALL sorts of of ways....
    Even in Italy/Sicily.....
    "Scintilla, scintilla, piccola stella,
    mi chiedo chese, che sei,
    li nell' altezza sulla terra,
    come un diamante nel cielo,
    Scintilla, scintilla piccola stella,
    mi chiedochi sei".
    (HeHe! You all know this one....One of the first
    we all learnt as children). :>)...

    1. I am copy and pasting this Willie..to.. Google translate..
      don;t want to miss out on all these 'Twinkles '******

    2. Oh! Miss Twinkle...You should know this one....! :).
      Hope the translation is o.k....HeHe!

    3. Twinkle, Twinkle. Little star....
      Ooh yes I know this one, Willie! ha ha..
      Do you know , you are some one bursting with sparkles...
      I bet you have been told this already..many times..

    4. HeHe! You know me so well....
      We only pass this way once..(Though, l'm
      gonna have another go at it..If poss,,). :).
      If we live to be 80~90~100...It's only a drop
      in the ocean...!
      So! We make the best of things...Keep happy,
      smile, don't let things get ya down.....
      Oh! And, the most important thing....Have a cat,
      2~3~4~~~How many, ever! :).

      One of the things l'm always been told is....
      "Willie..Your the best there is...The best there was..
      And, the best there ever will be". Nice!
      And, an old boss of mine used to say.....
      "Willie..Always make a name for yourself....Other than
      the one you've got".

      But! It's always nice to read posts like this....
      Honest, sincere, down to earth, from the heart....
      People on the same wavelength as meeee! Lovely!
      Grazie...Thankyou....! :<).

  4. Ah Maria, this is a lovely post! WE all need to add more twinkles in our live!
    God bless,

    1. Aww we most certainly do..Some times we lose track of all that's magical....Me for one has, with all that's been busy at home...(builders still here, not playing by any rules)...Thank you!

  5. Maria you only think you've lost your twinkles, I can feel them. And do you know they top up my twinkles too.
    Jean x

    1. Jean, oh I wish you knew how we were chatting about your lovely little blog recently..It's a very long, very interesting tail..We had you mistaken for some one..Who by a small chance had the very same name as you!! hehe,,,Thank you for kindest words always.

    2. Oops of course I mean tale....~ Must not blog whilst I try and make my family some kind of burn't offerings for Sunday tea..x

  6. I have found, that when my "twinkle" goes out, that if I make someone ELSE smile, laugh or simply lift them up somehow, that THIS is the source of my energy. It is inevitable that we lose power. But all we have to do is turn on the switch by striking a chord with someone else, and suddenly, we see the light. Peace and ABUNDANCE of sparkle to you, dearest Maria! Anita

  7. Hello Twink
    Bless you Maria,you cannot beat yourself up just because you do not feel twinkly all the time...we all need time out..it is hard to post when other things in our lives are on our minds
    all I do know is that you are a giver and have so much to give even if you do not see it yourself
    Hope you feel twinkly again soon
    Thea xx

  8. Thank you for adding to my twinkles today and I hope a few stray twinkles remained with you

    ... :) ...

  9. I think it looks amazing. I'm not sure I would have had the patience that you had though! dave burke

  10. Wishing you a most sparkly day, bursting with twinkles galore! Chrissie x

  11. Wishing you a happy twinkly week dear Maria...full of magic and sparkles!
    Susan xxxxxxxxx

  12. I'm so sorry you lost your twinkles.

    I can't imagine a Maria without her twinkliness.

    Sending you hugs and warmest wishes xx

  13. Oh sweetie your twinkles are still there - I feel them every time I read a post from you!
    I needed some of your twinkles today as we lost someone very dear to us yesterday, although in some ways it was a blessing as he really didn't deserve to suffer any more. Thank you for your lovely pictures and words. You are one of life's best. M xx

    1. Ooh dear, Mrs VJ..These times are the toughest...
      Sending kindest thoughts and the warmest hug to you..
      Take care..x

  14. So glad you have your twinkles back! It would be useful to have a jar of twinkles on the dresser, to add to life when needed, wouldn't it?

  15. Awww Maria...loving that you are finding your 'twinkles' again. I have found mine by just reading your lovely post...thankyou so much for popping by to welcome me back into the blogging world, keep twinkling... xxx

  16. Wish you always be twinkled Maria! I'm sure you can handle your twinkles even when they seem to disappear...Sending you my loveliest thoughts and wishing you a great week, Olympia

  17. Hope lots and lots of twinkles will come your way Maria! I sent the first ones over from The Netherlands.


    Madelief x

  18. Happiness radiates from your blog! I know too well the pall that besets the twinkles, the sparkles... We simply have..just have.. To banish the darkness! Your blog post was magic to my weary heart.

  19. Maria I do hope you find those twinkles soon! Mine are hidden a little today, I've been burning my candle at both ends this week....I'm blog reading today and I know they will return, after all there's so much sparkle in Blogland! :) x

  20. Sending some twinkles your way....

  21. Oh Maria I think those darn builders damped down your twinkles with their dust. I hope you had a lovely walk in the park and re-energised your twinkles. Sending you lots of twinkles to keep for emergencies. As an aside your wish box does work, my son passed his driving test after I started mine. Thank you for your wonderful inspiration. Enjoy the rest of your week.
    Ali xx

  22. Glad your twinkles are shining again Maria! Life would indeed be very dull without a bit of sparkle xxx

  23. Good morning sparkling friend! Thank you for coming across the pond to visit with me....seeing you is always a happy moment and I hope that you are having bright and warm days! We are finally inching our way toward warmer weather, and the buds are struggling to open, but we will get there! Sending you a happy hug my friend, Anita