Elegant Rose

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Spoon ~ Full's Of Happiness...

"The month of May casts her magic spell
as spring time's promise is finally full ~ filled.".
Simple Abundance..

 I was planning a little date with my paint brush..
But Mr sunshine had other plans..
Rainy, dark and a little dismal 
to say the least..


Throwing a little fairy dust here and there.
My house work is complete.....

 little post is captured in pictures more than words..
Little spoonful's of happiness..
captured by my lens..

 (bad~ puss)
A little camera shy!

 after all is another day...
And my date may jolly well resume once more..

~ But for now I'd like to wish you a happy
new month of May
( my favourite month)

And here's hoping the sun is shining on your day..
~ and indeed weekend..

My new rosey skirt made with love
by my friend, Lucy..
I shall wear with a smile and a twinkle in my eye....
Life after all is to short to wear dull clothes..

And thank you for all your sparkly kind wishes on my
earlier post..
They lit up my comments box with the twinkle ~est 
of glows..
Take time to dream...
Hugs Maria x


  1. Dear Maria,

    I wish you a magical month of May! The film festival in Cannes on the southern coast of France is often held under grey, rainy skies; that's why May is so verdant and lush!

    Your skirt is absolutely fabulous and I would dearly like to possess such a beauty! Wear it with much joy dear lady.


    ps I've just returned from England so I missed your previous post x

  2. I'm not gonna make a comment to~day....!
    I'm just gonna sit back and look at Smoky
    and Willow....Trying to decide whether to
    smell or eat said flower....! HeHe! :).

    No pun intended..But, the title struck a cord...
    "In every job that must be done,
    there is an element of fun,
    you find the fun and, snap,
    the jobs a game".
    That a...."Spoonful of sugar helps the
    medicine go down......etc..etc...
    Let you all sing the rest...Sure you all
    know the words...AND..Seen the film..
    1964...Dick Van Dyke did the worst cockney
    accent ever......! :>).

    Must say Maria..Love that tin of Geranium and
    Rose petal...Pink!
    At first glance, l thought it was polish...But, it's
    a candle....Silly Willie...!
    HeHe! So much for not making a comment....
    That'll be the day...! :>).
    Big hugs and kisses for the kittie~kitties....!
    Ah! Bless!

    1. ~ Ooh thought you would like those posing kittie shots...Willie!! With the little bit of pink here and there...It's a tad grey here and I just needed a little pink to brighten my day..

  3. We have had sunshine and cloud today. I too have had a date with Mr. Paintbrush and his cousin Sir. Secateurs, and they want to see me again tomorrow, it's exhausting. Just about got enough energy left for a supper date with Ms Oven.
    Jean x

  4. Hello Maria, that is a beautiful skirt! Perfect with plimsolls and some sunshine. I love May, too. It is my birthday month and that of my youngest son. I must say I think it's an especially good May for blossom this year. Have a lovely Bank Holiday Monday. x

  5. May is a lovely month for us too Maria. My lovely mum's birthday is on 14th and we celebrate our wedding anniversary a few days after. We are looking forward to staying in a beautiful old beamed cottage in the Cotswolds to celebrate. Wishing you love and twinkles too XX

  6. You are so right about dull clothes - please don't ever change Maria! But I'm wondering if I dare to wear the 1970s Laura Ashley maxi dress I found at a car boot sale yesterday...
    To quaint for a granny, perhaps.

    1. Ooh Nilly...I have a Laura Ashley maxi dress too..LOVE the simple style and of course the Paisley material so akin to the 1970's....You simply must wear....Your'e a very chic lady and Granny....a blog post maybe..?

  7. I love the first pic with flower its so pretty, but they are all sweet pics kittys and all. Your skirt is really adorable!

  8. A delightful start to May


  9. Glad to see you've got your twinkles back. I hope you get some time to get your paint brush out. I love those Geranium and rose petal candles, perfect for bring some peace and calm to a room. Much needed yesterday after my visitors left. They were very angry with everyone who had passed their way and left lots of negative energy in my house, naughty people. Oh what I lovely skirt, the lace trim looks wonderful, what a talented friend. Enjoy the bank holiday.
    Ali xx

    1. Ali...
      Clap loudly around the room in all the corners too..
      I always do this with life's types ~ of negative folks, come a calling..it always works..
      Clears the bad vibes a treat..

  10. Hello lovely Maria. We had plenty of sunshine here in Wales yesterday, but I was stuck indoors helping my brother paint his house. Today I had all kinds of plans in the garden, but alas, the doom and gloom has set in now....perhaps a muddy walk instead. Thos always cheer me up :)

    I hope you have some of your twinkle back. Lovely images of your kitties, I just want to cuddle them both :)

    Have a lovely day xx

  11. Oh dearest Maria, Smokey is SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!!! And your dear little slim rabbit is one of my favorites to see on your posts. HAVE A GREAT DAY! Anita

  12. Happy May to you too Maria! What a lovely skirt, Lucy is clever ... and I love how the little block appears in lots of your pictures too! Wishing you a lovely bank holiday, and looking forward to seeing your painting projects.

    Love Claire xx

  13. Happy May to you too, Mrs Thriftwood...
    I love my little block, of course a beautiful gift from your good self...
    I've just finished my first coat of French lavender on my garden table and chairs...
    Will be posting on me next post, Mrs....
    Hope you are well..x

  14. Perfect skirt for the month of May Maria! Love the song too!
    Wishing you a lovely month of May. 'Live, Love, Laugh, Dream': the best of advice!

  15. Hello Twink
    May is so full of colour and kindness..I love it too...your little puss cats are so sweet, I love it when they have that inquisitive streak in them.( I know it can lead to naughty paws).. bless!
    It sounds like you are busy painting, hope the weather has been kinder today and you are enjoying your weekend
    Such a pretty skirt Maria I love it, just right for a warm spring day, I bought a vintage East dress at the weekend ( full of colours )
    Thea xx

  16. Your kitty is a little doll! May is when spring really starts to shine!

  17. Dear Maria, I loved your little spoonfuls of happiness, thank you for sharing them! Willow is so funny or maybe just bashful. Your skirt is very pretty and perfect for the month of May.

    Thank you so much for your visit to my little corner of Blogland. You asked about our decorating. It’s done! Having someone in was a wise decision, watching the balancing act over the stairs was enough to convince me! Everything is shiny and bright now. I love it!
    I bet you will be glad to see the back of that scaffolding, but I guess getting the work done is the most important thing. I hope it will all be done and dusted very soon.

    Have a wonderful weekend and a very happy May. xxx

  18. Still bad weather as I'm sure you know, but your pretty photos are a helpful reminder of what we're all hoping May will be. xx

  19. Oh Miss May has been the month of the miracle here ! A huge tragedy that unfolded before our eyes turned quite miraculous with sweet Tinkerbella pony . Sigh of relief and thanking our lucky twinkling May stars . Miracles most certainly happen and an Angel definitely waved a twinkly wand in Tinks direction Saturday . Today Tink was happily munching dandelions :))) We just felt like sharing that rather quietly with you ~ as you know about those wonderful twinkly angels .

  20. aw lovely post Maria ...I too love May ..it's so full of promise ! love the kitty piccies ..good luck with your painting !
    Gail x