Elegant Rose

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Watch Out Jack Frost Is About!

Happy of happiest Tuesdays
 to you all...

( Thank you Google)

While we were sleeping last night
some one was out and about casting his
wonderful cloak of silvery white shadows..
~ There is a post dedicated to the man himself...
Jack Frost!
( ~ Over on Bumble Bee blog spot)
Please stop by if you  have time and say hello!
~ It is most appreciated!

He's a mysterious one...
That Jack Frost...
Nipping those little fingers and toes...
~ Once upon a time, when I was small 
 I loved following the slippy,
 crispy trails.....of white dusting...
But I never found the
man with the tall pointed hat and sharp long
 fingers and toes
who could change the colour of the landscape
over night!
I wonder, did you?

( Thank you Google)
Keep cosy and warm and thank you always for leaving
the kindest of thoughts and comments!
You are all so very lovely!

Love Maria x

Saturday, 16 November 2013

The full Beaver Moon...

The Full moon in November...
The Beaver moon.
Beaver traps were set during this time, before the waters froze,
 so furs would be abundant for the cold months ahead.
For some people, the full Beaver Moon is the last
chance to do something they have been wanting to do
but put off, before the heaviness of winter settles over them..

~ Taken with kindness, From The Girl who Chased The Moon.

( My old ~ new cosy chair)

For those who follow the cycles of the moon,
tomorrow see's the full moon in November...
The Full Beaver moon..
~ a moon for getting those tasks
out in the open and jolly well
 done and dusted 
the starkness of winter time...
I will be using the moons guidance tomorrow with paper work
 long over due sorting! 

Happy off happiest Saturdays to you! 

Today I am meeting (old) friends for a luncheon meal
( love calling it this)
We are gathering together to celebrate belated birthdays!
Eating Chinese food and chatting about our days!
It's seems quite a while since we have all gathered together...
and I can't wait to catch up!!
~ and one of the best-est bits about eating Chinese food is
the fortune cookies at the end...
I always bring mine home to open and make a wish

Friends, do in deed make your days Twinkle!

I of course will not be 
wearing of  Beavers fur!
Ooh no sire!!
I treated my self to this faux fur gillet from, Top shop of
all the shops and will be wearing over my most favourite frock
( from ,Noa Noa)
which it seems I have owned for ever and ever....
I really have..
 I bring it out each Autumn time...
And those clog boots of course from  an earlier post.

~ Being one of the coldest of folks!!!
I am loving all the warm Autumnal shades of
 mustard and sage greens, right now!
My favourite colours for the approaching chilly days..
Layering of clothes keeps you the most cosiest too...

Pretty, Smoky watching close by...
she's an oldish gal, even though she appears to have eternal youth!
she feels the cold and loves nothing better than snuggling down beside you..
But she never, ever lays on your knee...
Much to shy!
She belonged to my Mama, of course...
~ and has the loudest purrs you may ever have heard...

Thank you for the kindest thoughts and twinkly wishes, for Miss Olivia!
I have gathered them all up and placed in ~
The wish box!
~ What will be will be....
I hope your Saturday is of the
Happiest kind...
( I work most Saturdays)
So today is one for popping on those 'glad rags' and
taking time out with friends...

~ And of course Taking Time To Dream...
Hugs and kisses..

Friday, 8 November 2013

The Wish Box...

November silently sneaks up on us,
catching all our senses by surprise.
Suddenly, there's no shade, no shine,
no butterflies, no bees, no fruits,
no flowers, no leaves, no birds..
Outside silvery grey shafts reveal
a familiar landscape stripped of pretence...
Behind closed doors, glowing amber fires shed
light upon the real...
Like a woman who has found her authenticity.
November's beauty radiates from within....
( Taken with kindness from simple Abundance)

~ To day I have a small confession!
so pull up close and I will tell.
~ Shhh don't tell a soul, but today is a pyjama day for me!
There I have said it....
I have been to our capital with Miss Olivia!
We have walked and talked , laughed and smiled and seen all the bright, lights of the city!
~ Today I have those legs and those feet that tell the whole story...
While I was away November crept in through the back door silently and made her
presence known to us....

~ I have spoken before on here, that,
 November is my least favourite month....
A month of sad memories...
We all have these, I know....


~ But I will greet her with my biggest smile...
and appreciate the beauty that she can radiate...
Cosy fire sides and of course days of wearing
your pyjamas with a roaring fire and a kittie or four on your knee.

The shops of course were pretty wonderful!
and I had the biggest LOVE for these two...

Ooh la la...
You could fill your boots up with delights from this one below!
~ but you would need lots and lots of pennies...


 We were in London really to view the universities for Olivia!
Her heart is set on London Central St Martins!
Gosh she will have to be incredibly lucky...
to receive a place...
I believe they only take twenty students, each year!
from the hundreds that apply!
Oh my!
Ever the optimist.
~ Her wish has been placed in the wish box, to grow and grow....

Fingers and toes are crossed tightly!
What will be, will be...

~ Back to earth once more!
~ although London has it's very dazzling shops!
Happiness just cannot be bought, I believe.
And some of the nicest gifts, I have received just now have come along magically
through being on here...
Angel Gabriella above with the biggest beautiful red wings
(Look closely they seem to flutter)...
~ Sent with kindness  from my lovely friend, Thea
Please press the link below...
Thea's blog is so very lovely and homely!


She is making her self very much at home....
until Santa Claus collects her, as sadly she is not mine to keep!
Sad but true!
( Gifts above from Bumble Bee)
I didn't spend a penny in the beautiful gift shops in London!
I have chosen to buy locally and hand made wherever possibly!
Much more fun!
~ and creative....
" but you all know this already"....
We are much the same on here........


Christmas at Bumble Bee!
soo very cosy and seasonal...

Press the link above to come on in...
You will 'bee' most welcome!

I will close for now ....
Hoping your weekend is of the cosiest, magical kind!
I wonder do you have any thoughts or desires 
 for any special dreams, just now?
I will pop in my wish box for you!
Maria x