Elegant Rose

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Penny For Your Thoughts....

A sister and a friend
A blessing twice...

It's a Nostalgic little post from me today!
A little ramblings of sorts..
Last week I felt out of depth a little...
I know we all get this feeling from time to time...
I'd run out of steam and didn't know where to mail order to
find a top up!
All down to having my little place of dwellings bombarded
by builders of the messiest kind.....
With dust and dirt every where, I wanted to hide...
Run away even!
Mr Rosey Tinted Spectacles tried to explain
" That you can't make an omelette with out breaking eggs"!!
He nearly always quotes this to me at times, like this.
His favourite man saying , me thinks!!
It didn't help one tiny little bit.

( For Willie)

Even Willow was none to happy, so to speak...
She quickly took her self up to her bed..
Invasions of the builder kind are just not her favourite 
kind of kittie days......

Fiddle sticks
 I thought!
I need to take time out...
And time out being just what the Doctor ordered.
I enjoyed some laughter and a little light heartedness
here at....
The Netherwood
Grange over Sands..
I'd joined my big sister Donna and a few 'old' pals 
for a day spent in the beautiful sunshine!
It was her Birthday you see.
~ And Birthdays most certainly should be celebrated....

We popped on a train, and ended up here
for a day to recharge
And pause for  a quiet moment..
and jolly well notice all that is ~
bright and beautiful, just now..
The earth has been sleeping, and now she
seems to be waking once more...

Daffodils always make me smile..

As do wild violets and the palest of pale Primroses..
~ scattered here and there...
It always makes me feel
 like Mother nature  has been busy with her paint brushes 
and started a canvas of fresh new colours for a brand new 
spring time!

I've included a few old world~y pictures  
of us two sisters...
And I just wanted to 
"Sisters are the best"..
Aren't they just?
Quite simply we always have the bond of sweet memories.
that make us some times weep, but most of all make us smile.

Although this picture is from quite a few moons ago...
It feels like only yesterday!
We always have such fun, now as then...
( I smile also at the very same knitted sweater and kilts, that we would nearly 
always wear at the very same time.
Life seemed simpler then, some how...
A penny for your thoughts ?
Happy days...

Sisters, now...
I read some where that' Time is a dress maker specialising 
in alterations'..
But some things she just can't alter...
And that is the sisterly bond.
Wishing you a week full of happy moments...
As I know these are the best ~ est kind of weeks!
Thanking you also for kindest words always..
They make me happy too...
Hugs Maria x

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Friends Make Your Days Twinkle...

"Thought for today.
Dream your dreams a size to big
then you can grow into them."

My week has been special.
the kind that goes 'tickety-boo'
 without you having to try very hard at all.
Let me begin to tell you more ~ 
On a very spring like day this week I had a visitor! 
A special friend from a fellow blog, who called on my little place of dwellings...
Ooh my, we sipped some tea and we sipped some more..
And we ate delicious cake of course...
And we chatted so very much that time was seen to fly by
simply before our very eyes..
My very special visitor was of course Thea from the very pretty blog:

~ Now I must confess we had already sown a few little seeds of friendship as you do being blog buddies and expressed the possibility of maybe
 meeting up one of these old days..
 Maybe a wish or two had been popped into my wish box too!
But the delight to finally get to chat face to face was wonderful!
(Sweet, sweet little kittie above was a beautiful hand sewn gift from Thea)
along with some old ~ little treasures that have now been placed around my
little home..
Such kindness!

A day so lovely!
We had a jolly nice walk together and a visit to 'Bumble Bee'
(my little place of work)

A smiling Thea outside the shop!

Thea had a little spend  in Bumble Bee and this is nothing new to me!
Ooh my goodness, no.
I spend all my pennies in there!
Sometimes I have to sneak the bags oops bag passed 
Mr Rosey Tinted Spectacles, until I can think of a jolly
good reason for needing another rose tea pot in my little kitchen!
Thank you once again,  lovely Thea for taking the time to 
visit me.
It was quite simply a special day.....

Drum roll now please and thank you ......
Time for my give away as promised!

All the names into my cloche hat..
and away we go! 
And the very lovely winner is...

Yvonne, from Winter Moon blog!

I'm so very happy for Yvonne.
 Reading her blog always makes me smile...
You all left such kind comments, though ~
And it stood out quite simply that we are all  craving the promise of 
spring time ~
 Which I believe could be around the very next corner!
I do hope your week was of the kindest kind...
Yvonne, please email your address, when you get a moment and
that little dolly will be on her way to you!
Hip ~  hip hooray!
Here's to a sun shining weekend for us all.
Take time to dream..
Hugs Maria x

After word...
~ We have the full moon in March to shine on us tonight.
The full worm moon.
In the spring the ground softens and earth worms re - appear....
as do the robins that eat them. the lure of possibly getting
caught doing some thing daring or scandalous is hard to resist
during the first full moon in March...
(The girl who chased the moon)
Sleep tight under the 'worm moon' tonight.
I wonder will you be daring?