Elegant Rose

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Friends Make Your Days Twinkle...

"Thought for today.
Dream your dreams a size to big
then you can grow into them."

My week has been special.
the kind that goes 'tickety-boo'
 without you having to try very hard at all.
Let me begin to tell you more ~ 
On a very spring like day this week I had a visitor! 
A special friend from a fellow blog, who called on my little place of dwellings...
Ooh my, we sipped some tea and we sipped some more..
And we ate delicious cake of course...
And we chatted so very much that time was seen to fly by
simply before our very eyes..
My very special visitor was of course Thea from the very pretty blog:

~ Now I must confess we had already sown a few little seeds of friendship as you do being blog buddies and expressed the possibility of maybe
 meeting up one of these old days..
 Maybe a wish or two had been popped into my wish box too!
But the delight to finally get to chat face to face was wonderful!
(Sweet, sweet little kittie above was a beautiful hand sewn gift from Thea)
along with some old ~ little treasures that have now been placed around my
little home..
Such kindness!

A day so lovely!
We had a jolly nice walk together and a visit to 'Bumble Bee'
(my little place of work)

A smiling Thea outside the shop!

Thea had a little spend  in Bumble Bee and this is nothing new to me!
Ooh my goodness, no.
I spend all my pennies in there!
Sometimes I have to sneak the bags oops bag passed 
Mr Rosey Tinted Spectacles, until I can think of a jolly
good reason for needing another rose tea pot in my little kitchen!
Thank you once again,  lovely Thea for taking the time to 
visit me.
It was quite simply a special day.....

Drum roll now please and thank you ......
Time for my give away as promised!

All the names into my cloche hat..
and away we go! 
And the very lovely winner is...

Yvonne, from Winter Moon blog!

I'm so very happy for Yvonne.
 Reading her blog always makes me smile...
You all left such kind comments, though ~
And it stood out quite simply that we are all  craving the promise of 
spring time ~
 Which I believe could be around the very next corner!
I do hope your week was of the kindest kind...
Yvonne, please email your address, when you get a moment and
that little dolly will be on her way to you!
Hip ~  hip hooray!
Here's to a sun shining weekend for us all.
Take time to dream..
Hugs Maria x

After word...
~ We have the full moon in March to shine on us tonight.
The full worm moon.
In the spring the ground softens and earth worms re - appear....
as do the robins that eat them. the lure of possibly getting
caught doing some thing daring or scandalous is hard to resist
during the first full moon in March...
(The girl who chased the moon)
Sleep tight under the 'worm moon' tonight.
I wonder will you be daring?


  1. Ah! That's really lovely....Meeting fellow Bloggers and friends
    elsewhere in Blog land! Great fun....HeHe! I've met quite a few
    lovely Bloggers over the last few years....And, of course we have
    a second Antique and Vintage Fair, here in Blandford, in the Corn
    Exchange, on March the 24th. If it's as good as last year.......! :).
    Not to be missed....!
    HeHe! Two of the loveliest people you'll met there are....Jones and
    Squirrel...There sort of a Morecombe and Wise....Seriously though..
    It's a great day....

    So! Well done to Yvonne...Nice little gift to have.......
    I'd thought of a give away....HeHe! Though l'd offer a home made meal,
    for the winner and family, cooked exclusively by 'ME'.....That's if your
    into road kill.....! :>).
    Though...Knowing my luck Poppy in New Zealand would win it.....
    Now that would be some trip.....!

    So! It's ALL lovely....ALL the way round....Three cheers...Hip~Hip~~
    Hurrah! Hip~Hip......Oh! You all know the rest....
    Must be off....I've got 'wild' duck for dinner.....Well! It was'nt to 'happy'
    when it was shot! :0).

    "Is it better to travel....Than it is to arrive".

  2. Good morning Maria! I am here ON TIME this time, and I am pleased to see that there is a winner of that precious little doll. I have had the pleasure of speaking to and meeting face-to-face, some dear blogger pals. I have not yet awoken from my dream because there are still many more ladies I'd love to meet one day. Let us dream big and grow into our dreams, indeed.

    You are so darling....

  3. Oh Maria..what a lovely post..it really was a special day and the sun shone too, we were so lucky
    I shall be looking for the Moon tonight ... something daring eh! , we shall have to see about that
    Keep Twinkling
    Thea x

  4. PS.. congratulations to Yvonne ..such a sweet little dolly to love
    Thea xx

  5. Hi Maria, it is very lovely and special when we meet blogging friends because we feel we already know each other anyway, so there is no awkwardness at all! Glad you both had a lovely day ... Congratulations too, to Yvonne,

    Love Claire xx

  6. It sounds like you and Thea had a wonderful day and lucky her getting to pay a visit to the bumble bee. Congratulations to Yvonne, I bet she's looking forward to receiving her lovely gifts. I love your quote about dreaming big, I must put it into practice. Have a lovely week.
    Ali xx

  7. It sounds like you and Thea had a marvelous time .
    Hardy Congrats to the lucky winner Yvonne.
    I am very excited for the Full Worm moon ~
    I love when the wriggly ones return to the surface of the farm grounds .
    Hmm ~ perhaps I can get away with something scandalous ...
    a night travel carriage ride with Tink by the light of the moon dressed in Lady Guidiva attire ~ giggle.
    Well I will have to pass on the attire ( or lack there of), still far too cold here at our little farm . lol
    Hugs and be well ,

  8. It has been lovely reading both yours and Thea's posts about your meeting. I told her that I feel you are both two like souls and it was hardly surprising you get on so well. I love both your blogs. Its nice to meet up with blog friends because as Claire says above you already feel you know them through their postings. My friend Moira from work and I always say like minded souls are drawn together, its strange how you are drawn to some people instantly isnt it? Anyway, another lovely post Maria, full of loveliness. Well done to Yvonne and I will pop along to her blog to have a peek for myself. Have a wonderful week XX

  9. Dear Maria,

    Your day with Thea sounds lovely! What a pretty photograph of her! The little cat she gave you looks really sweet. I met up with a blogfriend yesterday too. Isn't it special what a blog can do for your :-)!

    Congratulations to Yvonne for winning your giveaway!

    Happy new week ahead!

    Madelief x

  10. So lovely that Thea and yourself had the chance to meet and spend a happy day. xx

  11. Amei conhecer o seu blog,achei maravilhoso.Visite-me:http://algodaotaodoce.blogspot.com.br/
    Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


    Beijos Marie.

  12. I saw your little doll with the red polka dot dress on my friend's blog, and had to come over and see. I love it. It's so nice to see a picture of Thea. She has such a sweet blog. It must have been fun meeting face to face. I have only one blog friend who I've met in person, but would love to meet several.

    Have a lovely evening.


  13. Oh Maria! What a lovely surprise! Thank you so much, I truly am honoured. The little doll is adorable, and such a generous gift :) Thank you Thank you Thank you xx


    As well as a gorgeous home filled with pretty things, the shop is the most beautiful too.
    I can't say I blame you for bringing home so many treasures :)

    Thea looks lovely, it sounds as though you had a perfect day and the kitty was the ideal gift for you.

    Thank you again Maria....so much xx

    *Dances into the kitchen to make a pot of tea*

  14. Congrats to Yvonne, she must be so happy with the lovely doll! I have never met a blogfriend but I would love to, it sounds exciting and promising...Thea looks so great!
    Have a happy week dear friend!

  15. What a fun day and lovely things to find and share. Congrats to your lucky winner! I'm enjoying your beautiful blog! Hugs!

  16. Dear Maria,

    You are such a sweet soul and that is why we love to leave you sweet comments! Congratulations to the lucky winner and how WONDERFUL you spent an afternoon with Thea whose blog is beautiful too!


  17. Sweet Maria! Hello there my dear friend! Thank you for coming by and listening to one of my favorite songs to welcome in the spring. Now for me, to top off that song, would be to stroll over meadows in the English countryside and have a picnic somewhere with a friend. Dream, dream on my sweet sister, because there is so much wonder to see and create. LOVE! Anita

  18. Dear Maria (and Thea) what a lovely day you both had and how special it must have been to get to know one another a little better. Congratulations to Yvonne, I can’t think of a nicer person to own such a sweet little dolly.
    Have a happy rest of the week dear Maria, thank you for sharing such a sweet post xxx

  19. Such a wonderful thought for the day at the top of your post lovely Maria!....How wonderful too that you should finally meet Thea...it must have been such a special day for you both and congratulations to lucky Yvonne!
    Happy Wednesday!
    Susan x

  20. Hi Maria ! what a lovely post and how nice to spend a day with a blogging friend from afar ! I always enjoy the full moon ..at the moment I'm enjoying the lighter days ...just lovely ! congratulations to Yvonne for winning !
    have a nice weekend....Gail x

  21. Hi Maria,

    I enjoyed reading this post about your blog friend.So many beautiful picture.

    And your little shop is adorable. What a feast for the eyes!

    Have a nice week!