Elegant Rose

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

A little and a lot...x

"The very best best way to get more done...
Is to to do a whole lot less"..
Robin Sharma.
The monk who sold his Ferrari.

Well,  it's been two merry weeks since 
I've been here in blog ~ a sphere.
~ And I must confess I missed you all

Thank you for all your kind wishes 
for miss Olivia.
I gathered them all up and placed them in her 
"Wish box".
As you know we have been journeying here and there on the motor ways
~ and visiting places of  exciting opportunities on the University front.
~ But all good things take time to come to fruition so we will keep our fingers and toes crossed....
 ' What will be will be'.

Today I'm in my'' Happy Place'!
Here, at home.
  Stepping back and 
thanking my 'twinkly stars' above
that I can just be for a little while..
The weathers jolly well pulled it's socks up too!
And this makes for the best ~est springy days to come.
~ My most favourite time of year...
Rebirth and new beginnings and all..
I simply can't wait to take a stroll and see
those baby lambies with their little woolly jackets!
I'm a thinking Spring is around the very next corner....
And that in it's self brings me much joy!!!

~ Later on I will popping on the kettle and catching up
with you all...

But for now...
as promised
I am having a little give away...

And this little dolly made of wood,
 wishing the sweetest sentiment caught my eye in the shop..
Perfect, I thought!
If you would like to be included..
Please just leave a word or two..
And tell me.
" What makes your heart smile"
 right now....

Miss Olivia will draw the winner
from my 'cloche ~hat' of course
next week!

" Best-est Luck to you all"...

I would just like to add...Despite my busy bee days .
Please know that I really, really appreciate
that you pop into my little corner of blog~ land 
and leave the kindest 
'Twinkly words'
And I am wishing your week to be a happy kind of one....
Love Maria .


  1. Well...I've just had two sugar/lemon pancakes...!
    Lemon tea....
    Just thought 'I wonder if anyone has posted'.
    And...ooooooO! Look...Mrs 'Twinkly' words......HeHe!

    What makes 'MY' heart smile....(How long have l got). :).
    Off the top of my head....My Music....Puddy~Tats....AND,
    These lovely posts.....They make my day...They really do!
    Starting first thing with the lovely Poppy! You~Don't~Know~
    Poppy! Every morning she posts....Lives in New Zealand....
    She has 266 followers and she's lovely.....I have a soft spot
    for her....Bless! Take a peek...poppyq.blogspot.co.uk
    You'll definitely fall in love with her.....HeHe! :).
    And, most things make me smile.....Always see the funny
    side...of life! Why not...Yer a long time dead...So they tell me!
    Something made me chuckle, in the paper at the weekend......
    Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium~~~Has opened in Shoreditch.
    Customers can mix with 11 resident moggies as they sip coffee!
    HeHe! Hope they've ALL been neutered......! :>).

    Well....Off for another lemon tea.....Savoury pancakes later for tea!
    mmmmmmM! Ciao....! ~(^.^)~

  2. ~ Shoreditch, we have been talking of this place a lot this last fortnight, Willie! Sounds Bliss!, Kitties and tea.....a match made in heaven! Pancakes for tea for us here to! Will check out Poppies blog...I'm a wondering does she post Kitties on her blog? I bet she does...haha!

  3. Welcome back! Thank you for another book choice! I'm always on the hunt! Love Dollie, lovely frock and all! Oh and knitted bunny! This would be a wish filled season if the weather would stop freezing my feathers off!
    I hope blog friends outside of your yard have a chance! I wood! Love her! xoDebi

  4. hmm my comment disappeared before I could actually post ~ the fairies must be playing here today ...the are mischievous at times !
    As I was saying ( before the fairies ran off with my words:) Welcome back ~ we have missed you too.
    I am glad to hear lovely Miss Olivia made her rounds to all her Universities of choice ~
    now we will wait and see which one is lucky enough to have her presence in their halls .

  5. Making me happy ... having you back in our blogosphere!, the sun is shining today, I'm reading a great book, my little man did really well in a chess tournament, it's Pancake Day ... and I could go on and on ...
    M xxx

  6. Dear Maria,

    Three cheers! You are back! You are so right; what will be will be. It doesn't stop me or Héloïse, my soon-to-leave-school-daughter, from asking ourselves a few too many questions about the next chapter in her life. I will take a leaf out of your book, dear Maria.

    I'm glad you are well and happy and feeling full of the joys of pre-spring.

    What makes me happy? So, so many things. The sun shining, wild violets springing everywhere in our back garden, having ordered a couple of new early music recordings, having my husband home for a few days, my two eldest children being in Paris with their grand-parents, chocolate, good coffee..... The list is pretty endless.

    Hugs from France,


  7. Hello Maria so glad you have had a day to yourself...your little pictures of your pretties in corners really lift the spirits...Sunny here today too, it makes such a difference...Oh and yes those wee lambs so so sweet with their jackets on..
    I love the little wooden dolly
    Speak soon
    Thea xx

  8. Hello there Maria, I have had to google Robin Sharma, after you wrote he was the monk who sold his Ferrari. You have got my interest and like Debi your book caught my eye. I always love to look at your photos, such wonderful detail. I am wishing Olivia all the best, I hope all the wishes in your box come true for her. I am enjoying the fact that my OH and I have finally agreed on wallpaper for our lounge, hall and kitchen. We can now get started, I can't wait.
    What a lovely giveaway! Such pretty things. Your cloth embroidered with flowers caught my eye. It's very much like one my Grandma embroidered. Have a lovely spring filled week.
    Ali xx

    1. Ali, Hellooo, You my friend would love Robin Sharma books....most especially since you enjoyed The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

  9. I love the bunny and the doll- adorable!
    Spring seems to be very close now doesn't it? it's my favourite time of year and makes me very happy indeed!
    I hope Olivia gets the university she wants - we've been through this 4 times now!!

  10. You sound really happy Maria! Glad to hear your journey with Olivia went well. I hope she found a university that suits her.

    Your giveaway looks lovely. I would love to take part, but I have to admit that I won two beautiful giveaways recently......

    Wishing you a lovely evening!

    Madelief x

    Thank you for always leaving such sweet comments on my blog too!!!

  11. It's so lovely to have you back dear Maria :)
    I do enjoy your blog posts, your words are heart-warming and there are always so many pretty things to look at.

    I'm having a lovely hot cup of tea, pancakes and a cuddle with the new addition to our home. Yes, we decided to keep Nala here with us after all. She and Cobweb get on so much better and how could we possibly part with her after falling so head over heels in love, she's adorable.

    But shh...I have yet to announce this on my blog :)

    Good luck with your ongoing university search with Olivia, I just know how stressful it can be.

    There are so many things making my heart happy at the moment, Nala for one, the fresh spring sunshine for another and of course, Amber's return from France at the weekend :)

    Do enjoy the rest of your week xx

  12. It's great to see you are back! I love all your fresh new plans for spring! I guess what makes my heart sing is being with family, which usually includes cooking a little meal... And then playing spinner... It's so good to all laugh and be together!

  13. Yes - being with family makes me happiest too. And memories, sweet and sad - they are my life, after all.

  14. Dear Maria
    I wish you all well with the university hunt. I am dreading that stage in the children's lives - I think that young people are under a lot of pressure and life is possibly not so 'straightforward' as it used to be.....maybe life wasn't and in fact I have just forgotten !

    Keep happy and 'half full' dear Maria
    Best wishes

  15. Hi Maria, How lovely to see a post from you again. Your wooden doll reminds me of one that I had as a child. As I won one of your lovely give-aways previously it's own fair that others have a chance to win. Seeing spring emerging this week is making me sing this week. Did you enjoy the vintage teacup club? Sarah x

  16. Dear Maria, Welcome Back – we’ve all missed you! What makes my heart smile? Why visiting you – of course! You always have such pretty things and lovely words to share. No little lambs in our corner of the world yet (I checked yesterday), but I don’t think we will have long to wait. Happy Spring! xx

  17. Hello sweet Maria, so lovely to see you back. You have been in my thoughts. I am so pleased to hear that you are feeling happy right now and I am sending heaps of healing love and light your way sweetie. Thank you for the change to win this gorgeous dolly, isn't she just adorable! For me right now the thing that makes me smile and happy is that we are blessed to have our basic needs and more met, that we have food every day and that we have love around us. I can wake up to the sound of the birds and I can hear and feel my breath. I saw an image the other day of thousands of people queuing for food Yarmouk camp, Syria, and it really grounded me. We have so much to be grateful for every day. Sending love xoxo

  18. Lovely to have you back. Being alive makes me happy.

  19. Hi Maria and welcome back. My happy place is my home too. Please could i enter your sweet giveaway?
    Things that are making my heart sing right at this moment are:- the sun shining, spring flowers in my garden, the cats sleeping nearby and knowing that my family are well and happy.
    Best wishes, Pj x

  20. Hi Maria , so nice to see you back ! watching my cats sleep lazily in the sun is making my heart smile right now ! have a lovely weekend..Gail x

  21. Hi Maria, it's so nice to see you back.
    What makes my heart happy at the moment is seeing crocus flowers nestled into bright green grass verges and feeling the first rays of warm sunshine on my face. Glad to hear that you've been 'doing the rounds' successfully. All the very best to your daughter. x


    It is so funny that I would see that you visited me, because upon waking up and getting out of bed, I was thinking of YOU! I tried to come over last week and leave a comment, but I was unable to! I wanted to join in on your giveaway of this lovely doll (I LOVE WOODEN DOLLS!) and if it is not too late, may I enter?

    But then I see that you visited ME! Thank you my dear friend! I just wanted you to know that I did come by last week, but off my tablet (during the work day) it is difficult to go on to comment most of the time.

    Your world here is serene and happy as always. Be well and have a marvelous Sunday! Anita

  23. Hi Maria ... a lovely post as always! Love Mrs Rabbit's spring dress ...

    Isn't the weather amazing, hope you've got time to enjoy it!

    Thanks for popping over to Thriftwood yesterday, you know you're always welcome

    Love Claire xx

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  25. I've just found your lovely blog through "lavender attic" so I'm going to make a cuppa and have a read through all your lovely posts. Please can I join in your giveaway for that fabulous dolly? thanks. x

  26. Sorry that should be "hearts and bluebells"! x

  27. Such pretty images, and thoughts. I love that little black cat and the thought that all you need is love .... and a cat. Hugs x