Elegant Rose

Friday, 31 October 2014

Hocus pocus !

~ When witches go riding
 and black cats are seen,
 the moon smiles and whispers..
" Time for Halloween "..

Hocus Pocus !!
Halloween once again..
Dust off your brooms sticks and 
have fun with your day.

It's been a busy old time..
But I just wanted to wish every one
a Happy old Hallows Eve..

~ Apparently it's the mildest Halloween
on record !
Happy witching hour one and all ..

You will be seeing
 a little more of me in 
November !
Hugs Maria x

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


It's felt an age since I've been here....
Summer's changed her pretty gown to 
a beautiful full length rustic and gold little number....
A beautiful special month , 
~  with lots of new beginnings for us here at home..

Miss Olivia found her wings
 and flew the nest, this last weekend...
Excited !
Our little home seems still and quiet, with out her, just now...
Change happens and change is good,
 I know !
~ But I kinda fell in love with her sounds
through the home..
In fact her soft tones of music playing up stairs
felt safe..

The house seems still..

The house felt much the same when Dean left
for Uni too..
Large with empty rooms....
All will be well..

Busy days...

 I have still been popping into your little corners..
~ Catching up with your days through summer time..
I will of course be back here more often, now 
my days are  back to quieter days..

I still have lots of these to keep me company..
( For Willie )

Thank you to those who have left
sweet words..
~ Or found me on  Instagram...
It feels nice to be back !!
I've missed you all.
Take time to dream .....
 Maria x
After word...
Thinking of all those going through
' Change too '.......
We will be fine...

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Happy of happiest Julys..

Sultry, steaming, sweltering.
Slow down or stop..
It's time to shed ambition, along with expectation..
Now our wants seem to diminish.
Is it because our needs are met?
A shady nook, a cold drink, a cool breeze.
Whether indoors or out.
A respite from the rigours of the day.
Time off for good behaviour.
Summer is not so much a season
as a melody..
( Taken from simple abundance)

Hello, Hello..Hello
Happy of happiest July's to you all.
How are you doing lovely peeps ?

My days here at home have been kept quite busy...
But I just wanted to put a few little lines together on here in my 
little corner, touch base so to speak !

How is July coming along for you ?
For me it's meant't Dean home to rest and nest..
A time to catch up!
Only for a 'wee' while though, but enough for 'Mama's'
kitchen to be cooking on full steam ahead, each evening!!
The house seems quieter now with out his presence......
 ~ but we've certainly enjoyed a little catch up time!

Although my words have been few and far between
I have still tried to view your posts, silently, but still here..
It would seem we are all enjoying the longer days and balmy nights..

My humble little place..
"Some where to plant dreams as well as flowers"..

The gardens are doing us proud and pottering 
and puttering have been most apparent.. 
Summers just the best, isn't she just...

Were staying 'putt' this year, with an endless flow of 
house renovations, taking most of our pennies..
That means no flying to distant lands..
I'm cheerfully happy about staying home, as it's my most favourite
place to just be, so smiles all round..
How about you folks, any trips planned, I wonder ?
Mr Rosey Tinted Specs has promised to take me to 
Bath, later in the year..
I can't wait !
He always keeps his promises !!
I'm going to look forwards to this, but not wish the summer away....

It's little words from me, but the biggest hugs as always...
Here's hoping the sun shines on your July lovely blog friends..
Twinkly hugs 
Maria x
After word.
I always appreciate your kindest visits...
I truly do..

Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Tuesday is a special day for me..
It's the 'magical' day I generally get to my self.
A day to potter, putter and just be...
It's also the day I write my little words of wisdom
oh here.
And catch up with you all.
and that's special in it's very own little way......

Scary that we are six months into the year..
Don't you think ?
June like all the other months 
seems to be running away from me..

This last week.
I'm holding my hand up high...Ooh yes.
That I have been dipping in and out of Instagram..
In fact time has seen to pass me jolly well by..

We will blame this on
 Mr 'Rosey tinted Spectacles', himself.
Who bought me the new I phone to bring me into the 21st century..
( A pretty pink one I may add)
Yes, it's all his fault!
It is jolly lovely to find and greet quite a few blog
ladies already dwelling there..

Willow always watching me..
I cannot leave the room with out her shadow following me..
Kitties pull at your heart strings, don't they just..

For those who follow the moon cycles 
~ we have our full moon 
on Friday 13th..
I'm not superstitious in the slightest !!
(Fingers are crossed here)
It is of course 
The Full Strawberry Moon.
"June is typically when the strawberries ripen 
and are gathered.
The best time to seek forgiveness is under the 
Strawberry moon.
Sweetness seems to linger during this time"...
( The girl who chased the moon)

It's the biggest celebrations in our little place called home, tonight!
Big cheers and cheery grins all round..
Miss Olivia has her results..
and yes, they are just as wonderful as we all anticipated...
That 'wish box' really works!!!

Wishing you all a magical kind of week..
with a few twinkles 
Maria x