Elegant Rose

Friday, 23 May 2014


Thought for today...
" Give away what you would most love to receive"
Robin Sharma.
( The monk who sold his ferrari)

Little words from me today
I found my voice on Instagram this week.
and although I'm a 'new kid on the block'...
I rumbled a few blog buddies, already dwelling there..
Thank you kindly, if you are one of those who popped by to say hello!
Ooh my Instagram is soo very addictive!

I'm gradually getting the hang of not saying to many
 words, but just posting pretty pictures, here and there..
( which is quite a challenge for a chatty gal, like my self)

Please, pretty please come say hello!
If I haven't managed to 'follow'you yet....
I'd be more than delighted too!

I am roseytintedspectacles, of course..
The very same me..

A little peak
My new French window..
A little dust here and there was well worth the
 pretty light, this window lets in...

I'm closing now, as I have a date already booked with 
my ironing board..such fun!
Wishing your day to be of the grandest kinds..
Maria x

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

May Days.........

Thought for today.
" Be your self; every one else is already taken"...
~ Oscar Wilde.

I've come to the conclusion that 'May' as lovely as she is...
Is passing me by just a teeny bit to fast...
And more worrying is I'm appearing not to be playing by
any rules in blog land..
Forgive my absence both here and in your little corners...
But " time"
 quite simply in May has seen to pass me by....

while I was away for the longest of times..
I did miss you all.

I've managed to beaver away at pretty jobs that were calling to me 
to finish here at home..
Those who frequent here regularly will know I only
sprinkle  'magic' dust here and there..
And all is usually tickety boo !

And this always makes for the happiest kind of feelings...

Thank you 
Mrs " Where the moon sleeps"..
For this wonderful harvest from your allotment!
Love, Love and Loved some more 
the great allotment challenge on our screens recently!

Strawberries for tea...

I'm a wondering did you see the drama in our skies
last eve ?
We had the loudest thunder and lightning, ever!
~ and today is feeling quite the sorry one..
Here's hoping Mr sunshine will' tip his hat' later on and all will be 
well once more..
My latest read above..
Ooh my!
Ava Gardener
The Secret Conversations..
The tale of bad ~ girl Ava's own lurid life, 
full of lust, love and even a little acting...
A fascinating read..
~ as recommended on
 Jean's blog
( Thank you Jean)

I'm going to close for now..
And I would just say..
"The day belongs to me today!"
The best ~ est kind of day...
I will be popping on the kettle and catching up with you all
as soon as can be.
Wishing your day to be a sunny one..
Hugs and kisses.
Maria x
After word..

I have been a busy little bee in Bumble Bee..
Please press the link below to catch up with our' busy bee' days in May at 
The Hive..

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Spoon ~ Full's Of Happiness...

"The month of May casts her magic spell
as spring time's promise is finally full ~ filled.".
Simple Abundance..

 I was planning a little date with my paint brush..
But Mr sunshine had other plans..
Rainy, dark and a little dismal 
to say the least..


Throwing a little fairy dust here and there.
My house work is complete.....

 little post is captured in pictures more than words..
Little spoonful's of happiness..
captured by my lens..

 (bad~ puss)
A little camera shy!

 after all is another day...
And my date may jolly well resume once more..

~ But for now I'd like to wish you a happy
new month of May
( my favourite month)

And here's hoping the sun is shining on your day..
~ and indeed weekend..

My new rosey skirt made with love
by my friend, Lucy..
I shall wear with a smile and a twinkle in my eye....
Life after all is to short to wear dull clothes..

And thank you for all your sparkly kind wishes on my
earlier post..
They lit up my comments box with the twinkle ~est 
of glows..
Take time to dream...
Hugs Maria x