Elegant Rose

Friday, 23 May 2014


Thought for today...
" Give away what you would most love to receive"
Robin Sharma.
( The monk who sold his ferrari)

Little words from me today
I found my voice on Instagram this week.
and although I'm a 'new kid on the block'...
I rumbled a few blog buddies, already dwelling there..
Thank you kindly, if you are one of those who popped by to say hello!
Ooh my Instagram is soo very addictive!

I'm gradually getting the hang of not saying to many
 words, but just posting pretty pictures, here and there..
( which is quite a challenge for a chatty gal, like my self)

Please, pretty please come say hello!
If I haven't managed to 'follow'you yet....
I'd be more than delighted too!

I am roseytintedspectacles, of course..
The very same me..

A little peak
My new French window..
A little dust here and there was well worth the
 pretty light, this window lets in...

I'm closing now, as I have a date already booked with 
my ironing board..such fun!
Wishing your day to be of the grandest kinds..
Maria x


  1. Hugs to you Maria from across the Channel. I'm tempted by Instagram but am clueless as to how to make it work!

    Happy weekend to you.


  2. Second blogfriend to be interested in Instagram, I have to ask to my computer expert guy. So very lovely your China Maria!
    Wish you a happy week end!

  3. I'm so late for that bandwagon, but I will see if I can figure it out! Not enough hours in the day...but oh the chance to see even more of your lovely pictures! Chrissie x

  4. Oh Maria I love coming to visit but like Chrissie instagram is a distant land for me at the moment - I must join the 21st century! Well done for getting on with the ironing - I'm at the 'squashing it down tightly to stop it falling over'point! Jane x

  5. Don't know anything about Instagram ~ but your teapots/cups sure are pretty! Fun pictures in any shape are good with me!! :)))))) Happy Day to you!

  6. I havent tried instagram Maria and to be honest am struggling to blog these days! I will try to pop by!!

  7. Love your dressing table...Never mind the dust...It's a protective covering for your furniture...I thought everyone knew that? lol


  8. Hello dear Maria,
    One of my son's is into instergram. I have'nt a clue..
    I think blogging is just fine for me. Sometimes that is a challenge to know what to blog about.
    Love your cups and saucers etc., on your dresser.
    Happy days Maria. Enjoy your ironing.
    nice music and lovely post.
    val xxxx

  9. Hello there sweet Maria! It is fun to come visit your corner of the world and see you again! Enjoy your domestic duties as I too am going outside to garden. HUGS MY FRIEND! ANita

  10. Yep......addictive, nice to see you on there! :) x

  11. Oh my goodness I will have to try to figure out the Instagram now ( as I have never been there) but I will certainly try for you Miss Maria :)
    We have so missed your presence at the farm , we haven't seen you there in well over a month ( we were trying to be patient but we enjoy you so ) ~ the animals and I were wondering where you have been .
    So now off to try to figure out the Instagram I go !
    Happy weekend to you ,

  12. A dying Art! Ironing, congratulations! Your wonderful pic's will attract many Marie, I will look for you there! xoDebi

  13. Pinterest is my addiction - it's a bit like playing swapsies with beautiful, inspiring pictures.

  14. Hello lovely Maria, I'm so glad your windows are finally fitted and I love seeing all your little collections of things. I don't use instagram but you do seem to be having fun with it :)

    I hope you've had a perfect weekend xx

  15. Maria! Good morning beautiful dreamer! When I saw your comment, I just sighed with joy; to think that your daughter played music at a wedding in THE LAKE DISTRICT? To me, that place is only a dream, an enchanted place where Peter Rabbit got his start! teehee....I hope to go there one day my friend.

    Thank you for coming to visit. I hope you are having a magical spring, and I will always think of you when I see that glorious moon of ours. I am planting all white flowers in my garden so that at night under the full moon, my garden will shine!

    Shine on my dear friend, Anita

  16. Hi Maria, sorry I'm a bit behind with my blogging, have been so busy lately! Love your Instagram pics, always like finding friends on there ... But beware! It is very addictive xxx

  17. Good Morning Maria, Oh dear, I blog, but I am not using Instagram. My daughters love it, so maybe it is time to work it out and when I do, I will visit you. Although, reading your comments I see that I am not alone.
    I love the name of your blog as I tend to be the same, and see life through rose tinted glasses....it makes me happy to see life that way.
    I have enjoyed my visit and I have become a new follower.
    Best wishes to you.

  18. Instagram? Oh dear, I’ve just learnt how to use Pinterest – I’m so behind the time! If you are on Instagram dear Maria, I’m bound to follow – but it might be a little while before I get there.
    Lovely post (as always), have a happy weekend. Barbara xx