Elegant Rose

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Finding Me .....

June arrives..
Generous with her gifts.
Once again the days are sunny and warm.
The roses are in bloom and it's time to
feast on strawberries and cream.
Our smiles deepen, our laughter increases,
our hearts open.
This month we discover that it's life's 
enrichments rather than the riches of life 
that bring us true contentment..
( simple abundance)

Amongst the clutter of my days here at home...
I've found some me time.

Although May for me was a quiet month here on my blog..
I guess 'real life' kinda got in the way of things..
Days have been jolly busy in work
   and here at 
my little place, I call home..
My Mama had a very wise saying
I can hear her saying it now as I type.
" All work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy, indeed "..
Remembering her wise words I took 
some time out to have some fun!
Garden Festive...
a beautiful day filled with laughter and Mr sunshine..
( and yes I did slide the helter skelter)

The Lake district..
Still very pretty, even when it's raining 
cats and dogs...

Walking after all is my most favourite thing to do..

I do all my 'dreaming, thinking and wishing' whilst 
on my jolly walk a~bouts..
Sending kind thoughts out into the big wide 'free dimensional skies' 
always seems to ground my worries and helps 
me get life's little niggles in perspective..

Today see's the final piece of my jigsaw puzzle
hope~ fully completed..
My new windows are fitted and all the dust 
and de-bray can be dusted away..
Home will be home once more..
(fingers and toes crossed)

I am making a toast to that ...

(For Willie )
EL Pedro finding some Me time too...

Thank you kindly those who welcomed me on Instagram..
Ooh my I've been filling my boots
with visual loveliness on there!

A big cheery hello to June....
~Here's wishing the sun to shine each and every day..
Be kind to your selves dear blog friends..
~ and don't forget to find your me time too !
I will be popping in on you all very soon..
 Maria .


  1. Cosa stai facendo Pedro...Dormi...Sempri dormire...
    Ah! Che bellezza! :)x..

    And...June is bust'in out all over..
    All over the meadow and the hill..
    Buds're bustin' outa bushes..
    And romp'in river pushes..
    Eve'ry little wheel that wheels besides
    the mill.... HeHe!
    Believe it or not...I was involved in a production of
    Carousel...Back in 1970, in Germany. Did much
    of the choreography...Great fun....! Oh! Yes!

    So as it's June....
    "Chin up, chin up, everybody loves a happy face..
    Wear it, share it, it will brighten up the darkest place..

    Twinkle, sparkle, let a little sunshine in.
    You'll be on the right side, looking on the bright side...
    Up with your chinny, chin, chin....!
    (From..Charlotte's Web)....! :>).

    Big X's Hugs..For El Pedro..Willow...Trinity..Smoky....!

    1. Hello, dear Willie...Charlotte's web is most favourite children's book of all time..i still have my original copy from way...back in my junior school years..
      Carousel , wow...Is this the movie, where you'll never walk alone cam from ? BIG Liverpool fans here at home, you see...i hope you are well, Willie..
      you always cheer up a blog comment box x

    2. just Google translated...He is indeed a beauty and a sleeping one too x

    3. Well yes, support Italy as my country of course...
      But, for some reason it's always been Liverpool for
      me..Enjoyed the 70's and 80's of course....Hope they
      can make a come back now...Watch out for next season!

      And...Yes! Gerry and the Pacemakers...1963...Recorded
      by loads of people, including..Carreras, Domingo, Pavarotti,
      and Mehta...The four tenner's...!
      And Carousel goes back to 1945....!
      HeHe! Of course l was a very good dancer back then.......
      Now! I'm just good....! :>).

  2. Love your photos, must have those gorgeous boots! Enjoy each day and thank you for sharing with us!

    1. You always leave the loveliest comments..Thank you, Deb!

  3. Oh lovely to see you've had some me time and shared it with your OH. I bet that helter skelter was fun. Wonderful to hear your windows are insitu and you can enjoy the sun shining through them.
    Take care.
    Ali xx
    PS love the flowery cups and flask

    1. Ali...I apologise..I owe you an email...Be in touch soon, me lovely!

  4. You went to Grasmere? Did you get Gingerbread? Everyone seems to be on Instagram 'cept me?? I may be forced to check it out! ~ How does one get "me" time without feeling guilty about everybody's else's time? Sooo many questions... ha ha ha Happy June to you! :))))

  5. hello ! I love June and I loved the Holker show...its the first time I have been there but we had such a lovely day ! glad your house is nearly back to normal ...you must be so relieved ! have a nice week...
    gail x

  6. Hello lovely Maria :)

    I'm so glad you've found some 'me' time. We all need it once in a while.
    I don't use instagram, but your images are all so gorgeous.
    And I am still in love with your red boots!

    Little Pedro is adorable <3

    Well done you for sliding down that Helter Skelter.

    Have a perfect 'rest of the week' xx

  7. I am late of course, dealing with the last few days of school before summer vacation! I see my friend, that you enjoy doing what I do: WALKING to clear the mind, the lungs, the heart and to fill the senses with inspiration. YOU look lovely! ENJOY! Anita

  8. June ~ oh my where has the time gone. Spring ran across the farm in a fast foot race this year , whizzed right by . June is the month that sees both Spring and Summer !
    So glad you are finding me time Maria ~ and have your house back in order .
    I so , so love the photo of you and Mr Rosey Tinted, with the umbrella , and walking hand in hand ~ what a lovely feeling the picture embarks.
    I know I had said I was going to Instagram but I have yet to do it , busy as a bee on the farm .
    So off I go to round up the baby chicks and put them safely in the barn before nightfall. :)
    I do adore you when you twinkle !
    Enjoy your week and happy trails,

  9. What a visually gorgeous post, I adore your pictures xxx

  10. Can't wait for summer proper to arrive, We've had just a few days of sunshine in Sussex and i'm chomping at the bit to be out and about more, especially in our garden. Pedro looks as if he's thinking, a big flower on my favourite chair, Mummy must be blogging again :)

    Jean x

    1. Hehe..that's just what Mr Rosey Tinted Spectacles said.. !!!

  11. How nice to see where you've been on your travels. And I think I spy a SeaSalt frock looking very pretty on you too! Fiona x

  12. Flamin' June - well at least the roses are out in all of their loveliness. Enjoy your twinkles
    Best wishes

  13. Hello Maria
    Glad to see you are having some "Me" time, we all need that..The Holker show looked fab I saw it advertised when we where up your way ...
    I can remember going on the Helter skelter as a child, do you still get given a mat to sit on?..
    I hope the sunshine on you my friend,( it pouring here at the mo..)
    I am having a break form my blog ( I seem to have lost my words)
    Thinking of you
    Thea xx

  14. Dearest Maria. I am pleased you had some me time. We all need it and it does us good to take some time for ourselves. I miss your lovely words and pictures when you arent here though! I popped across to your shop blog and have seen lots of gorgeousness. One day I will definitely come and pay a visit.....!!

  15. What a lovely trip - and a lovely painted hay-cart. It reminds me of the gypsy caravans that camped in our village last week on their way to Appleby Fair. I wished I could hitch a ride and leave my worries behind!

  16. Oh Maria, what lovely boots!
    I looked at your picnic basket and felt an overwhelming wish to join you!
    Thanks for sharing,

  17. Sweet Maria,
    How "Me time" is so precious. With all that needs to be done and getting involved with daily life. I love - me time. Its when i forget about everything. Think of good things to come
    super photos Maria.
    love the one of you and your dear H, walking hand in hand. Rain or no rain.
    I remember the helter scelter.
    Happy dreams and me time Maria.
    xxx val