Elegant Rose

Monday, 24 June 2013

Find The Wonderful In Today.....

The full moon in June..
Brings the Strawberry moon.
~June is typically when strawberries ripen and are gathered.
And best eaten right away.
The best time to seek forgiveness is under the 'strawberry moon'.
~ Sweetness seems to linger during this time...
~ Taken from the girl who chased the moon...

Last evening saw the fullest moon of the year...
The full Strawberry Moon.
Apparently the closest moon of the year to be nearest the earth..
and also the biggest!
A special moon...
I wonder if the moon was visible to you in your little corner of the world?
~ "Lets go fly a kite weather here for us"...
so very windy...
So the moon was lost to me through the sweeping clouds, last evening.
~ which is sad.
~ I always find this time of year, quite magical though...
~ After all the excitement of the 'summer solstice'..
Our longest day.
And all of summer to follow!
Fingers and toes crossed X

~ A little peek in my cupboards...

~ The plaque above a gift from a lovely friend!
I can't for the life of me think what she means...hehe!
~ Its journeyed along way from the, 'United States, to live  with me...
and yes I do love a little magic!
I guess there is a little' witch' in all of us!

Its been quite magical all round this last week.
  We now have the wonderful news we have been waiting for since the fabulous, 'Paralympics'!
And of course the Olympics...

Remember those....
I shall never forget!

~ You just don't get days like those, very often!
Actually I don't think my nerves could stand to many of those experiences! hehe!
Dean has been chosen once again to wear the GB vest and run in the world championships
in Lyon, next month!
~ As always I am proud of him and his dedication to the sport!
~Ever so sorry for 'tooting' my boys trumpet, LOUDLY!
But from being a little boy ,he always promised," Mum I will wear the GB vest"..
And just to show dreams really do come true!
With work, dedication and commitment and of course the desire!
You can achieve any thing you wish.
( He does have two jobs to help fund his dream as well as being a full time athlete for Great Britain)
~ So well done son.
I am proud.
Lyon, here we come!

What a year!~ The Olympic Stadium, from last year, where I cried tears of joy!

~ Its lots of words from me today, am afraid, but I would like to share with you, 
If I may, the' Bumble Bee' blog.
Please press the link  and say hello..

~ Our cheery till.
It brings a smile to every ones faces!
~ Big thanks to those lovely peeps who popped in from Face book!
You are simply lovely!
~ and your comments make me smile.
They really do!
~ I will close for now.
I would like to thank you for being here...
I wonder if you have found the 'wonderful' in today, yet?
I do hope so...
~ Take time to be and drink lots of tea..
( The' love' tea below is delicious)
Maria x

~ Don't forget to stir clock wise.....

Friday, 21 June 2013

Midsummers Night Dream...

Wishing you all the magic of the summer solstice...
Believe in the magic 
It is good for the soul.
It is there in your very own back garden to see.

( thank you kindly Google for the magical picture)
Eat fairy cakes and drink Elderberry champagne, today!
And dance around your beautiful gardens!
hehe, only jesting! ( Willie)
For this is the longest day of the year...
~And may the potent Midsummer spell never be broken for you.
~ Take time to dream...
Maria x

Monday, 17 June 2013

A Little Bit Vintage...

~" June brings Lilies, Tulips, Roses, fills the children's hands with posies"....

Meadow flowers picked from a long summer walk yesterday !
~ and brought home ......
Summer in a pretty vase to behold and enjoy!
My week has been busy, but kinda nice....
These are the longest days after all.
I hope this week finds you all in a  'Happy Place' too!

~I have been rummaging a little for a few hidden gems.....
And doing quite nicely too.

And coming up trumps with what to wear!

Thanks to Mrs Thriftwood http://thriftwood114.blogspot.co.uk/   for helping me out with this little two piece number...
Lurex! too...
~ I have a fancy dress' nifty, fifty' birthday party coming up very soon.
Not mine! I may add! hehe....
 I must confess, I am quite excited to wear this!

I am going to be teaming it all up with my Grandmothers clip on earnings and my mums vintage pearls...
Ooh la-la!
Mum and Grandma above...
On another post I simply must tell you more of my Grandmother...
She was a very spooky lady.
And always and I mean always knew when something was going to happen.
~ Her mother, my great grandmother, was a medium.
And took the chair every week at the local spiritualist church.
I was always fascinated to hear about her.
I will post more about this, one day...
I promise...

~ Back to the outfit!
What do you think of these....

 My Cinderella vintage prom shoes....
1960's era.
I do hope my feet will fit into these!
They are so petite.
They have been on show in my posts before, and were bought from a vintage fair last year.
It was LOVE at first sight!
I have added my own pretty brooch, as one was sadly missing...
No matter they have had a life before, you see...
But now belong to me.
I do wonder who else has danced the night away in them!

So I will go to the ball !
But take my converse for extra style! 
( sore feet really)

~ Well happy feet will dance for longer....
It's a sixties soul night, after all!
So lots of boogie -ing down!

June has been kind to us all up to now, hasn't she just!
More of the same please and thank you, Mr Sunshine!

~ Thank you for kind visits as always...
They make me smile....
they really do!
I wish you a 'vintage' week ahead!
Ooh and do wear a little vintage if you possibly can...
It makes you feel the' bees knees' and fills your heart with glee.
With 'twinkles **** and hugs...
Maria x

Sunday, 16 June 2013

A Father Is......

Happy Fathers day one and all..
Have a super day!

"A Father is some one who carries photographs in his wallet, where his money used to be"...

Love and blessings to those dear, Daddies who have passed through those pearly gates ....
but remain in our hearts forever.
God bless you all.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Vintage Days Make Vintage Ways.....

~ "A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, 
The birds are singing and the lawn mower is broken".....
~ James Dent.

~ Thank you for all the jolly nice comments on my last post!
~ "Vintage days do seem to make vintage ways".....

~ "Always Wish Upon Stars", from Karen s beautiful blog above.....

With beautiful summer days and long balmy evenings..
I've become a little nocturnal.........
A little like my felines...
It has been almost to nice to bid the day good night!
~ and so long over due!


" Sweet Dreams".....
~ Long may it last!

(Picture courtesy of Google, thank you kindly)

~ Apart from the usual washing that folks seem to muster up when the weather holds day after day.
I've been hard at work with ideas for the new blog for, 'Bumble Bee...'
Our new shop will be opening this month and although I have worked here for eight years...
Change can feel a little scary and exciting all in one!


( A tiny peek in Bumble Bee)
We are now on Facebook too, so click on the link and say hello!
~ I will keep you posted on the date and Oh my I would be ever so pleased if you joined me too on the  new blog!
It goes with out saying, that I will still be wearing my ' Rosey Tinted Spectacles', as I just couldn't leave the house with out them!
~ And still musing on my own blog too!

~ Other ramblings!
~ I have Patrick hard at work also with thoughts of decorating, at the moment!
~ I am wishing him to start ASAP..
~ Or even before that if possible....
I don't 'do' waiting very well, am afraid!
I really don't......

Ooh decisions, decisions...
~ I just can't decide which one?
Could you.

~ I'm a thinking it could be this one!
But then again...
Decisions, decisions!
The room to be decided upon is my utility room, where my kitties sleep and dream, feline dreams of chasing, pretty, butterflies and night moths! (naughty I know)
So you may understand the big decision! hehe!


~ I suspect you will want to be back out in the sun shine.
Have fun!
~ Thank you once again, for just being here!!

~  And take time to dream, lovely friends!
I am a little behind with my visits to your worlds of pretty pictures and tales to tell...
But I will call in on you very shortly with a nice cup of tea in a  pretty, china cup,  bliss!
~ Cheerio for now, Maria x

Monday, 3 June 2013

Where Are You From......

" If you don't know where you're from, you'll have a hard time saying where you're going".........

(Words of wisdom from Bumble bee)

~ A tiny voice whispered to me whilst reading, lovely, Anita's post just recently.
Lots of memories for me were evoked!
Thank you Anita...
I do hope you do not mind me writing my own little story, my friend!

So here goes.......


The red cape.
"I am from a little red cape, worn shyly, over a pretty floral dress...
From blushes and smiles.
~ and Shirley temple hair.
I am from a room with a view, of a park and a lake.....
Of birds songs and blossoms and gypsy free days"!
I am from music played loudly from the colourful fair ground close by...
Of candy floss hands and wonder waltz-er rides...
Of a garden of Wall flowers, growing up so high,' me and my daughter shall never ever die'......
From summers of old that beckoned you to come play....
And nights by candle light, when electric strikes had their way!

I am from nights with out night lights and bright orange, 'Diddy Jackets'....
Fishing for tadpoles with long butterfly nets..
 From hours spent out doors free, not with a single regret!
~ Cool larders with jam jars and tea in the garden......
And manners if you please, there is no pardon.
From loving parents who were first and last loves...
and dear Nana, Maude- Fay...
always a love and hug coming from this way
I am from a home that takes in all waifs and strays.
And a pa who would bring home, white, kitties to make your Christmas day!
I am from you," reap what you sow", 
and nights gazing at the moon.
laughing and singing to our very own tune.
And so this is me
~ and this I know to be true..
those were the good old days and I wonder how yours were for you!

The end or just the beginning!

A sunny spot.
I hope you all have been having fun in the sun!
(Little stool I painted up and brought home to live with me from Bumble Bee)
LOVE the spots........
~had to sneak it in mind you!

But I do love a painted spotty seat to enjoy a cup a in the sun!
~ Other things I have been up to are viewing this movie.
" The Great Gatsby".

I must say I did enjoy it very much!
It has mixed reviews, I know...
But I loved the colours the era and the wonderful clothes and the very splendid Leo, of course!
I think I will watch the original now, as I have never seen this before!
Have you, I wonder?


~WOW June already, now how did that happen!
~ Thanks for all the lovely comments always...
They make my day, they really do!
I will close for now!
Toodle pip and cheery o!
Love Maria x