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Monday, 17 June 2013

A Little Bit Vintage...

~" June brings Lilies, Tulips, Roses, fills the children's hands with posies"....

Meadow flowers picked from a long summer walk yesterday !
~ and brought home ......
Summer in a pretty vase to behold and enjoy!
My week has been busy, but kinda nice....
These are the longest days after all.
I hope this week finds you all in a  'Happy Place' too!

~I have been rummaging a little for a few hidden gems.....
And doing quite nicely too.

And coming up trumps with what to wear!

Thanks to Mrs Thriftwood http://thriftwood114.blogspot.co.uk/   for helping me out with this little two piece number...
Lurex! too...
~ I have a fancy dress' nifty, fifty' birthday party coming up very soon.
Not mine! I may add! hehe....
 I must confess, I am quite excited to wear this!

I am going to be teaming it all up with my Grandmothers clip on earnings and my mums vintage pearls...
Ooh la-la!
Mum and Grandma above...
On another post I simply must tell you more of my Grandmother...
She was a very spooky lady.
And always and I mean always knew when something was going to happen.
~ Her mother, my great grandmother, was a medium.
And took the chair every week at the local spiritualist church.
I was always fascinated to hear about her.
I will post more about this, one day...
I promise...

~ Back to the outfit!
What do you think of these....

 My Cinderella vintage prom shoes....
1960's era.
I do hope my feet will fit into these!
They are so petite.
They have been on show in my posts before, and were bought from a vintage fair last year.
It was LOVE at first sight!
I have added my own pretty brooch, as one was sadly missing...
No matter they have had a life before, you see...
But now belong to me.
I do wonder who else has danced the night away in them!

So I will go to the ball !
But take my converse for extra style! 
( sore feet really)

~ Well happy feet will dance for longer....
It's a sixties soul night, after all!
So lots of boogie -ing down!

June has been kind to us all up to now, hasn't she just!
More of the same please and thank you, Mr Sunshine!

~ Thank you for kind visits as always...
They make me smile....
they really do!
I wish you a 'vintage' week ahead!
Ooh and do wear a little vintage if you possibly can...
It makes you feel the' bees knees' and fills your heart with glee.
With 'twinkles **** and hugs...
Maria x


  1. oooooO! Posh frock..Posh..shoes..Posh pearls...
    Mariaella...You will go to the ball....HeHe!
    (Make sure yer back by midnight). :).

    Did'nt know my Grandmother, she died when mia mama was eight..Grandfather took a second wife...NOW! She was a witch...Nowt, worse than a Sicilian strega...!
    She was'nt a 'medium', she was more 'extra large'.....! :).

    AND...A 60's Soul night....Wow!
    I still do a couple of gigs a year up at the Officer Club, up the army camp...60's 70's night...Long white frock suit, large 'puffy' American shirt, white patent boots....(Oh! I can't go on, I can't go on...). HeHe! Love It! Love It!
    You have a great time Maria....Steve Wonder, Temptations, Four Tops, and the lovely Gladys Knight...And, as the lady would say 'Help Me Make It Through The Night'......Ah! Memories! Memories!
    HeHe! I need a lie down...!!! :>)
    Have Fun.....Ciao..Ciao...!

    1. What about., Tears of a clown by Smokey? My favorite Motown record, Willie....I knew you would be thinking of your northern soul days...

    2. Yes! Yes! Smokey...! Was credited as the 'greatest'
      living poet by Bob Dylan...
      Look out for his DVD from 1992..Recorded live
      at The Desert Inn, Las Vagas...Fantastic!
      It has all his 22 hits on it...Love 'The Tracks
      Of My Tears'.
      It is called 'The Very Best Of' Smokey Robinson..!
      If you ever manage to get it....HeHe! I have a white
      suit...Identical to the one he's wearing....! :).

  2. I just came in from doing a little gardening out in the front garden, and now I am enjoying a spot of lunch! OH MARIA!!!!! You are talking my style here! If ONLY I STILL HAD those rhinestone heeled shoes that at ONE TIME, fit me! I bought them in what was the time, the best vintage area in Los Angeles. I enjoy wearing vintage clothing as well and I await seeing more of what you are putting together! Oh, and I love that you can pick such lovely wild flowers on a walk....I wish we could do that!

    LOVE IT! Anita

  3. Now that's going to be some party! I can't wait to see you in you attire! I had an aunt who used to read my mums tea leaves every Sunday when we went over for tea, mum used to get very excited if Aunty Mary said she was going to win something. I can't ever remember if she actually ever did but she remained ever hopeful! I loved my Aunty Mary, she was a bit eccentric but such a lovely lady! :) x

  4. Oh Maria I am convinced you will encourage me to come over to the vintage side. I love the dress, very Jacky O and those shoes are just gorgeous. How lovely to wear your Grandma's and Mum's jewellery. My daughter wore my Mum's diamonte necklace to her prom. I can't wait to read more about your Grandma she sounds like a very interesting lady. Have a wonderful time at the party and I really hope you get to dance the night away.
    Ali x

  5. Maria you shall go to the ball...
    How exciting, your fifties dress looks fab, well done Claire, and as always your accessories are perfect, I am sure you will look stunning..
    Your Grandma sounds very interesting, so shall wait with relish for your post about her.
    Happy Vintage Week..thinking of you
    Thea xx

  6. Wow that two piece is super duper - you'll certainly feel like the Belle of the Ball - I hope the shoes fit or you might have to leave at the stroke of midnight! Would love to hear more about your family - they sound fascinating. Lovely posy (and just being nosey I can't help but notice what a lovely kitchen tap you have there as well!) Enjoy the flowers x Jane

  7. Maria that outfit is divine you're really going to be a bobby dazzler with those accessories and shoes, jiving the night away. I'm a converse girl I can't do heels anymore with the new hip I'm too wonky. Although I was tempted by a pair of sky-scraping ruby slippers over on Facebook earlier. Please tell more of your Grandmother she sounds fascinating. Don't forget to look me up next time you're in Harborne we shall have a vintage tea party and wear our best frocks... have fun ~ Sarah x

  8. Hi Maria,

    Your party sounds absolutely lovely. Wish I could join you :-). Love your two piece number, matching shoes & jewellery! You will look fabulous!!! I can already picture you in the dress.

    Have fun & happy week!

    Madelief x

  9. Glad to be of service, Maria!

    I've got the Fondant Fancies in (strawberry ones!) so all is well with the world ...

    See you tomorrow xxxx

  10. I love your fancy dress for your birthday ball. You shall look so elegant going to the ball, can we see a photo sometime of you in your finery?
    Sarah x

  11. What a lovely idea (and drooling over the little beaded purse!)
    Dance, dance, dance the night away and be happy!
    (Don't forget the sneakers!)

  12. gorgeous vintage outfit ...you will look stunning and that colour blue is amazing! I am scratching around putting an outfit together at the moment.....awaiting a dress rummaged on ebay and praying it fits!!!Not truly vintage but everything is thrifted...which also feels quite nice. Have a wonderful week ....can;t wait to hear about your wonderful family- my family think i have 'witchy' tendencies because i often predict things with spooky accuracy!x

  13. Oh Maria you are going to look beautiful and have such fun !! I look foward to seeing pictures
    Yes now in honor of your request I am going to find a flowery below the knee flouncy vintage skirt that I can scoop all the newly hatched baby chicks up in while I am wearing it ... I will wear it with my pink cowgirl boots and tie my hair back in a pony tail with a lovely vintage scarf. !

    1. I came back to take another peek, because you do know I do love it here.
      When I read my own comment I thought~ my outfit really didn't sound very elegant ... pink cowgirl boots girl and a flowery flouncy skirt full of baby chicks ... oh my they definately would not let me through ball room doors ...but I do think I could still tickle a few bees knees in it ... hopefully I don't get stung ;)

  14. Oh, Cinderella, you shall go to the ball and you WILL look fabulous dear lady! That sparkly 2 piece is just gorgeous and the shoes, oh, the shoes ... you lucky girl! I bought a lovely black and gold floor length vintage number recently ... just need to find somewhere to wear it now ... ! All your pretty accessories are going to look perfect too. Vintage is the best ... always elegant, stylish and nobody else will have anything like it.
    Hope you're having a happy week ...
    M x

  15. Oh indeed use those pretty shoes Maria.. (take your plimsoles).. never know.. but you will have such fun.
    You will be the bell of the ball.
    looking forward to hearing about your grandmother...!
    wishing you a happy week
    val x


  16. Now wouldn't I just love to be going to a party like that. You lucky lady. Nothing makes a good night like a good boogie. Go shake your thang and show everyone how its done. Enjoy.

  17. I do love to read your posts Maria, there are always lovely photos and words to accompany them! Please do tell us more about your grandmother, I am very intrigued!! Have a lovely week XX

  18. I love to wear Mum's & Granny's little treasures too - it makes me feel their love.
    I'm also looking forward to hearing your spooky grandmother tale...

  19. Twinkles and hugs right back to you Maria. I'm having a lovely time catching up with all your gorgeous posts. I can't wait to hear more about your spooky grandma - what fun!