Elegant Rose

Monday, 10 June 2013

Vintage Days Make Vintage Ways.....

~ "A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, 
The birds are singing and the lawn mower is broken".....
~ James Dent.

~ Thank you for all the jolly nice comments on my last post!
~ "Vintage days do seem to make vintage ways".....

~ "Always Wish Upon Stars", from Karen s beautiful blog above.....

With beautiful summer days and long balmy evenings..
I've become a little nocturnal.........
A little like my felines...
It has been almost to nice to bid the day good night!
~ and so long over due!


" Sweet Dreams".....
~ Long may it last!

(Picture courtesy of Google, thank you kindly)

~ Apart from the usual washing that folks seem to muster up when the weather holds day after day.
I've been hard at work with ideas for the new blog for, 'Bumble Bee...'
Our new shop will be opening this month and although I have worked here for eight years...
Change can feel a little scary and exciting all in one!


( A tiny peek in Bumble Bee)
We are now on Facebook too, so click on the link and say hello!
~ I will keep you posted on the date and Oh my I would be ever so pleased if you joined me too on the  new blog!
It goes with out saying, that I will still be wearing my ' Rosey Tinted Spectacles', as I just couldn't leave the house with out them!
~ And still musing on my own blog too!

~ Other ramblings!
~ I have Patrick hard at work also with thoughts of decorating, at the moment!
~ I am wishing him to start ASAP..
~ Or even before that if possible....
I don't 'do' waiting very well, am afraid!
I really don't......

Ooh decisions, decisions...
~ I just can't decide which one?
Could you.

~ I'm a thinking it could be this one!
But then again...
Decisions, decisions!
The room to be decided upon is my utility room, where my kitties sleep and dream, feline dreams of chasing, pretty, butterflies and night moths! (naughty I know)
So you may understand the big decision! hehe!


~ I suspect you will want to be back out in the sun shine.
Have fun!
~ Thank you once again, for just being here!!

~  And take time to dream, lovely friends!
I am a little behind with my visits to your worlds of pretty pictures and tales to tell...
But I will call in on you very shortly with a nice cup of tea in a  pretty, china cup,  bliss!
~ Cheerio for now, Maria x


  1. all very nice and Mary .....
    a lot of English which I love!
    Love Susy ♥

  2. Reminds me of that lovely song from that
    lovely Italian story and Disney film....
    "When You Wish Upon A Star..
    Makes No Difference Who You Are...
    Anything Your Heart Desires...
    Will Come To You....". (You all know the rest). :).
    To think even Rod Stewart, recorded it...

    Decisions...Decisions....! HeHe!
    Do what l do...Use the lot...Never let anything go
    to waste..!
    Still...I'm just as bad....Can't wait. Want things
    done, yesterday...
    As the song says...
    "I'd be patient...If l had the time".

    Lovely little story just for you Maria...
    I was on my way up to Stur, this morn'in...
    And, a young fox cub, stepped out in the road. Managed
    to stop...He stopped, and stared at me, l gave a little
    toot, put my head out the window, and, asked him to move.
    He walked round to my door, and looked up, and again l asked
    him to move it. The woman in the car behind...'Lent' on her
    horn, and the fox, legged it...So! Before l pulled away, l
    turned round, and, gave the 'meadow lady' in the car behind,
    a bit of a stare...! (I'm sure you ALL know what a meadow lady

    Look forward to the new Blog Maria...If you slip in a pussy-cat
    from time to time....That's fine by me...HeHe!
    AND...Talking of cats....This Thursday, BBC2, 9:00, Horizon...
    'The Secret Life Of Cats'. Looks good! Funny! :>).

    Well, must go have some tea....Goose egg, sprinkled with cheddar,
    and, a few chippies...!
    Oh! Have you all seen the new Cesar dog food advert....!
    Oh! my goodness! Sad! Sad! Sad!
    This poor old chap with his Westie...
    Look out for it....! Ah!

    1. Awww LOVED the foxy story, Willie! I must admit I don't know what a meadow lady is....Should I Google it! hehe...I could just imagine your stare! We have some baby geese near where I live and I always love the way they slow the world down, when the take a walk with their Mums! Horn beepers be off with YOU!!

    2. Oh! Maria! Maria....! :0).
      Don't think Google will help..
      How can l explain...With actually using
      the word!
      'Meadow Ladies' are found in fields, grazing
      on the green..green grass! HeHe! :>).

      6:45...Lemon tea time...Ciao..Ciao...!!!

    3. Oh! Sorry....The word is 'without' NOT with!
      'Without actually using....'.
      Should have waited until l'd had my tea! :=).
      Silly Willie....!!!

    4. ~ Happy new day, Willie! I get what you mean and I agree! hehe....Enjoy that wonderful lemon tea...

  3. Decisions, decisions, why not use them all and have a patchwork wall they are all so lovely it seems a shame to pick just one. Like you I am all behind with my blog visits it's been far to sunny to be sat at a screen. Am off to the wonderful world of facebook to like the shop ... have a fabby week filled with sunshine and sparkles x

    1. Maria it's probably just me but I can't get the facebook linky to work :(

    2. Awwww keep trying lovely Sarah, please and thank you! x

  4. Oh I really enjoyed listening to Laura Marling while reading your post. I will have to look for more music by her. Your kitty looks so sweet so fast asleep. You seem to have my problem, I'm not very patient at times. Your wallpaper looks lovely I'm glad I don't have to pick. I had a peek at your facebook page, lots of lovely things in the shop. I can't wait to start reading your new blog. Enjoy your tea!
    Ali x

  5. Sunshine plays games with us this summer! We have had two weeks of wind in a row and still the weather is whimsical.Trully enjoy your post dear Maria and music too!Let things be more lax, don't worry..at least in blogland!

  6. Good luck with your new enterprise Maria! So exciting! So difficult to choose the right wallpaper....they are all so very pretty :-)

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  7. Blogland seems very quiet lately, Maria, everyone's too busy sunning themselves!

    I love the middle paper best,it's funny, I have samples of these papers too! Hoping to have a visit to Cath on Friday when we visit Jacob for his birthday.

    See you soon, will fix a date if you're free!

    Love Claire xx

  8. Hello there my lovely friend from way out in England! I love your world and the way you see it. First of all, that stitching of the little cottage is sweet as can be, your vintage print of the Sealyham terrier is just splendid, and I never ever want to go to sleep, though my tired eyes won't let me dream any further than 9:00pm! There is too much fun to be had!

    Your FB page is so cute, and I will be following you on the new blog, that is for sure.

    I love my friends from GB; I love the blog world! Happy day Maria, Anita

    1. Lovely, Anita...Happy new day to you, my friend! Thank you ever so much for popping into FB and leaving the kindest of words, as you always do! The picture of a Sealyham terrier (didn't know he was called this ) I am more of a kittie Gal! as you know....Is a card from my Pa to Mum from the courting days.....It truly is a vintage heirloom piece and about sixty years old now... x

  9. Ive hardly seen my cat for days....she's treating the house like a hotel, just popping back to grab a quick meal......I'm beginning to think she's got herself a boyfriend!!! ;) x

  10. Well Maria, you have been so busy, I can feel the tension in your words, I expect it is the unknown of the new adventure..I am the same with change and it always takes it out of me until things settle back down, which they always do!
    I love your papers, so pretty
    Good Luck with your new blog..I have looked at the Facebook page, such very pretty shop, I shall try to visit one day
    Happy Week
    Thea xx

  11. Hope your Mr doesn't take as long with the decorating as mine does!

  12. Yay how exciting Maria you sure are keeping lovely and busy, good luck with Bumble Bee...I have plans for a little business too which will all start when I move but prepping is happening now xx

  13. I was a bit slow on Willie's 'meadow lady' too! I get it now!! :)
    Your little sleeping cat looks so cuddly and gorgeous. I'm really looking forward to the cat programme on Thursday.
    The wallpapers are all pretty but I do especially like the middle one. Anything you do will look pretty though.
    Looking forward to reading the 'Bumble Bee' blog ... I don't really do Facebook though although I am registered on it.
    Have a lovely week, even though it's raining again :(
    M xx

  14. Dear Maria, I’ve just liked Bumble Bee on Facebook – because I do, like it that is.
    I just can’t choose between the wall papers they are all so pretty, like everything else on your blog. I love the hare picture, the pussy cat picture, the one with the dog that looks like a chocolate box and, and, and, I’m sure you understand.
    Wonderful Post! xx

  15. Busy you are ... and still being as lovely as always.
    Xox Willow

    1. Just popped back in to read the lovely post again it gets me reminiscing lol
      Thought of you as I was putting up my last post as I know how much you love nature .
      Now Ms Maria don't you go and get yourself so busy that you can't stop to smell the roses or peek up at a birds nest on your walk :)

  16. Your blog is always a delight to visit! So many pretty things to gaze upon! Took a peek at the new Bumblebee blog, just darling! ~~Diane

  17. Good luck choosing one of those lovely papers--I don't think I could decide! Beautiful cat, such a sweet kitty would sure have nothing but sweet dreams. :)

  18. Hi Maria ...love the sleepy cat photo !! I know what you mean about the washing ..well it seems a waste to have an empty line when the sun is beaming down ! hope you have a nice weekend and that hubby gets started on that decorating ! Gail x

  19. I just had to come back and look at this gorgeous post again. I won’t have access to a PC for a couple of weeks so grabbing my fill of loveliness while I can.xx