Elegant Rose

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Falling In Love With Fall.........

Hello everyone!.

I didn't get to kick any leaves and hug any trees with my pal this week, due to the dreaded rains we have had consistently.......
I did pick some leaves and berries to display, an Autumn table perhaps?

Image courtesy of Pretty Nostalgic.

'Roll on the winter, as we may get some nice days to enjoy some winter walks'......

I have had some creative moments, this little pin board which we used for the birthday girl, then re-invented with vintage materials and all from a broken picture frame!
Lovely to keep letters handy.

I have been making my winter warmer soups again too.
Not from any of  these cook books I may add, but a just a simple recipe made with 'love'.
I have described my cooking in earlier posts to that of 'Ria' from Butterflies.
~Can you remember this wonderful sitcom? haha.
I could play this part wonderfully well.....

Our piano room, cosy and strictly 'No Dancing Dads' allowed in here.....


This week we have lit our coal fire, much to our moggies delight and we have nestled down in the evenings....
It has been really damp and chilly.
Woolly jumpers and knitted socks have come out to air.
I do love winter woollies!
September has had a real nip in the air and there is always a 'peeking order', to who gets the warmest place nearest the hearth....


I have been jollying around in this knit this week, a little cosy number worn over a floral dress!
Winter sweaters are a must.
Expensive, but I am calling it an investment! 
Its from Sea-salt.
One must keep warm!


I love my cabbages and roses frock!
A steal at a reasonable £45, simply couldn't afford their prices, unless in the sales!
again another investment.

And on to next week!
Mrs Thriftwood (http://thriftwood114.blogspot.co.uk/) is coming to visit and have tea and cakes on Tuesday, so goodness knows what us vintage girls will get up too!
Looking forwards to this., my next post perhaps?

' Have tea with me the gossips free'..... 


Image from Claire's lovely home!

Always scattering kindness......

I hope your week has been cosy and you are enjoying keeping warm too!
Bye for now.
Love maria x

Monday, 17 September 2012

~Spiders Webs and Kicking of Leaves.........

The days have gone by in a whirl wind since my last postings..
I have noticed how quickly the seasons change and this can bring on a little melancholy  for the summer that never really was ......

Hydrangeas at there most beautiful dried and displayed, the colours faded, but beautiful. 

I have been reading and enjoying this wonderful book, a gift from a dear friend.
It seems just the perfect time to enjoy the pretty pictures as they reflect the time of year and the seasons changing all around us right now!


I simply love the magic of Fairies and you may know the book already.......
A Flower Fairies Journal by Cicely Mary Barker.
It reminds me of a film I love also 'Fairy Tale' a true story.
A proper Sunday afternoon movie, especially with a cup of hot chocolate!

Have you noticed 'spiders webs' already woven in the corners of your windows?
I have.
They don't bother me as I simply fell in love with Charlotte's Web, the book by E. B. White, when I was in my primary school years.
I also read the book to my children, I still have my original copy, a little tatty, but just as adorable.

But again October is usually the month to see spiders spinning busily.

We had a 'Special home coming Gathering' over the weekend with all the usual trimmings!

I made Angel Delight.... 
Very simple, but effective.
My kind of dessert.

A very Nostalgic Treat!
It always reminds me of my child hood.

It was just a gathering to reflect on all the excitement and wonderful days we have just enjoyed.
I do love a Tea Party though!


A rare picture of Pedro, my charismatic 'Tom', he shares his life with three female cats so can often be a little touchy!! hehe..

More beautiful Hydrangeas.
I love to display them every where at home......
Before the rains spoil them.

Can you have too many hydrangeas?
All picked from my little garden.

I couldn't resist this little vintage style milk bottle, from the little vintage shop, where I spend all my hours and my pennies too!
Oh the good old days of drinking milk, left by the radiators at school, lovely and warm!!
I soo hated this!
Can you remember ?


Another treat for me recently was these Converse!
I am wondering whether these are for vintage girls, but any ways I enjoyed stepping out in them in London...
I swear something happens when you reach your mid forties and you just go with your own flow of fashions... hehe.

I have been asked this week to join my friend to hug some trees and kick some leaves, so I will wear them for this. Such fun!
I wondered are the leaves falling in September too?
Wishing you all a week full of Nostalgia!
Bye for now.
LoVe Maria x
Thanking you kindly for sweet words always!!

Monday, 10 September 2012

The Mighty Roar...........

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing" - Helen Keller.

I will start at the beginning as I have so much to tell here....
We have had the most amazing time lovely peeps and I can honestly say, I have never experienced any thing like it before!

London was pretty splendid all round......
I got to ride the carousel horses..
There was the most wonderful atmosphere of people coming together!

We met some wonderful and inspiring people.
Not to mention a few famous ones too!
(I've always wanted to meet Mary Poppins)

We managed a little sight seeing and the weather did us proud, it felt sunny and warm , perfect for wandering and taking in the views!

Olivia had a very special birthday, one I don't think she will forget too soon!

18... my how time flies!

Anyone for cocktails?

We visited Camden markets and enjoyed some retail therapy!!

I fell in love with this little vintage shop......


On the night of the second full moon of the month (blue moon) we were joined by our families, this is when it hit home, the reason we were really here was to see Dean run for his country!
I was tickled pink when we all met here in Trafalgar square!
Trafalgar square was buzzing with excitement and cheers as families and friends joined together to applaud our fine Paralympians all on the biggest screen!


How awesome was the Olympic Stadium...
I felt so small..
The atmosphere was truly electrifying!
I have been asked on numerous occasions since returning home, how I felt hearing Deans name called out for Great Britain, I can only say that I just heard the mighty roar of the stadium......
It was wonderful, exciting and soo very scary all in one....
An experience akin to nothing experienced before as the crowd were amazing!
(Good job I had my Bachs flower remedies with me as my tummy did a few summer-salts!)

Outside the Olympic Stadium....
I was ever so proud and really haven't come back down to earth yet!
This picture was on the front of our local newspaper back home.
But the best part of all, was when we could join Dean after the race to celebrate with around 50
of us all, some from back home and some from Birmingham, it truly was a celebration!

Olivia captured this quote outside the Olympic village and I feel it says everything!
We had the most wonderful, wonderful time and one I will remember for always!
London 2012 Paralympics has changed the way people perceive disability and we can only go forwards with this....

We are home and all is quiet and calm now, London seems a million miles away and I would love to leave you with this text message, recieved from Dean as our train pulled into our small sleepy northern home town , here in Cumbria....

"Thank you Mum and Dad for everything, I am glad you are home safe.
Sorry I didn't win a medal, but it just isn't my time too, my legs just didn't have it in them on the night, but I know I gave it my all....
Looking forwards to the world championships in Leon next year though and then onto Rio 2016...
love You!
Deano xxxx"

I had to smile to myself !
I will be needing more of those flower remedies after all.......

Joined by Deano after the race here!!
I would like to thank you all for your kindest of kind words and for your bestest of best wishes for Dean, you are the most lovely of folks on here!
I am looking forwards to popping into your sweet blogs shortly with a nice pot of tea.....
It's good to be home!
Bye for now though...
LoVe Maria x