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Monday, 17 September 2012

~Spiders Webs and Kicking of Leaves.........

The days have gone by in a whirl wind since my last postings..
I have noticed how quickly the seasons change and this can bring on a little melancholy  for the summer that never really was ......

Hydrangeas at there most beautiful dried and displayed, the colours faded, but beautiful. 

I have been reading and enjoying this wonderful book, a gift from a dear friend.
It seems just the perfect time to enjoy the pretty pictures as they reflect the time of year and the seasons changing all around us right now!


I simply love the magic of Fairies and you may know the book already.......
A Flower Fairies Journal by Cicely Mary Barker.
It reminds me of a film I love also 'Fairy Tale' a true story.
A proper Sunday afternoon movie, especially with a cup of hot chocolate!

Have you noticed 'spiders webs' already woven in the corners of your windows?
I have.
They don't bother me as I simply fell in love with Charlotte's Web, the book by E. B. White, when I was in my primary school years.
I also read the book to my children, I still have my original copy, a little tatty, but just as adorable.

But again October is usually the month to see spiders spinning busily.

We had a 'Special home coming Gathering' over the weekend with all the usual trimmings!

I made Angel Delight.... 
Very simple, but effective.
My kind of dessert.

A very Nostalgic Treat!
It always reminds me of my child hood.

It was just a gathering to reflect on all the excitement and wonderful days we have just enjoyed.
I do love a Tea Party though!


A rare picture of Pedro, my charismatic 'Tom', he shares his life with three female cats so can often be a little touchy!! hehe..

More beautiful Hydrangeas.
I love to display them every where at home......
Before the rains spoil them.

Can you have too many hydrangeas?
All picked from my little garden.

I couldn't resist this little vintage style milk bottle, from the little vintage shop, where I spend all my hours and my pennies too!
Oh the good old days of drinking milk, left by the radiators at school, lovely and warm!!
I soo hated this!
Can you remember ?


Another treat for me recently was these Converse!
I am wondering whether these are for vintage girls, but any ways I enjoyed stepping out in them in London...
I swear something happens when you reach your mid forties and you just go with your own flow of fashions... hehe.

I have been asked this week to join my friend to hug some trees and kick some leaves, so I will wear them for this. Such fun!
I wondered are the leaves falling in September too?
Wishing you all a week full of Nostalgia!
Bye for now.
LoVe Maria x
Thanking you kindly for sweet words always!!


  1. Hello Maria
    What a beautiful journal as you probably know I love fairies too, they make me smile, when I was a tiny wee thing I used to have my own piece of garden, (and that's where the fairies lived)
    Your puss looks very pleased with himself sitting in the window, bless him,
    Your angel dessert looks so pretty, I love the paper doilies
    I have been having a change about indoors as Autumn days are here
    Enjoy your "nature" walk, trees are so special they have so many tales to tell
    Thea x

    1. Thank you Thea,
      You are a lovely blogging pal!

  2. We have HUGE spiders running around our living room in the evening, actually it might just be the same one, I scoop it up and throw it out almost everyday! Lovely photos! Ada :)

    1. Aww heck, they are always better on the out side of the window Ada!!

  3. Oh yes I even remember being the milk monitor, and the small bottles of orange juice.

    1. HaHa, You were the milk monitor!!
      I remember that too!

  4. Such a lovely post Maria! All cosy and autumnal! Your hydrangeas are gorgeous! I love their faded beauty. Ooh I do love a little bowl of Angel Delight, butterscotch is my favourite.
    Victoria xx

    1. Hi Victoria,
      thank you for sweet words always!

  5. I too love dried hydrangea heads. Love the photo of Pedro!

    1. Thank you June,
      He walked off quite chuffed with him self after this photo shoot!

  6. Hello Maria,
    Your hydrangeas look beautiful. We have a very large spiders web (and spider) on the outside of our bedroom window. I can't bring myself to move it, it doesn't seem fair. Your milk comment made me laugh, I couldn't stand the warm milk we had. Although the little bottle looks really sweet. Your right about fashion I just don't care anymore if I like it I wear it. ENJOY your converse! Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

  7. Very pretty post Maria, love your pictures, but yuk, school milk! Can remember too if you went on a school trip you got orange juice in a little glass bottle.

    Love Charltte's Web too, but am still scared of spiders!

    Glad you had a lovely party, and enjoy your leaf kicking!

    Claire xxx

    1. Helloo Mrs!
      I can remember the orange juice too!

  8. Hi Maria, the one thing I hate about autumn is spiders! Yuk,yuk, I am PETRIFIED of them and I can spot them out of the corner of my eye.Tony catches them and throws them outside unless marmalade catches them- she crunches them, they must be a tasty treat! Other than that a really lovely nostalgic post that I have enjoyed reading!!!!!

    1. Hi Anne, you made me chuckle with this comment!

  9. Lovely post.
    You will defo rock the Converse.....great for kicking leaves!
    Emma xxx

    1. Thank you1
      Mrs Betty.
      Always lovely of you to stop bye!

  10. I had a splendid time reading your most recent virtual journal. I LOVE the converse. I love tennis shoes. I have a pair of black Rocket Dogs I bought several years ago for $10.00 that I hope I shall never have to part with. :)

    I like the arrangement of the tea cups with the little lights hung by a small wire. Those lights remind me of Christmas tree lights. When I was unmarried and living on my own, I strung a pair of those lights around my bedroom, so I had a fun light festival during the night hours, ha, ha! :)

    Anyway, so glad to hear you are enjoying your days. Thank you for sharing all of your lovely photographs. Blessings to you! :)

  11. I do love dried Hydrangea's..I bought a hydrangea bush last year where the blooms turn pink then a pale green when dried :)
    The flower fairies are so sweet, I have the flower fairies address book..just love the illustrations.
    I like the look of your tea party.. Pink Angel delight sounds just perfect!
    Enjoy the nice Autumn weather :)
    Magie x

    1. Hi Magie,
      I have been known to steal a Hydrangea or two, but shh don,t tell!
      thanks for kind words!

  12. What a lovely post. The book is gorgeous as are the hydrangeas.
    I have Converse in four different colours and wear them all the time. I have my dark grey ones on right now!
    Warm school milk put me off milk for life ... still can't touch the stuff now!
    M x

    1. Hi Jane,
      Aww you got me thinking here!
      Perhaps another colour would be nice too....hehe!
      Thanks for sweet words.

  13. Me encánta ese rincón de tu casa con la ventana y tus cosas, es tán acogedor.A mí también me gustan las Hadas, los libros y peliculas.Muchos saludos.

    1. Hola Sara,
      Yep my 'sunless' window is my favourite place here at home too!

  14. Mary, your hydrangeas have the
    magnificent colors, your should be
    a magical garden, compliments
    even for books that nostalgia!
    Love Susy x

    1. Hello Susy,
      My garden is on the smallish side, but thank you it can be magical!

  15. I do love this time of the year, but gosh - it is getting chilly.

    Nina x

  16. Hi Nina, yep I agree, woolly scarves to the ready!!!

  17. Oh I know what you mean about angel delight...definitely a childhood treat ! hope you enjoy your tree hugging expedition...it's sure to leave you feeling great ! Gail x

    1. Hello lovely You!
      It has rained so much this week, we had to postpone to next week Gail!!
      Yep 'love' Angel Delight!! yum yum xx

  18. Such a cosy and Autumnal post... Your home is a delight. Thank you for sharing :-)
    Thank you also for your lovely comment on my recent post, you are very kind. Have a cosy Sunday!

    Louise xx

  19. Thank you Louise for stopping by!