Elegant Rose

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

What Is this Life....

" What is this life, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare
No time to stand beneath the boughs
And stare as long as sheep and cows
No time to see when woods we pass,
Where squirrels hide their
nuts in grass.

No time to turn at beauty's glance,
And watch her feet, how they dance.
No time to wait till her mouth
can enrich that smile her eyes began.
A poor life this if full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare ".....

William Henry Davies.

Dearest Readers.
This very week my little blog celebrates
 her three years of musings..
The poem above is very fitting as this is one of the 
poems my Mama used to recite to us often,
~ when we were quite small, and even more as we grew up !
She forgot many things, you see.
But never her love for animals, trees, flowers and the seasons..
But most of all us.
 I am a ~  thinking  you already know I nursed my Mum
through a long and very sad journey
with Alzheimers Disease .
The' past' being most apparent in my little corner...
 The memories here would only include
 the happy days though  ......
The' Rosey Tinted' happy times..
I made a little promise you see!
I would never leave my little place called home 
without wearing my' Rosey tinted spectacles'...
It's the only way to view the world, when days are mighty tough, you see.

Along with my little blog anniversary .
Mr RTS has celebrated his birthday too, this very week !
Ooh my lots of cakes and many candles have been blown out ..
~ along with making a few wishes,,,

I would like to say, that I baked those delightful
banana and walnut muffins, above .
But alas it would be a 'little white lie '.
No, Mr RTS's made these little beauties him self !!
Very yummy they were as well.

We visited Miss Olivia, this last weekend too..
Leeds is a very vibrant, quirky city.
We had a wonderful time catching up with her and viewing 
her world and life here at the university !

Yey, life is for ever changing.....
Time returns to you, once they fly the nest.
But the best part is finding your selves once again..
And that includes adult life too !
I must also add here, that it was my beautiful girl that helped me 
patiently set up my blog..
she kindly showed me the' ins and outs' of being on here.
And that wasn't the easiest of tasks.
She also spell checked me so often , that I came to rely
on this and we both very often laughed at just how I speak and write 
in my Mama's tongue.
Ooh yes I'm an old soul.
Words and there meanings open up a magical world on here
for me....
I came to look forward each day to reading and seeing every ones days
in pretty pictures..
There is absolutely no doubt in my mind
 that I have enjoyed  the best~ est company,
   in these past three years.
Thank you !

We are almost through February!
~ Not quite sure how that happened..
Time flies I guess when you are busy ..
My today is for just being..
Be kind to your selves, too .
Be still, and call forth the dreams you may have buried
long ago..
All we have is now with no guarantees 
Thank you for kindest words always..
I'm off to pop on the kettle and catch up with you all.
Hugs Maria x

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

*Jolly ~ins Of January*

Pull up a chair....

I have tried to keep January
as light and airy as possible.
Where others have perhaps drawn fire side 
and started on their new years resolutions.
I resolved to make none at all and just go with the flow
and I'm kinda thinking that's how January
was in 'The Rosey Tinted Household'....
Goodness knows it can be the longest
of months..
Here's my little January in pictures..

Lots of resting and nesting...

A trip to see the, she Wolves at our local 
'Wild ~life animal park'..
As you can see, I had Miss Olivia home...
Lots of fun !

Beautiful , Beautiful Creatures..

Wild and free, in spirit.
Truth be told I am not a fan of zoos..
I don't frequently visit.
But this day, kinda made my January !
I was captivated by their beauty!

Mr RTS 's treated me to the best seat 
in the house last weekend too !
(* Our house* )
He made the most delightful celery soup followed
 vegetarian spinach and broccoli 
based pizza..
In this 'Pop - Up Restaurant' , by our fireside..
In all our married days, he's cooked possibly 
three times !!
So I a thinking you can imagine the giggles we had !
Super fun.
I would most certainly recommend doing this..
Kinda come dine YOU with ME..


January can most certainly bring the blues, that's true.
But I was happy to say
" There just not allowed to enter here"...

February arrives
  with snow for some and a full moon this evening..
Turn your pennies over folks and make that wish !

The full Snow moon.
"February is traditionally when the heaviest snow falls.
People often dream of places they'd rather be when 
they sleep under a full snow moon.".....
( The girl who chased the moon )

Happy February one and all...
~ the winding path ahead leads to Spring time..
And that's just around the very next corner...
I have a few little treats planned till then..
I do hope you have too,
With hugs and kindest thoughts .
Maria x
* Afterword *
Olivia has just text me from uni to say,
" Patrick Grant " from 'The Sewing Bee'
 is visiting the University soon, to do a talk 
on Fashion and textiles , and , and ,
Hmmm, I will have to think about that !
He He !
Wonder if that was in my wish box !

Sleep tight under
 the full Snow moon tonight !

Monday, 5 January 2015

Never been away....

I'll be starting this little musing as
 though I've never been away..
Tis true enough ! 
Words have failed me a little and a lot...
And pages here in my corner have been left empty for a short time..
But I can say with my little hand on heart 
that I haven't left blog world..
Ooh no siree !

~ Truth be told I got a little fed up
of my own little ramblings and nobody else's.. 
I stop by frequently to read a blog or three...
Ooh yes...
And most of you are on the
 very lovely Instagram ~ a - sphere..
Which fills me with much joy !

Id like to start my new page of 2015
by wishing you all a peaceful and kind new year !

~ Be kind to others , but most of all
be kind to your self.
Try not to make to
  many new years resolutions / targets /lists / diets / expectations !
There jolly hard to keep !
Go with the flow, turn the page and enjoy this sparkly new chapter
laid out before us..

After all we have this years sweet promise.

bright mornings and starlit evenings 
promising weeks,
transforming months full of opportunities.
splendid seasons to savour.

I simply love the fresh
 pages of a sparkling new year...

Here's wishing all our hopes and dreams 
twinkle brightly!

Tonight we have the first full moon of 2015.

'The full wolf moon.'
"According to lore, under this moon, wolves would howl
in hunger out side 
Native American Villages.
When the moon is full in January, people tend 
to eat too much, drink too much, 
and play too much
trying always to fill a winter time 
emptiness inside"....

Sleep tight under the full moon tonight..
and thank you for being my friends on here.
I have missed you all, greatly !
Hugs Maria x

Friday, 31 October 2014

Hocus pocus !

~ When witches go riding
 and black cats are seen,
 the moon smiles and whispers..
" Time for Halloween "..

Hocus Pocus !!
Halloween once again..
Dust off your brooms sticks and 
have fun with your day.

It's been a busy old time..
But I just wanted to wish every one
a Happy old Hallows Eve..

~ Apparently it's the mildest Halloween
on record !
Happy witching hour one and all ..

You will be seeing
 a little more of me in 
November !
Hugs Maria x

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


It's felt an age since I've been here....
Summer's changed her pretty gown to 
a beautiful full length rustic and gold little number....
A beautiful special month , 
~  with lots of new beginnings for us here at home..

Miss Olivia found her wings
 and flew the nest, this last weekend...
Excited !
Our little home seems still and quiet, with out her, just now...
Change happens and change is good,
 I know !
~ But I kinda fell in love with her sounds
through the home..
In fact her soft tones of music playing up stairs
felt safe..

The house seems still..

The house felt much the same when Dean left
for Uni too..
Large with empty rooms....
All will be well..

Busy days...

 I have still been popping into your little corners..
~ Catching up with your days through summer time..
I will of course be back here more often, now 
my days are  back to quieter days..

I still have lots of these to keep me company..
( For Willie )

Thank you to those who have left
sweet words..
~ Or found me on  Instagram...
It feels nice to be back !!
I've missed you all.
Take time to dream .....
 Maria x
After word...
Thinking of all those going through
' Change too '.......
We will be fine...