Elegant Rose

Monday, 5 January 2015

Never been away....

I'll be starting this little musing as
 though I've never been away..
Tis true enough ! 
Words have failed me a little and a lot...
And pages here in my corner have been left empty for a short time..
But I can say with my little hand on heart 
that I haven't left blog world..
Ooh no siree !

~ Truth be told I got a little fed up
of my own little ramblings and nobody else's.. 
I stop by frequently to read a blog or three...
Ooh yes...
And most of you are on the
 very lovely Instagram ~ a - sphere..
Which fills me with much joy !

Id like to start my new page of 2015
by wishing you all a peaceful and kind new year !

~ Be kind to others , but most of all
be kind to your self.
Try not to make to
  many new years resolutions / targets /lists / diets / expectations !
There jolly hard to keep !
Go with the flow, turn the page and enjoy this sparkly new chapter
laid out before us..

After all we have this years sweet promise.

bright mornings and starlit evenings 
promising weeks,
transforming months full of opportunities.
splendid seasons to savour.

I simply love the fresh
 pages of a sparkling new year...

Here's wishing all our hopes and dreams 
twinkle brightly!

Tonight we have the first full moon of 2015.

'The full wolf moon.'
"According to lore, under this moon, wolves would howl
in hunger out side 
Native American Villages.
When the moon is full in January, people tend 
to eat too much, drink too much, 
and play too much
trying always to fill a winter time 
emptiness inside"....

Sleep tight under the full moon tonight..
and thank you for being my friends on here.
I have missed you all, greatly !
Hugs Maria x


  1. I like the bit about 52 promising weeks. Puts things in perspective!

  2. Maria, you will not believe this, ut ln my way to work this morning, the full moon was so beautiful and enchanting...and I thought of you. Then k come into my school office, heck my blog, and here you are...back in blogland, and I am do thrilled to sed you zre back. I am on my little tBlet, and must rjn, but I will be ba k. Much love, anita

  3. Happy New Year lovely Maria. It's lovely to see you. I hope your year is filled with lots of twinkles.
    Yes that is definitely your word :) I can just imagine your lovely clogs sprinkling them as you walk along. I hope your not just playing us a flying visit. I have learned something new today with your Info on the wolf full moon, now I know why I feel so hungry. Wishing you and your family a wonderful year.
    Ali xx

  4. And how lovely are those slippers?! That wretched wolf moon is going to force me to eat the last of our Yule Log I think - alongside the last drop of brandy - and er well we can't leave a chocolate coin on it's own can we? Lovely to see you back Maria X Jane

  5. Gorgeous images! Don't stay away so long next time. :D

    We all know you'll be back sooner or later, and your posts are in no way boring! xx

  6. I love your musings - thoughtful, simple and not pretentious. My birthday is on the 1st January - which I love as I start the new year in a new phase of my life - I also like to have lots to look forward to in January - time with family and friends particularly. (A touch of the wolf moon perhaps!) Take care x

  7. Dear, lovely Maria,

    It is a joy to see your words, always precious, written on these pages again! I wish you much love, light and peace this new year.


  8. We can't stay away for long can we! :) xxx

  9. Hello Darling M! so happy to see you back...with wise words as always...lots of love Daisy j xxx

  10. Happy New Year little you, its getting lighter already, I am really looking forward to the spring, I've been busying myself clearing the cobwebs away and rearranging my little house, love your pic's and words as always Maria
    Love Thea xx

  11. Just saw your comment on IG and so I've popped over to visit you and to read your lovely post. Happy New year to you and your loved ones, Pj x

  12. Great to have you back Maria!
    I don't bother with new year resolutions as things just never seem to go as planned! Mind you having said that i so need to lose weight so perhaps i have made a new year resolution! Lol!
    Like yourself i like the bright new freshness of a new year.
    Happy new year Maria

    Amanda xx

  13. Love the full moon !!! Happy New Year ....Gail x

  14. Happy New Year Maria - so lovely to catch up with you again!

  15. Happy New Year to you Maria! I am thrilled that you found me on instagram... I love looking at your sweet photos. The moon has been out and reflecting brightly on the snow that I can clearly see the critters in the evening. The bitter cold has sent most into their dens but I have caught site of a fox out on the frozen lake hunting for voles under the snow .... Our weather has been so bitter cold, I am already starting to dream of spring!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my little blog home! ~ Diane

  16. Wishing you a Happy new Year. It's lovely to see one of your lovely posts again. Sarah x

  17. A very happy new year Maria, does it matter how often you blog? no, it's just nice to know your genuine voice is still there. x

  18. Sweet "moon sister", I am so touched by the visits that have supported me in the last two days. I am still in Blogland, I will be visiting, and I am even leaving my blog up...I am not deleting it! And when I look up at that moon, I will always think of you.

    Let the words come. Play with them, let THEM be the center of the stage. Be well, enjoy yourself! Lovingly, Anita

  19. Hi Maria,
    Many thanks for your kind words of support on my blog (and for your wise words here on yours!) Its a tricky one isn't it? - Here we are, lovers of all things old and wonky, but trying to use modern technology (and to keep up with it all too) to sell our wares...Do the two really go together? Ha!

    From another 'old soul' - your friend, Niki x

  20. IG has claimed me, too, that and my journal. But I don't want to leave blogland either, so I am going to try harder. Inspired by your words as always. Fiona x

  21. Lovely to see your blogs again. Love the rug your slippers are stood on and oh! that red Smeg!!!!