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Monday, 29 October 2012

When Witches Go Riding.......

~ When witches go riding and black cats are seen, the moon smiles and whispers, it's time for Halloween......

Well almost!

Courtesy of Google.

I am sending Halloween greetings a little earlier than most and hoping they reach you all safe and sound.

On Sunday our seasonal Jack- o- lantern was created!
Although he doesn't look at all spooky!

Ooh far too rainy to display him on my steps just at the moment.
I do hope it will be a fine night on Wednesday.

I can't help thinking that this year has gone, like the 'clappers' and can it really be this time again.
The little sweet poem at the start of my post I always write on our black board at the little shop I spend my hours in...

Seems only a blink of an eye since I wrote it last year.....

There has been some beautiful, crispy dry days here and on my walks to work, I did get my chance to kick some some leaves at long last....
Simple pleasures that mean a lot!
My park walk always starts my day off perfectly. this time of year always reminds me of  my younger years...
~ Certain times of the year will always spark sweet memories....
We lived a skip and a jump from the park then and I always remember my father used to cut the many trees, sort the dead leaves and cut and tidy the  fruit bushes in our garden at this time .....It was quite  a labouring job to thin them out, as there was so many ,but such fun to use the dead sticks and leaves, because I knew we were  starting our bonfire!
 Dad always got us this way! hehe.
We were always enthusiastic to help.....
Our garden seemed vast then I wonder was it really, or was I just smaller? Very often when we grew tired  and our attention wavered as children do, we would sneak away through the secret railing at the bottom of our garden into the park......
Thinking of this memory is bitter sweet, as sadly Dad passed when I was still in my school years.
My memories of him are really of how hard working he was for us all.
Sometimes my childhood reminds me of how free we were to roam and explore and have adventures all on our very own door step and through that secret railing into the park.
It didn't cost a penny either...

Like a secret Garden....

I am wondering what your thoughts and memories are at this time of year dear friends....

Are you lighting candles, building bonfires, or performing magic with seasonal delights for your love ones?
Or maybe taking time out to enjoy the half term change of routine....?

I feel a pumpkin pie will be on the menu for tonight!
(I may need a magic spell to help me here)

Happy Halloween every one, remember keep the magic alive!
Looking forwards to taking a peek into your bewitching hour this week.

Love Maria x
Thank you for always saying the kindest words also.
they mean a lot!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Making Room For magic and mystery *********

The fields are harvested and bare,
And winter whistles through the square.
October dresses in flame and gold
Like a woman afraid of growing old.
~ Anne Mary Lawler.

There has been the most wonderful bright crisp days this last week and a lovely -wood burning smoky smell filling the air, the smell of autumn.
I's been lovely to be out and about and see nature show her glorious golds and reds on the remaining leaves on the trees.
The perfect lead up to one of my favourite times of the year...
I have always looked forward to 'all Hallow's Eve', with anticipation and excitement from being small to having my own little 'witches and goblins'.
Some of you for sure will be accompanying your little ones door to door knocking and' trick or treating' during the earlier part of the dark of the night next week.

Picture courtesy of Google.

Others staying safely in doors, lighting candles, baking apples and toasting toes by the fire. Although my children are all 'grown and almost flown'.
We still celebrate with Pumpkins and Jack-o-Lanterns on the steps leading to our home.
Tea will be jacket spuds and sausages with sticky sauce wrapped in 'wraps' and enjoyed by our open fire.

I believe Halloween is the perfect time to conjure up a little magic and mystery.
It's a reminder of the last autumn days before the cold and starkness of winter.

Halloween comes down to us from the pre- Christian Celtic festival of Samhaim held on 31st October.
Magic spells at this time can be cast more easily and dreams hold more significance.

I have many cats although I have never been lucky enough to have a black cat come live with me!
I do wonder why?

Only Salem (of course)

This made me smile this week; Willow watching a little nature watch!
she actually settles down to watch TV most evenings.
She is such a clever kitty cat.

Image courtesy of the lovely Nostalgic home mag.

As the witching hour draws closer I do hope you keep the magic alive, as I do believe there is magic in everything, if we only but take time to notice...

I wanted to thank you for all the lovely comments and say "they really do make my day".
Am hoping there is lots of magic in your week leading to Halloween.
Love Maria x

Monday, 15 October 2012

Blowing Off Cobwebs......

I had my wandering head on a little last week.....
You know the one, that beckons you, when the sun is shining and shows up all the house work and jobs needing doing at home.

And you'd much rather be out~ Dora the exploring instead..
So camera to the ready I set off to blow off a few cobwebs!

I knew where I was going of course, but this is some of the views along the way...

Flowers on my forecourt.

This little Bumble bee has been resident for a few days now.
I keep checking if she has flown...
I only have a small forecourt, but have potted many plants and flowers to enjoy!
I am loving that she spent her final days on my pretty hydrangea!

I had to cross two bridges, on my travels,  have I mentioned it is extremely coastal  where we live and some times it can be a little isolated but ever so picturesque.

(freezing in winter)

 Views from the bridge.
Must have had my 'sea legs' on, as I have a fear of the water.
But today it looks calming and tranquil..
Also the tide was going out.
Picture post card, almost.....

I was born on Walney Island and have heard tales many times from Mum that "If the bridge was up to let the tall boats through, you could be stuck for quite some time waiting...."


Mum didn't have''sea legs' either, and was for ever moving house , so when I turned four we moved onto dryer pastures.....

It was a beautiful sunny autumnal day and you could smell the sea air.

Another view from the second bridge, thankfully no boats coming through today!
My home town is a ship building town and once over employed a massive amount of ship building engineers and a strong work force supplying ships to the royal navy...
Sadly not nearly as many as once we did....

Ohh I haven't told you where I was going...


Here of course!
Arriving just in time for a delicious lunch and a much needed cup of tea 
With Claire......

Oh not forgetting Ruby! hehe.

My weekend...
We seemed to have had that much anticipated 'Indian summer' this week , which has made for a lot of skipping in my step!

Sunday brought another trip out with Patrick before he adorned his running shoes anyway!
This is Hoad Monument and we pass this light house every time we want to travel away from home........
When we were younger seeing this view always reminded our sleepy heads that we were almost home and to be waking up slowly.....

Today we chose to walk up to it!
It is a beautiful walk and lots of families had chosen also to make the most of the sunny day, so it was quite busy on route, with beautiful stunning views.

Beautiful views from on the route....

Can you make out the woodland Deer, seen here, made from willow and adding to the enchanted wood feelings......
We really have had the worst summer ever this year so this week has been much needed to recharge our batteries!
Don't you love weekends when you can be out and about to  discover....


Then back home again to a cosy fire and a movie I have wanted to watch for a while now!
Thought it a little funny that it involved more water, but it has been a week full of coincidences, but that is another post.....

And a home-made curry, that's what Sundays are made for..

I am
looking forwards to seeing how your weeks have been......
I wonder if you have been out and about exploring or nestling down for fall?
Bye for now....
LoVe Maria x


Monday, 8 October 2012

Salem And My Lot........

Hello lovely peeps!
The sun is well and truly shining here in the chilly Northwest and  about time too!
I was seriously thinking off sending out that Dove at one point as we have had so much rainfall....

Anyways I wanted to show you that 'Salem' has a name and a place to greet visitors on the lead up to Halloween..
He looks perfect here at the 'front of house'...
Actually my lovely pal Debbie named him, as she is a little bit on the 'Spooky' side and has a love of kitties just like me.
I wish you could see my 'lot' do a double take when entering the house!
Cats can be a little territorial now cant they!!

I did try him here and there,' but his tail was well and truly between his legs,' he seemed happiest at the front door after all.

I wanted to show you my little laundry room too!
It is never, ever this tidy, when my men folk have been out running and drop all there 'gear' to be  magically laundered. haha.
But just for today!

My nifty John lewis mini sewing machine, very handy for small projects.

I have my Mums vintage 'singer machine too'. I remember Mum used to run up in no time clothes for us all.....
Sometimes I just wanted 'Birmingham bags', do you remember those trousers from the seventies? But alas we were the family always in home made, very pretty frocks!!


My vintage 'Jones' machine, just for show, but a bargain find from a local charity shop for £15....
I do love sewing machines!


I have had this charming vintage material  I found on good old ebay, for a long while now and decided to 'run' up a small pelmet, just to pretty up a rather ordinary window....
Now which machine to use.....?

I am quite pleased with the result. ************

I love my little corners with pretty flowers...
Especially roses.



 It's that time to be 'cosying' down and watching a good movie and this one fits the bill just perfect!
I wonder have you seen it?

I Love it so much, that I have bought two copies, some how?
I am partial to all the magic and spells and think it perfect for settling down with hot chocolate to enjoy on the lead up to Halloween.
Wouldn't it be wonderful to brew up a spell or two!

I have planted a herb or two along side my garden gate, Rosemary for remembrance...

Sweet Heather too, as this is lucky to have by your door...
The colours are really pretty.

I will close for now and leave you with Trinny here, she is the tiniest of kittie cats ever, but ever so sweet!

I will say bye for now.

Wishing you all a cosy week and I am looking forward to popping into your lovely blogs shortly!
and thanking you always for the kindest words too!

Love Maria x

Monday, 1 October 2012

October Gave a Party.........

October gave a party;
The leaves by hundreds came-
The chestnuts,Oaks and Maples,
And leaves of every name.
The sunshine spread a carpet,
And everything was grand,
Miss weather led the dancing,
Professor wind the band......
~ George Cooper
Isn't this little poem beautiful?
I do hope October is going to be kind to us all.......

The witching month arrives....

I  have always quite liked October as I love all the magic and  mystery and traditions associated with this month.
I began our seasonal Halloween window at work and a change of theme called for twigs and berries and pumpkin lanterns...... I couldn't help but think how fast the year seems to have passed by......
It only feels a short time ago that we displayed buntings and flags for a summer that alas never showed itself....

A few things came home to live with me too....
Miss black cat never got to go in the shop window, but will feel very much at home with all my felines, I am sure!

Tuesday brought a visit from Mrs Thriftwood bearing lovely gifts of home made 'summer berries jam'...

I can't wait to have this on toast for breakfast!
Thank you Claire.

I have started this enchanting book, as it seems perfect for the season.
I have wanted to read for ages now,as it has been mentioned on other blogs.
It will be perfect for the lead up to Halloween.
I love losing my self in a good story.

I am reading two others that I am almost through, does any body else read 'three' books all together, I wonder?

I have always been fascinated by story telling, perhaps that is why I blog?
I have my journal with me at all times for quotes and verses and l love to note words down to keep for when, I am not really sure......
The enchanting stories above I found whilst sorting through papers, they are from my teens and were cut from, 'Jackie' and 'My Guy magazines', can you remember these teen mags?
I thought I had kept perhaps for the pictures which are hauntingly beautiful, but the stories are magical and I wonder at the short imaginative tales....

Perhaps funniest of all is the pop stars on the back!
David Essex, Bob Geldof and even David Van Day! My how times change....
I did say they were from my younger years!

I guess I was a romantic dreamer then.
I wonder did the authors go on to write novels...
I do hope so.

My gratitude diary, for thoughts ideas and dreams...


We have been visiting universities for Olivia this weekend, I can't quite believe this!
My thoughts go out to those young people leaving the nest for the first time this year, what wonderful adventures await!
I must admit I cried all the way home after leaving Dean in Birmingham though, it seemed such a long way away!
I will try not to think of Olivia leaving till nearer the time, I do not do change very well, I know.


Image  above taken from country living....

keep warm and enjoy Autumn!

I do hope October will be kind to us all...

Image taken from simple abundance.....
My Favourite book....

Bye for now and thank you always for popping into my little world, I do always appreciate this...
LoVe Maria x