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Monday, 15 October 2012

Blowing Off Cobwebs......

I had my wandering head on a little last week.....
You know the one, that beckons you, when the sun is shining and shows up all the house work and jobs needing doing at home.

And you'd much rather be out~ Dora the exploring instead..
So camera to the ready I set off to blow off a few cobwebs!

I knew where I was going of course, but this is some of the views along the way...

Flowers on my forecourt.

This little Bumble bee has been resident for a few days now.
I keep checking if she has flown...
I only have a small forecourt, but have potted many plants and flowers to enjoy!
I am loving that she spent her final days on my pretty hydrangea!

I had to cross two bridges, on my travels,  have I mentioned it is extremely coastal  where we live and some times it can be a little isolated but ever so picturesque.

(freezing in winter)

 Views from the bridge.
Must have had my 'sea legs' on, as I have a fear of the water.
But today it looks calming and tranquil..
Also the tide was going out.
Picture post card, almost.....

I was born on Walney Island and have heard tales many times from Mum that "If the bridge was up to let the tall boats through, you could be stuck for quite some time waiting...."


Mum didn't have''sea legs' either, and was for ever moving house , so when I turned four we moved onto dryer pastures.....

It was a beautiful sunny autumnal day and you could smell the sea air.

Another view from the second bridge, thankfully no boats coming through today!
My home town is a ship building town and once over employed a massive amount of ship building engineers and a strong work force supplying ships to the royal navy...
Sadly not nearly as many as once we did....

Ohh I haven't told you where I was going...


Here of course!
Arriving just in time for a delicious lunch and a much needed cup of tea 
With Claire......

Oh not forgetting Ruby! hehe.

My weekend...
We seemed to have had that much anticipated 'Indian summer' this week , which has made for a lot of skipping in my step!

Sunday brought another trip out with Patrick before he adorned his running shoes anyway!
This is Hoad Monument and we pass this light house every time we want to travel away from home........
When we were younger seeing this view always reminded our sleepy heads that we were almost home and to be waking up slowly.....

Today we chose to walk up to it!
It is a beautiful walk and lots of families had chosen also to make the most of the sunny day, so it was quite busy on route, with beautiful stunning views.

Beautiful views from on the route....

Can you make out the woodland Deer, seen here, made from willow and adding to the enchanted wood feelings......
We really have had the worst summer ever this year so this week has been much needed to recharge our batteries!
Don't you love weekends when you can be out and about to  discover....


Then back home again to a cosy fire and a movie I have wanted to watch for a while now!
Thought it a little funny that it involved more water, but it has been a week full of coincidences, but that is another post.....

And a home-made curry, that's what Sundays are made for..

I am
looking forwards to seeing how your weeks have been......
I wonder if you have been out and about exploring or nestling down for fall?
Bye for now....
LoVe Maria x



  1. Loved joining you on your walks and especially coming home to the warming fire ... oooh, and a curry does sound good! Have a great week hon. M x

    1. Hi Marina, Thanks for kind words always..

  2. Lovely walk Maria, such beautiful images and nothing beats heading back home to a comforting supper by the fire!
    Victoria xx

  3. You live in a lovely part of the world! I'd just buy lots of thermals for winter! I've been sewing lots this week, looking forward to half-term and getting out and about with the girls! I have said they can have one PJ day though! Ada :)

  4. Hello Maria,
    Thanks for sharing your lovely walk. I love the photo of the hydrangeas and the bee :) Your fire looks so welcoming. It's funny I'm not too keen on being on the water, i.e. on a boat, but love walking at the waters edge. Especially if there's some sand for your toes. Was the film good? I decided to watch Elf last week. I know it's too early for Christmas but it always makes me really laugh. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

    1. Ha Ha, Elf makes me laugh out loud Ali!!
      The movie was pleasant for a Sunday evening viewing...

  5. Hi Maria, you really sell my little island! Was lovely having you round and funnily enough, I was in Ulverston on Saturday AND had chicken curry for tea on Sunday!

    Hope to see you soon

    Love, Claire xxx

  6. A great post Maria,
    Such stunning views of the area.
    Indeed the sea with the yachts, look like a post card.
    A curry and that cosy looking fire with a good film..sure sounds good.. my type of a cool sunday.

    I was out for lunch yesterday.. nice rost pork and some excellent red wine..
    then home also to watch a film.
    It was a spy film about the "Isreali Mussad" dont remember the name.
    happy monday Maria.
    val x

  7. What fab pictures - thanks for sharing.

  8. Love your photos. I would love to live near the sea although I'm not a water lover. We too have eaten curry this last week - it must be the nip in the air that makes us reach out for curries and soups.
    Have a great week.

    1. Hi June,
      I like to look at the water and can appreciate its beauty, but only from dry lands!!
      Have a good week.

  9. Glad you had a fab time meeting up with Claire too! YOur piccies are lovely and like June I would love to live by the sea.Who knows....maybe one day!
    I can just imagine myself curled up by your open fire too, looks so warm and cosy, perfect!

    1. Hi Anne, it is all very lovely on a day like that, but it can be soo different, when in the winter!!

  10. Oh, how I miss the sea. I think when you grow up at the seaside, whether it's a shipbuilding place or a holidaying place, it gets into your blood and you keep returning. xx

  11. What a stunning area to go for a walk around. It sure was nice to have some sunshine over the weekend..I went on a few little walks with the little one over the weekend, made the most of the nice Autumn weather while it lasted (rain today!).
    My hubby and I do a crossword every Sunday morning, after breakfast, with a cup of tea. One of the questions was 'film, Salmon Fishing in the ----', I had put River, but now I know I was wrong :P I will have to watch the movie :)
    Magie x

    1. Hi Magie, its a pleasant movie, but if I am honest I thought it would be better.
      Take care..

  12. Hi Maria,
    I know just how you feel when the sun is shining, housework then comes down low on my list of priorities too! Lovely pictures of the water and your walk on Sunday. Did you enjoy the film?
    Sarah x

    1. It was a pleasant movie Sarah.
      We seem to be viewing a lot of films recently!

  13. Me gustan tus fotos del mar, el faro y el rincón de la chimenea.Muchos saludos.

  14. Hello Maria
    What a lovely post, hearing about your childhood is fascinating....
    Your pictures of the seascapes are very atmospheric, catching mermaid's in the light on the water
    The weather was glorious at the weekend just right for your lovely autumn walk I have been having a family week this week
    Keep warm and cozy
    Thea x

    1. Hello and thank you Thea, always kind words..

  15. You are fortunate that you live near the coast so that you can take walks by it at your leisure. The nearest coastal area from where I live is about a 2 hour drive, ugh! Of course, I don't have "sea legs" though. I fear the water as well. I like to view it from a distance only.

    Your walk to the lighthouse looked wonderful! My husband and I do enjoy nature walks. We haven't been on one in a long time. We are much overdue. Now that I am power walking regularly, I am sure I can easily handle a casual walk through nature areas. :)

    Anyway, take care, and as always, I love to visit your little place here, as I can't help but smile. :)


    1. Hi lovely Mara,
      We are indeed very lucky as we are surrounded by beaches, but there is one thing we don't get to enjoy them, and that is the sunshine...
      It has been extremely wet all year and my husband loves to run on them, but this year all it has been is rain and winds, which is sad!
      It must be our Aries fire signs that keep us a little way from the water!hehe..
      Thanks for stopping by Mara!

  16. You live in beautiful part of the country Maria, how lovely to be able to pop out to such wonderful scenery for your walk.
    Wrap up, it's getting colder!
    Kate x

    1. Thanks Kate, it is beautiful, but' boy' does it rain here in the North West!
      It is getting chilly too xx

  17. Dearest Maria!

    First of all, your music is one of my favorite moments in movies. I so love that scene when Miss Potter is speaking to her beloved Benjamin and he swiftly hands her the sheet of paper to write!!!!!! Oh how I would love a big rabbit on my writing table!

    What a perfect day. A day when we muse, create and enjoy the fruit of our dreams. Thank you for coming to visit me last night and your photos are wonderful, showing the lovely things that YOU SEE with your rosey tinted spectacles...love! Anita

    1. Hi Anita,
      It is my favourite song and means a lot to me....
      I do try and wear my specs most days!
      Thanks for stopping by..

  18. Hi Maria,I enjoyed sharing your walk and the chicken curry sounds so yum,making me hungry:) happy week,love julieXXX

  19. Thanks for stopping by Julie, have popped over to you too!

  20. Thank you for your comment - have come across for a look. Coastal, isolated and freezing in winter - sounds just up my street. The pictures of the water are stunning. The song (after making me jump out of my skin) is beautiful and sets the scene perfectly for your walk. Am now going to read on...

  21. Hi Maria. We all need to blow off cobwebs once in awhile and it looks like you had a very good time of it. Your fire looks so cozy and warm to come home to. Thank you for your kind comments to me and yes, I saw the movie a long time ago, but you reminded me and I rushed an order right off to Netflix. It's a good time of year for it..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  22. Such beautiful photos and scenery, there is no better place to blow away cobwebs than by the sea.
    love jooles x

  23. Sounds like you had two wonderful walks; you live in such a beautiful part of the country. Thank you for sharing your weekend with us. Best wishes, Pj x

  24. Hi - thanks for sharing your walk with us. I love impromptu days out which take us meandering on and on. We had one like this on Monday where we walked and walked for hours by the sea and came back home wet and cold but ready to be cosy with soup and a fire. Lily. xxx

  25. What a lovely walk. I love the lighthouse. It is so nice to have a window into your lovely world. xxx

  26. Hello Maria
    Many thanks for your comments on my last post. I've just seen that film too and thoroughly enjoyed ....something different!

    There's nothing better than to go for a walk beside the sea and breathing in all that sea air...so relaxing but exhilarating at the same time. I'm suprised you don't like the water having been born on an island and also living by the sea. However it also surprises me here when I hear that many of the older fishermen cannot swim and dread to learn....Impressive photos!

    Love your fireplace....reminds me of the fireplace in my parents house when I was a child :-)

    keep well

    Amanda x

  27. Hi Maria, thankyou for taking the time to visit my blog. Its nice to 'meet' new people with similar interests, I look forward to having a good read of your blogs.. I love the pic's of the area ... takes me back.

    Vicky x

  28. Ah Maria - the smell of the sea, if I could dab that behind my ears I would be very happy indeed! Lovely evocative images. Is the film that you mention anything to do with the Yemen (my brother lived there for over 15 years so I am interested) - it seems an intriguing title. How lovely to meet up with Claire for tea - perfecto!
    Best wishes

  29. Hiya Maria..sounds like a busy weekend ! I wonder what the film was like..I bought Mark the book and he enjoyed it. Hope Olivia's night went well on Saturday...did you go to listen ? The hoad looks great now doesn't it and it is a lovely walk...maybe a bit windy at the top ?? Love from Gail x