Elegant Rose

Monday, 5 January 2015

Never been away....

I'll be starting this little musing as
 though I've never been away..
Tis true enough ! 
Words have failed me a little and a lot...
And pages here in my corner have been left empty for a short time..
But I can say with my little hand on heart 
that I haven't left blog world..
Ooh no siree !

~ Truth be told I got a little fed up
of my own little ramblings and nobody else's.. 
I stop by frequently to read a blog or three...
Ooh yes...
And most of you are on the
 very lovely Instagram ~ a - sphere..
Which fills me with much joy !

Id like to start my new page of 2015
by wishing you all a peaceful and kind new year !

~ Be kind to others , but most of all
be kind to your self.
Try not to make to
  many new years resolutions / targets /lists / diets / expectations !
There jolly hard to keep !
Go with the flow, turn the page and enjoy this sparkly new chapter
laid out before us..

After all we have this years sweet promise.

bright mornings and starlit evenings 
promising weeks,
transforming months full of opportunities.
splendid seasons to savour.

I simply love the fresh
 pages of a sparkling new year...

Here's wishing all our hopes and dreams 
twinkle brightly!

Tonight we have the first full moon of 2015.

'The full wolf moon.'
"According to lore, under this moon, wolves would howl
in hunger out side 
Native American Villages.
When the moon is full in January, people tend 
to eat too much, drink too much, 
and play too much
trying always to fill a winter time 
emptiness inside"....

Sleep tight under the full moon tonight..
and thank you for being my friends on here.
I have missed you all, greatly !
Hugs Maria x