Elegant Rose

Monday, 29 July 2013

The Grandest Of Times......

'It is good to have an end to journey towards: but it is the journey that matters in the end.....'
-Simple Abundance.

"I've  always believed life's just a wonderful adventure..
And the journey is almost always the most important part"....

Hello there!
We've been jollying ourselves with a wonderful trip to Lyon in beautiful France
to take in the sights, and of course, watch Dean race in the IPC world disability Championships held there..

And I must say the weather was hot, hot and even too hot at times (I never thought I would admit to being too hot) with temperatures reaching the mid 40's in the stadium!

I must confess to melting and indeed weltering a  fair bit on this trip!
Goodness knows how those amazing athletes managed..
Dean was well supported with ice packs, cold drinks and cool shading before and after competing on the track!
But boy was it hot!
~ Thank fully family and coaches were allocated the seated area with covered canopy!
Some of you may have watched the championships on TV...
They were pretty splendid and inspiring for anyone to watch!

And I couldn't help but think that it is wonderful to have a different kind of role model for our youngsters, don't you think? ~ From football players earning massive amounts and pop stars, we have seen them all!
But  I hasten to add nothing as courageous as our Paralympions!

(A proud moment,  Patrick and I meeting up with Dean and his coach, far left, after the race)

Antione and Lili boutique!
~ There was of course a little retail therapy!

So very chic!
~ As the French always manage to be so effortlessly...

~ Lyon is a beautiful vibrant city and hosts many wonderful trendy shops, bars and boutiques!
Along with restaurants and trendy cafes all along the beautiful river Rhone'....
I did fall ever so slightly in love with Lyon and its laid back trendy life style.
~ and this little number I may add..
"Another frock I hear you say!"
Well just a little reminder of my trip to Lyon..

So home it came to live with me...

Yesterday was pretty special too!

I wonder did you tune into the anniversary games from the Olympic stadium?
Dean flew into London after Lyon with team GB and we very happily watched him race a splendid 'PB' from our comfy arm chairs with a nice glass of chilled white wine!
~ Phew...Much more relaxing!

(Picture courtesy of Jamie McDonald)
Well done son and all your amazing team mates!
You did us proud, as always!!
~ And as Dorothy once said "There's no place like home!"
~ and she was quite right too!
It's lovely to be back.
Thank you for your wonderful good wishes for Dean, I blew them to him on the starting line! And I am sure they really helped!
I will close for now, but will be calling into your pretty worlds of words and pictures as soon as I can be with of course a lovely cup of Lady Grey tea....
Take time to dream lovely friends..
Summery hugs, Maria x

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Vintage Vacation....

Small talk from me today.
I am away from my virtual world for a short time....
I  know I will miss your sweet words and wonderful days in pictures...
But I will be back with a skip and a jump before you know it!
~ And with a few tales to tell......

BIG summery HUGS to YOU all....
It feels kinda like the summer of 1976...
Don't you think?
Love Maria x

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Summer Time and The Living Is Easy...

~ 'The Kiss of the sun for pardon
The song of the birds for mirth.
One is nearer to Gods heart in a garden
than anywhere on earth...'
~ Dorothy Frances Gurney. Garden thoughts..
~ For my beloved Mum...
Never further than a thought away..

~ Hello tis a short one from me today...
Simply because I wouldn't want to keep you away from this wonderful, wonderful sunny day!

We have summer of old...
I can just about for the life of me remember them too!

~ A little too warm for those wearing a fur coat, I may add!
I often wish I could unzip them at these times...hehe!
Smoky above is quite elderly now.
I must add I have the feeling my kitties are becoming like Spanish kitties, siesta all day long!
And quite nocturnal in the evenings...
~ I wanted to show you another 'old gal' I fell upon whilst out and about last week!

What do you think?
I have called her Matilda...
Olivia says she is quite scary!
But I disagree.
I think she is quite charming!
~ she was the humble price of a take away coffee....
The chatty fellow in the very sweet antique shop said quite simply.
"She has your name on her, 
take her home."
And so I did just that!
A very happy ending indeed.
.~ I wanted to add Bumble Bee's next chapter if I may today too!

Please press the link above.

I do so appreciate there are lots of wonderful blogs to visit!
~ and I am ever so grateful for your company on here!
I really am....
Have fun in the sun lovely friends..
~ But please wear a pretty sun hat at all times!
You know the kind with wonderful straw flowers and the floppiest of brim!
Maintaining mysteriousness as well as keeping shady at all times..
Is an absolute necessity! 
" Summer Time And The Living Is Easy"...

Bye for now
With 'twinkles' and hugs ***
And of course wearing a floppy sun hat!
Maria x
Ops Last word from me...
 I am linking up with Miss Hetty Brown's thrifty ways..
(The button is on my side bar)
With fresh cut flowers from my pretty forecourt and magazines recycled from my lovely Bumble Bee Friend Lynsey ( Another gal with a big vintage heart)

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Second Hand Rose....

"Sultry, steaming, sweltering, July...
Slow down.
Or stop.
It's time to shed ambition and expectation,
along with clothing and calendars....
A shady nook, a cold beer, a cool breeze.
Time out for good behaviour.
Summer is not so much a season, but a melody"!
~ Taken from,' Simple Abundance'.
My Bible...

~ Hello lovely blog world..
I must confess I am happy all is well and we are all still here, alive and kicking!
Being a 'worry pant's that I am I did wonder if we would all be lost for a short while, with the loss of blog reader.
 So I thought the best thing to do was lay low!
But alas all seems tickety boo!
July .
It's lovely to welcome July, but a little concerning just how fast this year is going...
Pretty roses from my little garden forecourt...
~ the smell as sweet as they look!

~ We had a jolly nice trip through to 'Brum', this weekend...
A grand day watching the athletics!
You may have seen them too....
Deans race was a toughie and my heart was in my hand for most of it, I must confess!
( I felt a whole lot better  after the whole thing was over )
We also had some nice time together...
and a good catch up!
( kiss the birdie then!)
'The Arco lounge', restaurant on High street, Harbourne!
a great place to eat and chat....
LOVE the vintage pictures here...


And we also helped Dean move home, once again...
I swear my boy has my Mums gypsy blood in him..
My Mum used to feel the distant breeze in the air and declare the time was right for us to move on..
"It time for us to have a change", she used to say...
~ We were always excited!

( I know I have shown this vintage photograph before, but I just love this happy shot)
I think it so sweet that my brother , John- Paul is holding my hand!
This home was one of Mum's longer stays!
I know she was free as a bird here!
And I wonder why I love the movie' Chocolat'.
Vianne Rocher , ( Julliet Binocche 's)  wonderful, character is the best way to describe my Mum...
"so wild and free"...
Always on the move!
A horse and trap may have been more appropriate for us in them 'good all days'....

~ This week is a bit more laid back for me, so I am delving into the pages of another,' Sarah Addison - Allen, 'novel.
I love the way she writes and I find my self dreaming off into another time and another place..
I am a dreamer, I know.

A little like Trinny!
Sweet kittie dreams....
(I have just decided to day in my next life I am coming back as a kittie)
I really am!
~ I am thinking that catching butterflies and snoozing all day sounds like such fun!
( For Willie)

~ I will close for now...
~ all the pretty 'bits and bobs'  in this postie are brought home and re-loved from Bumble Bee.....
Please pop in and say hello on our new blog!
Or simply belonged to my Mum or Grandma..
( apart from sweet Trinny of course)
Second hand Rose, that's me!
But I kinda like this...
Thanks as always for listening to my witherings!
~ Take time to dream lovely friends, I am ever so glad we are all safe and sound.
Hugs Maria x