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Monday, 29 July 2013

The Grandest Of Times......

'It is good to have an end to journey towards: but it is the journey that matters in the end.....'
-Simple Abundance.

"I've  always believed life's just a wonderful adventure..
And the journey is almost always the most important part"....

Hello there!
We've been jollying ourselves with a wonderful trip to Lyon in beautiful France
to take in the sights, and of course, watch Dean race in the IPC world disability Championships held there..

And I must say the weather was hot, hot and even too hot at times (I never thought I would admit to being too hot) with temperatures reaching the mid 40's in the stadium!

I must confess to melting and indeed weltering a  fair bit on this trip!
Goodness knows how those amazing athletes managed..
Dean was well supported with ice packs, cold drinks and cool shading before and after competing on the track!
But boy was it hot!
~ Thank fully family and coaches were allocated the seated area with covered canopy!
Some of you may have watched the championships on TV...
They were pretty splendid and inspiring for anyone to watch!

And I couldn't help but think that it is wonderful to have a different kind of role model for our youngsters, don't you think? ~ From football players earning massive amounts and pop stars, we have seen them all!
But  I hasten to add nothing as courageous as our Paralympions!

(A proud moment,  Patrick and I meeting up with Dean and his coach, far left, after the race)

Antione and Lili boutique!
~ There was of course a little retail therapy!

So very chic!
~ As the French always manage to be so effortlessly...

~ Lyon is a beautiful vibrant city and hosts many wonderful trendy shops, bars and boutiques!
Along with restaurants and trendy cafes all along the beautiful river Rhone'....
I did fall ever so slightly in love with Lyon and its laid back trendy life style.
~ and this little number I may add..
"Another frock I hear you say!"
Well just a little reminder of my trip to Lyon..

So home it came to live with me...

Yesterday was pretty special too!

I wonder did you tune into the anniversary games from the Olympic stadium?
Dean flew into London after Lyon with team GB and we very happily watched him race a splendid 'PB' from our comfy arm chairs with a nice glass of chilled white wine!
~ Phew...Much more relaxing!

(Picture courtesy of Jamie McDonald)
Well done son and all your amazing team mates!
You did us proud, as always!!
~ And as Dorothy once said "There's no place like home!"
~ and she was quite right too!
It's lovely to be back.
Thank you for your wonderful good wishes for Dean, I blew them to him on the starting line! And I am sure they really helped!
I will close for now, but will be calling into your pretty worlds of words and pictures as soon as I can be with of course a lovely cup of Lady Grey tea....
Take time to dream lovely friends..
Summery hugs, Maria x


  1. Well done to Dean. He seems to be in pretty good form.
    How great you could get to see him run in Leon.
    Love your pink dress.. a lovely summer dress and memories of Leon.
    A super photo of you Dean and Coach.
    happy days and dreamy days Maria..
    xxxx val

  2. So glad you had a wonderful time and well done to Dean. You must be bursting with pride when you watch him. What a lovely photo of you all.
    Love your pretty dress.
    M xx

  3. So lovely to have you back and what a wonderful time you have had. Well done to Dean and what a lovely family picture. That dress is gorgeous and pink too, what girl could resist ~ Thank you for your lovely comments today, he was a wonderful person to have known and I'm so grateful to have had him in my life ~ Sarah x

  4. I have to say...I look upon the para-athletes in
    an entirely different light...I watched quite a lot
    of it over the week. It was fantastic! Really!
    The great thing about it was the guys introducing
    the program. A lady there, explaining how each athlete
    was able to qualify, for each event...Marvellous! :).
    And...The race after Dean's race. That young 16yr old,
    (can't remember her name, just now). Out of 8 runners,
    she was the only one who did a standing start, could'nt
    use starting blocks....Bang! Off she went like a greyhound.
    Broke the world record...16yrs of age! Did l cry...HeHe!
    Is the pope Catholic! :>).

    Love the 'frock' Maria....Great!
    Well...It's pink, that's ALL that matters! :)
    Don't forget to wear vest with it!!!!!

    Oh! And! Nice to have you back of course....!
    Hope the pussy-cats remembered you....And, made a fuss!

    1. I was sat with the lovely young ladies family, Willie!
      For a very good reason, I left my union jack in my suitcase! and they had three! and Patrick being a coach was shouting with the coaches and doing the timing for our Dean's splits! I feel sprinters are perhaps born, what do you think..a natural talent! but distance runners, must train and train and train some more! Sophie will have many years ahead of her, I feel..

    2. OOops forgot to say my kitties are sulking BIG TIME, Willie! Olivia did a sterling job, with kittie watch...Pedro being the sulkiest!

  5. Hello My Lovely Friend
    Sounds like you had a wonderful trip..Well done Dean!! you all must be so so proud of him a PB as well!!

    Now I am sure he will not mind If I now turn to the other wonderful things you did in Lyon...your dress is absolutely gorgeous I have fallen in love with it.....You are spot on with the french ladies they are so sophisticated without even trying

    I smiled when you spoke about their bicycles..I shall really try to ride it with style..Ha ha!!

    Maria have a look at my post on "Walking among the the rocks and legends" we found a very special place called Luds Church see what you think

    So glad you are back
    Love Thea xx

    1. I a popping right over to the post, lovely Thea!

  6. MARIA! YOU ARE HOME! And I hear how terribly hot it is out there in Europe! We here are experiencing a mild to chilly July! Very strange...you look SENSATIONAL! Isn't it wonderful to spend the summer with the people you love? Soon the chill of back to school will come and I am back in the driver's seat: I got a permanent (I hope!) position as a French teacher at the high school and middle school so I will be busy, and I hope to continue taking my poetry classes.

    Welcome home my dear, and your new pink dress (frock!) is divine. Anita

  7. How wonderful, and a lovely photo of Dean to end with :) xx

  8. Welcome home from your lovely holiday, sounds as though you had a truly amazing time. Love the simplicity of the dress, you have plenty of Summer left to wear it.
    Jean x

  9. Lovely pictures Maria, and very well done Dean!

    Weather is still lovely here, and probably a nice change from the sweltering temperatures in France ... Nice cool breeze blowing today ... and you're right, there is no place like home!

    Love Claire xx

  10. Glad you had a lovely time and your photos of Dean and yourselves say it all. x

  11. Welcome home Maria, I'm glad you had a lovely time in Lyon despite the heat. Congratulations to Dean I didn't get to see him race butkept up to date by looking at the results on the computer. Glad you managed some retail therapy and you have such a pretty reminder of your time in France.
    Sarah x

  12. Well done Dean! Glad you had a great time....fab dress, of course you need a reminder! :) x

  13. Darling Maria! Thank you for stopping by! I am currently taking a poetry class that is challenging my language usage, but that is GREAT. I really appreciate however, your kind words expressing your fancy for my posts. YOU ARE SO SWEET! Enjoy a cool breeze today like we are; where is OUR summer! Anita

  14. What a wonderful adventure you have been on with Dean! I completely agree about our paralympian athletes, wonderful role models for anyone. He looks so proud in the photo with you both and I bet he was thrilled with his PB (as no doubt you were too!).
    I adore the dress you bought, I can imagine you will look beautiful in it Maria. In fact it's definitely a 'Maria' dress!!

    1. Awww Missed you Anne! with your kind, kind comments!

  15. Maria, ,
    Welcome home , I did miss you but was wishing you and Dean the best while you were away.
    You look so pretty and proud in the photo with your handsome son and Patrick (who I must add is quite handsome as well !)
    Huge congrats to Dean ... what a wonderful role model indeed.

    1. Hehe! You always make me smile, Willow :)

  16. Wonderful to hear Dean got a new PB. Great photo of you, Patrick, Dean and his coach, all very smiley and happy. That boutique looks wonderful, sooo pink and a lovely new outfit. I have a lovely angelic tale to tell you so watch your inbox. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

    1. Awww can't wait lovely Ali! Please do tell....

  17. Dear Maria, you must be bursting with pride, well done Dean and well done you for supporting him – even though it was hot, hot, hot! I did see some of the anniversary games on TV but didn’t think about Dean being there.
    Your new dress is so pretty and what a lovely boutique. I'm glad you spoilt yourself. No trip is complete without a little retail therapy!
    I’m in awe at the way you always make your posts look so pretty, it’s always a treat to visit you. Barbara x

  18. That sounds like a lovely trip and well done to Dean on his amazing achievements. Ooh, and I do love your pretty new dress too :-)
    AND your tea cosy in the last pic - it's beeootiful, did you make it?
    Wishing you a happy week,

    1. Hello, dear Gilly! I didn't make the pretty tea cosy I picked up quite recently in a 'second hand shop'.. ( the same shop as I got my dolly Matilda in) .cost next to nothing too! I do sew all day at work, so am afraid I am a little lazy at home with creating things.. ~ thanks for popping in...

  19. Do you know Maria I have been blubbering all over again with the anniversary games (I have done something that it unusual for me - I have bought the DVD - I do not buy DVDs!). You must be bursting with pride all over again - I would be running that in my head every day just because
    Well done to you all
    Best wishes

  20. Many congrats to your son, what an amazing trip you've had, and you must be so proud of him.
    I loved the shots of the boutique and your dress is absolutely wonderful, but you might have guessed that I would love it!
    Welcome home.

  21. Hi Maria ... sounds like a wonderful trip ! Love the frock ..perfect for the weather we have had this summer .. Dean did so well with a new personal best ...you must be so proud ! ...Gail x.

  22. A wonderful post! Gosh, I wish I was sporty, but it's always been arty for me!
    (I hasten to add that I am VERY energetic but I always got beaten at sports - doesn't help only being 5ft & a tiny bit, I suppose!)