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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Summer Time and The Living Is Easy...

~ 'The Kiss of the sun for pardon
The song of the birds for mirth.
One is nearer to Gods heart in a garden
than anywhere on earth...'
~ Dorothy Frances Gurney. Garden thoughts..
~ For my beloved Mum...
Never further than a thought away..

~ Hello tis a short one from me today...
Simply because I wouldn't want to keep you away from this wonderful, wonderful sunny day!

We have summer of old...
I can just about for the life of me remember them too!

~ A little too warm for those wearing a fur coat, I may add!
I often wish I could unzip them at these times...hehe!
Smoky above is quite elderly now.
I must add I have the feeling my kitties are becoming like Spanish kitties, siesta all day long!
And quite nocturnal in the evenings...
~ I wanted to show you another 'old gal' I fell upon whilst out and about last week!

What do you think?
I have called her Matilda...
Olivia says she is quite scary!
But I disagree.
I think she is quite charming!
~ she was the humble price of a take away coffee....
The chatty fellow in the very sweet antique shop said quite simply.
"She has your name on her, 
take her home."
And so I did just that!
A very happy ending indeed.
.~ I wanted to add Bumble Bee's next chapter if I may today too!

Please press the link above.

I do so appreciate there are lots of wonderful blogs to visit!
~ and I am ever so grateful for your company on here!
I really am....
Have fun in the sun lovely friends..
~ But please wear a pretty sun hat at all times!
You know the kind with wonderful straw flowers and the floppiest of brim!
Maintaining mysteriousness as well as keeping shady at all times..
Is an absolute necessity! 
" Summer Time And The Living Is Easy"...

Bye for now
With 'twinkles' and hugs ***
And of course wearing a floppy sun hat!
Maria x
Ops Last word from me...
 I am linking up with Miss Hetty Brown's thrifty ways..
(The button is on my side bar)
With fresh cut flowers from my pretty forecourt and magazines recycled from my lovely Bumble Bee Friend Lynsey ( Another gal with a big vintage heart)


  1. I am adoring Matilda from afar...she is a cutie.
    But Smokey....Oh Smokey you are gorgeous...happy days Miss Maria.
    Daisy x

    Ps Loving my new book too and reading bits everyday...."simple abundance"

  2. Phew! It ain't half hot Mum!
    I've just come in from the garden...Attacked
    the Virginia Creeper, growing like mad this year!
    Loooook'in Gooood! :).

    So! l thought l'd take a peek...See who's posted.
    Oh! My Goodness! It's the spectacled lady with the Rosey Tinted Glasses!!!! HeHe!
    Better put some clothes on, can't be do'in a comment in the........(lost for words now).
    Here l am then...Pink/White Bermuda shorts, and a pink/white inside-out shirt....I bought this shirt a few years ago, went up to Cheshire Oaks, shopping. Bought it in a designer shop that was closing down.
    Originally £79:99. Reduced to £9:99. As we were going to the counter, my daughter said.."Dad, that's a good price £9:99...No haggling please".
    She knows me so well....! :>).
    Basically...It's a shirt, made inside-out...Seams, stitches and the panels are all on the outside....Brilliant...Unique....Love it...!!!

    And...Look at lovely Smokey...Bless!
    Wonder what he's dreaming of....MICE! HeHe!
    Love the little 'Soul Sister' she is gorgeous...
    And, Matilda sounds o.k. Though l do like Alicia....! For a soul sister anyway! :).

    Well...Must get on....Salad for lunch, much be careful, l've had salad three days running...
    Don't want my ears getting pointy, might start hopping about too...
    Enjoy the sun everyone...I'm off...Minus floppy hat...It's 90 degrees out on the patio...Bit of a breeze though...My Bermuda's are quite big, so plenty room for air flow....HeHe!
    Better go...Before l get into trouble....Ciao...Ciao....!!!

    1. Willie, hello!
      Smoky is a lady kittie! she has the most pretty face...
      Enjoy the wonderful day, my friend!

    2. oooops! Sorry! Look'in at the wrong
      end again! :>).

    3. I'm 6ft 3in tall....So l'm closer to the sun than most...!
      Having a strange day...Forgot this....
      "A woman is like a tea bag..You can't tell
      how strong she is, until you put her in hot
      (Eleanor Roosevelt)x

      HeHe! As you were...Stand by yer beds....!:)

  3. Matilda is very charming, she may need a little cotton dress for this weather, I could see her in red and white polka dots. Super pleased to see your bee abode is nearly ready, I know it's top secret but whereabouts is it located? I may want to call in.

    Jean xx

    1. Jean!hello...
      My dear boss has had a fall so things are a little delayed...We are situated in Barrow in Furness, Cumbria...Pretty close to the lake District! It would 'bee' wonderful if you ever visit the lake district!The button links say a little more...Thank you for taking the time to pop in!

    2. Oops for got to say also...i have just the material for a pretty dress! and I have fallen upon the most lovely pram for her! Next post! hehe..

  4. Dear Maria,
    A lovely summer post. I love Matilda. I had one when i was a little girl. My mum gave it to charity when we moved to Africa.
    She would look lovely dressed as a Brazilian Bahiana.. they wear only white.
    Kitty sure looks as though he has found a good place.
    we are inside.. aircon on.
    did some painting with myproject this morning.. its coming along.
    Oh.. i am dying to see the pram for Matilda..

    dear Maria.. my new posts are not appearing on your sidebar..
    just sign in again with friend connect.. it should work.. you have my post of 3 months ago.
    happy days.. val x x x

  5. A lovely upbeat summery post as always Maria.A lovely read to lift the spirits. Sadly I have succumbed to some kind of lurgy virus and feel dreadful so I havent set foot outside in the sun since sunday! Marmalade bless her trots in and out of the open french doors, but even she gets far too warm, as you say if only we could unzip their furry coats....Anyway, thank goodness for ice lollies, its all I have managed to eat for days!! Enjoy your week lovely Maria X

  6. Oh the picture of your kitty in the shade is my favorite! I love it.

  7. That last photo is enchanting and the kitty so sweet in the shade. I agree with you, a zipper would be so much better (Our corgi with his 2 coats suffers in the heat of the Summer, poor little fellow!)

  8. Loving the sun shine here too, and my dopey furry babes don't seem to have worked out that it's cooler on the grass in the shade, than in the sun on the deck - I should send them to Smokey for some lessons in lazing!
    Enjoy & don't forget your sun cream too :-)

  9. A lovely, cool atmosphere in your photos - just right in the heat! It's Bumblebee Heaven around my house - what shall I do?!

  10. Beautiful Smokey having a Summer cat nap in the shade of a lovely green jungle ... I love it !

  11. Aw, I love Matilda, Maria! (I don't need to say that I love that special little poem, do I, because you already know)...

    Isn't this weather wonderful ... my little island is so busy ... don't see anyone on the beach in the wind and rain!

    Long may it last!

    Hope to see you soon

    Love Claire xxx

  12. Isn't it just gorgeous, far to nice to be stuck behind a screen. I'm playing catch up today while the clouds are about have been wearing flowers in my hair and wandering barefoot through the daisies. Enjoy the sunshine lovely Maria ... I'm afraid I think Matilda rather scary too ~ Sarah x

  13. Cuánta dulzura en tus fotos. Un abrazo.

  14. Dearest Maria,
    your photos are so sweet and tender and bright that I feel your well-being...I'm so glad you enjoy summer living, hope your visit in Greece will offer you total relaxation and insouciance!
    Yes, I pressed the link, there are treasures there but my virtual visit doesn't satisfy me enough...What can I do?
    Many kisses!

  15. Matilda is lovely and so lucky to have a new mama. Our sunshine has completely disappeared today, but perhaps I shall wear my floppy brim hat anyway :) xx

  16. Hello sweet friend! HOw I've missed you and the rest of my Blogland favorites! I was in the state of California visiting family. What fun......

    I LOVE that little black baby doll and your siesta-taking kitty!!!!!!! She must be part Spanish, part French! tehehehehhee

    Our summer is fabulous. With so much rain, our flowers are exploding in size! Our neighbor came to the door one day and was joking around. We answered the door when he rang and he says, "I'm from the city inspector's office....I understand your flowers are on steroids...." teeeheeee....


  17. I love little Matilda, even though I usually find dolly's a bit creepy!
    Your little cat looks gorgeous. I keep on finding mine curled up in various shady parts of the garden, including inside a big empty plant pot!
    We're off to the beach straight after work/school to make the most of this glorious weather. Hope you're enjoying it too. M xx

  18. Dear Maria, I was so surprised to read the words at the start of your post. My mum wrote the exact same words in my autograph book when I was a little girl. She also wrote, “My heart is like a cabbage and when it’s cut in two the leaves I give to others but the heart I give to you” I’ve not thought about that for years.
    Your little kitty is pretty indeed as is Matilda, and she’s not at all scary!
    I wanted to call in and say hello before heading out into the sun.
    It’s such a beautiful day I feel a glass of wine and a good book coming on. Now where did I put that pretty sun hat? Barbara xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. Maria, those roses are such a beautiful colour! My Minnie doesn't know what to do with herself, not that I'm seeing much of her, I'd love to know what she gets up to! :) x

  20. Your post feels so summery! Smokey has found a good place to shelter from the heat. I too have been enjoying the summertime and haven't spent some much time on the computer this week! Have a great weekend.
    Sarah x

  21. I love the poem !! and the roses and of course Smoky ! this weather has been incredible all week ... a proper summer ! have a great weekend ...Gail x

  22. Hello maria
    The weather is absolutely glorious, how lucky are we, the puss cats are just lazing around just like yours,
    Matilda is such a special find, I think she is smiling now.
    Happy Warm Summer Days my Friend
    Thea xx

  23. Dear, lovely, happy-souled Maria,

    Matilda is a sweet, sweet find and I am quite enamoured with her pink knitted dress. I hope you are lingering outside under your floppy-brimmed sunhat as late as possible.

    Oh, let us savour this glorious summer.


  24. My darling Maria!!!!!!

    Hello my sweet! How are you? So glad to see you came by for a visit! I am enjoying sitting here in my covered patio, for we have many mosquitos here, but now, I don't have to worry about them! I am listening to the water fountain and the birds, as I peruse Blogland. I hope your weather out in the UK is good; we are enjoying one of the most beautiful summers ever.

    Sending loving greetings to you and may this day be a magical journey for you and yours! Anita

  25. Whoops nearly missed this post. Like Smokey I've been busy enjoying the sun. Oh Maria I don't know about unzipping the cats. My daughter's cat is black but he like to sunbathe and turns ginger. Gorgeous photos on this post. Hope your still enjoying the sun.
    Ali x