Elegant Rose

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Vintage Vacation....

Small talk from me today.
I am away from my virtual world for a short time....
I  know I will miss your sweet words and wonderful days in pictures...
But I will be back with a skip and a jump before you know it!
~ And with a few tales to tell......

BIG summery HUGS to YOU all....
It feels kinda like the summer of 1976...
Don't you think?
Love Maria x


  1. I WILL MISS YOU! And here, it is hot, hot, hot! Enjoy whatever you do my sweet friend over the pond. Anita

  2. Miss You too, lovely Anita...shhhh don't tell any one , but we are off to the World Championships in Lyon! Dean has another BIG race!!

  3. Hope you have a great time Maria and good luck to Dean ...

    I trust there'll be a bit of time to spend looking in vintage French boutiques and broquantes? Ooh la la!

    Summer of '76 ... I remember it well ... lasted until October, so that would be fabulous :)

    Love Claire xxx

    1. Hey i didn't actually think about shopping! But now I seriously am! Ooh Patrick will be so pleased, Mrs Thriftwood! Thanking you kindly!

  4. Phew! Yes! Phew!
    I have a large brick Barby...And, yesterday
    l fried a couple of eggs on the slab, in the
    sun....5mins, that's all it took...!
    Could'nt lift them off, so ate them where they
    were...! :).

    And, very good luck to Dean, have to check the TV
    listings, must be on Sky somewhere....Make sure you
    wear a pink floppy hat, Maria, then we'll all be able
    see you....! :).

    You ALL have fun then...AND! Not to much skipping and
    jumping about now.....!!!

    1. Willie! Hello...We watched the movie and loved it too! Thank you once again...And I have played smokey too! Fabby music, my friend! all though Robert Knight's Love on a' mountain top 'was the song most played on Saturday evening! hehe! I will check the TV times and let you know the channel side...I am thinking it is Channel 4...

    2. Goodness me!
      Temperature up in the 90's..And, l've
      got goose bumps now...!!!
      Wow! Robert Knight....Born in 1945.
      He's 68 now...Only had the one hit really...
      'Everlasting Love'. 1968. Got the album.

      Glad you liked the film......HeHe! I could
      watch tigers ALL day, AND, all night...! :).

    3. Saw an advert last night...
      And, just this morning checked TV timing...
      The IPC Championship, starts in Lyon, on
      Saturday at 2:15..On MORE4. :).

  5. The summer of 76 the year I was 10 ... such happy carefree days ... I wish you a happy carefree holiday, shall miss you dear Maria ... Have fun in the sun ~ Sarah x

  6. Have a wonderful time sweet Maria, best wishes to Dean.
    The summer of 76 ...oh the memories of me as a wide eyed teenager !

  7. Have a great trip and good luck to Dean. Looking forward to hearing all about it on your return :-)
    Bon voyage!

  8. Dearest Maria, hoping you will have a wonderful trip, look forward to hearing about all your adventures, love, Anne

  9. I'll miss your poetic posts. But I hope you have a wonderful time where ever you journey to.
    Ali x

  10. Have a wonderful break, don't get too hot, and best of luck to your Dean :) xx

  11. 1976 was an eventful year for me...got married...then got salmonella and missed out on that hot summer. Have a happy holiday. EE xx

    1. Really dear Ethel! forgive me but I thought of you as a 'young slip of a girl'....WOW you are so very intriguing!

  12. Have a lovely time my dear friend..and good luck Dean!!
    1976 hot hot hot!! yes I remember it well
    A bientót
    Thea xx

  13. Have a wonderful trip, look forward to your posts on your return.

  14. Lots of luck & good wishes to Dean!

  15. Have a great break, good luck to Dean, I heard Chaanel 4 advertising coverage of it this weekend so I will have a look at the TV listings and will be thinking of you all.
    Sarah x

  16. Have fun and enjoy summer delights Maria!Best wishes to Dean and of course we will miss too, for a while your sweet words ...Take care and come back soon!

  17. Enjoy your holiday!!!! I will wait impatiently your tales. Hugs

  18. Hope you have a wonderful break and wish Dean all the luck in the world. I'm sure you'll be cheering at the top of your voice ... !! M xx

  19. Good luck to Dean and hope you have a wonderful break. 76, yes you're right my man said the same the other day... I went to visit him in his college halls of residence and we looked like lobsters after sunbathing in Battersea Park.

  20. Have fun in the sun Maria and good luck to Dean !
    Gail x

  21. Have a wonderful holiday Maria, looking forward to hearing all about it.xxx

  22. Thank you ever so much for all the very good thoughts and wishes for Deano! ****** Be kind to your very lovely selves.....I am missing you all already! hugs Maria x

  23. Wow! A vintage vacation sounds perfect. I hope you have a wonderful time!

  24. Dear Maria, I'm sure you are having lots of fun in the sun! Hugs Barbara xx

  25. Have a great time Maria. Lots of lovely quality time!1
    Be looking out for you when you come back :-)

    keep well

    Amanda :-)