Elegant Rose

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Touching Base...

It feels ages since I've managed to write a little blog post..
So today's the day ....

Hello !

I am here whilst my little lap top lets me..
Awfully slow and rather temperamental , she can be.
If the truth be told , I am a thinking she's on her last legs... 
Sad but true...
Thank you all those who visited on my last post..
Awfully nice of you !
I still do pop in on you all. 
I just can't comment , unless ' Netty ' , that's my lap tops name ,
will allow me..

 I'm really loving connecting and meeting up with blog buddies in
Instagram world too ..
It seems rather easy , after the business of the blog ..

Where do I start..
So much has been going  on .
It feels a little strange writing here , after so long..

This afternoon , I have waved 'goodbye ' to Dean.
Been simply wonderful having him home  over the weekend.
The house always feels rather still and quiet , after 'the visit' !
Chats in the kitchen at breakfast time.....
~ And the flow of meal times..
But hey ho ...
They have grown and flown and that's the just of life ...
~ Its always changing ..


Today's been dreadfully cold and windy !
In total honesty , May's been quite 'The let down '..

We seem to nestle down after tea , very much like we did 
during the winter months...
The kitties always enjoy my days at home..
Fires lit , lots of fresh food..
and of course a cosy knee to rest upon..
Great life , if you have a good home.

Last month I celebrated being 'Fifty '!
With a fancy dress party , playing Motown and Northern Soul music.
It was great fun and a real giggle ..
I guessed it was the best way to approach this grand old age..
I am really chuffed to say that I raised a few
pennies for my favourite charities as well as a few eyebrows at
my party !
I went blond for the evening , just to really see if they have more fun !
hehe !
~ It could be true .. 

I'm going to close for now..
I have posted this already , but sadly it just disappeared 
to who knows where !
Bye for now ..
Be well and happy !
Hugs Maria x 

PS ..Its lovely to chat to you once again !