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Monday, 5 August 2013

The Black Bird....In My Hearts Pocket...

~ 'Black bird singing in the dead of night.
Take these broken wings and learn to fly 
all your life...
You were only waiting for this moment to arise...'
~ Black bird, by the Beatles...

( picture courtesy of Google, thank you kindly)

~ It's a dark wet day here today...
~ 'Window crying' weather indeed!
A perfect day to tell my little story.
Pull up a chair and draw up close now
I will pop on the kettle.
~ One lump or two?
I know you all like a little magic and  mystery, so please stay a while!

~On a day that was simply like any other...
I was visited by a 'medium' in my little day job in, Bumble Bee..
Lots of times I had served Victor, with not ever an incline of him being anything other than a chatty chappie who simply loved old pieces of vintage furniture!
Victor was always friendly and nearly always had a tale to tell of his family and home life..
But this day was different somehow.

After purchasing a big old hansom chair Victor seemed delighted with it's grandness for his 'man's room' as he called it..
~"Maria I have to tell you some thing," he said as he handed me his card for payment.

~ "I practise Medium ship...
  and I don't usually do this, when I'm not opened up to spirit..But I must say this to you, If I may?
~ You are going away with your son on a wonderful trip, are you not? You will have a super time."
This was the weekend before we flew out to Lyon, so this was correct..
~ But I did think he could have read this in our local news paper..
~ Although I must add, Victor isn't a local chap, so maybe not..
 "And I simply must tell you also of the person you miss in 
spirit so very much who is showing me a sign of a 'Black bird'.
Does this mean any thing at all?"
I was sad but it simply didn't.

~"Please watch for the sign" Victor added.

~ Now I will be perfectly honest, I was busy in the shop on this day..
With jolly customers ordering pretty plaques and gifts for weddings and Christenings!
I so wanted to hear more....But he asked me to pop the information in my 'hearts pocket' to keep safe till needed and that is exactly what I did..
I't's quite dark in my kitchen as I type my words here..
so I will light a soft candle to continue with the tale..

( Beautiful Angel, a gift from  lovely, Thea )

~ My black bird visited me the very next day!
Just as Victor had predicted......
Although I cried I was simply delighted to see him..
It happened in perhaps not an unexpected place..
~ But a place I have visited for almost, 35 years...
Patrick whispered as I bent down to cut the beautiful red and white roses for my parents resting place.
"Keep quite still Maria, don't move an inch, there is a bird by your right foot, a Black bird" he said.

 Now I hadn't told Patrick of my visit and chat with Victor...
I hadn't felt the need too!
~ But  I had plenty of time to do so then as my 'Black Bird' hopped onto the grave and stayed with me the whole time, and then simply just hoped away....
Patrick was quiet and just listened as I cried my way through the story!
He is good at listening and understanding things that perhaps others wouldn't...
He never judges!
~ Now I must add to this tale that this is a true story!
~ True to me any way!

( Courtesy of Google thank you kindly)

I  know I will always keep my Black bird in my 'Hearts pocket'
~ and there he will stay..
~ I like to feel there is much we do not know about in the magic and mystery that surrounds us all...
And I think I  also like that we can't 'Google' everything!
Well almost, but not every thing.....
~ I will close for now and say Thank you for listening..
I know it's not every ones cup of tea!
~  But it's a story that I just had to set free on here!
I would like to dedicate this post to my lovely blog friend Ali.. http://alibeecreations.blogspot.co.uk/
(pop over and say hello)
Who I told my story to via email recently...
~ I know we both believe and collect angel feathers on our many travels!

I wonder do you?
~ Take time to dream, lovely friends..
Ooh I  am also very excited for Victors next visit to the shop!
'I wonder will he have another message'?
Hugs and twinkles, Maria x


  1. Lovely...Lovely story....!!!
    Do l take 'time' to dream....No!
    It just happens, all the time, day
    and night...Yes! Even at night, l
    dream, l dream, at lot! Most nights,
    some vivid, some more calm, but, l
    do dream!!!:).

    Many people believe that money, fame,
    or beauty will make them happy.
    Hence they purse such things-only to
    find that happiness eludes them.

    We must take time out to dream, enjoy
    the fruits of our surroundings, so, when
    we take time-out alone, we can reflect on
    our thoughts...
    We live in a world of cruelty and injustice.
    In our dreams, we can, put them right, then
    hopefully, we can put them right for real!

    I've had an emotional, and lovely weekend,
    with family and lovely, lovely friends....
    I have to thank them and bless them.....!

    And, Maria, l've had a blackbirds nest
    above the Satellite dish..And, the young
    flew off last Friday....Mum and Dad were
    quite tame too!

    Well...Must get on...I'm washing, ironing,
    cleaning, tidying..etc..!
    HeHe! Woman's work is never done...!!!:).
    Still, l enjoy it....AND...Who knows, l may
    have a lovely dream to-night....! :>).

    1. ~ Thank you, Willie, I loved all of this!
      I was thinking of you with you family visiting! ~ Glad you had a wonderful time...

  2. Oh Maria I am really touched you dedicated your post to me. It was lovely to see it on your blog with such beautiful pictures. I was enjoying a cuppa while I read. I hope your blackbird returns. I wonder how many times people miss these signs as they are unaware of what they represent. Have you been able to tell Victor of your visitor? Have a lovely week. Sending twinkles your way.
    Ali x

    1. I visited yesterday Ali...Little Sparrows in the hedge rows as always, but no black birds! Glad you liked this post! Thank you for your kind friendship, lovely YOU!

  3. Oh yes, dear Maria,
    How I do believe.. I have had many happenings during my years.
    God knows these things..and guides us .. I have always thought, there is a reason for everything.
    Dream.. i am a no 1 dreamer. you will see i wrote that on my profile.
    If we dont dream, what is there in life..
    Lovely post Maria.. and so very touching. Indeed the blackbird was there he knew it was the time for him to be there... god bless Maria..
    happy days.. val

  4. A lovely story Maria! We have several pairs of blackbirds in the front and back gardens, lovely birds ...
    they seem to have very caring natures, watching out for their partner, but chasing away other blackbirds ...

    As you know, the magpie is special to me, and follows me on my travels. I am always finding white feathers, sometimes in very strange places, but then again, I do have a big white chicken called Marilyn!

    Hope to get together soon

    Love Claire xx

    1. Hello Mrs Thriftwood!
      I was thinking of you and your 'special Magpie' as i wrote this post too! Yes we must make a date...Hope you are enjoying the break from all school things...and ooh what a summer!

  5. A truly lovely story, Maria - thanks for sharing it with us.
    Have a happy week,

  6. You have to be open to things, I think they happen at the right time and for a reason. x

  7. Dear and sweet Maria! I loved the very moment I came to sit with you in your dimly lit kitchen, the sips of tea and tale, and the chills that came along with hearing what you experienced. I could tell you stories of how peace and a knowledge that "all was well" came to me during my parents' illnesses and after their passing. Whether it's in nature or with another human being, the goodness of God comes to us. WOW what a wild experience for YOU! And I love "Blackbird" by my favorite band ever, the Beatles. THE BRITISH ROCK ALWAYS! Hugs my dear, Anita

  8. It's a lovely account of something special that is just for you, I have my own special stories too but not today - what a blessing your visiting bird was and what a blessing Victor is, I think there will be more for you when you are ready. It will be interesting to see your next post. Betty

  9. What a beautiful story. I have had some special spiritual moments too and they have left me feeling peaceful and secure in the knowledge that there is more to our lives than we know. Lily. xxx

  10. Dear Maria, this is a lovely story and I absolutely believe 110% in spirits and that our loved ones are never far away. I have been told things by people who 'have the gift' that were so accurate and these people could not possibly have known anything about me or mine. I believe in angels and signs too from our loved ones. Your blackbird is a wonderful sign for you.I bet you cant wait until Victor pops by again!

  11. Sweet Maria what a wonderful and enchanting story ... I am sat with my feet up and a cup of peppermint tea reading your words. I am reminded of the book I recently gave away A Faerie Tale in which the author goes on her personal journey to discover faeries after the loss of her father and keeps seeing blackbirds and feathers throughout her journey. There are indeed many things in this life that cannot be explained away easily. Thank you so much for sharing ... Sarah x

  12. That's just added an extra dimension to my enjoyment of blackbird - thank you so much for sharing your tale x Jane

  13. Hello My Lovely Friend..I have a tear in my eye reading your very special words, I have no doubt that the Blackbird had a very special message for you, and I am so glad you were open to his visit..
    I have such a strong belief in Mother nature guiding and comforting us in many ways..when I was at my lowest I used share my garden with a very special Robin who would listen and sing to me, I knew he was there just for me
    I am so very happy for you
    speak soon
    Thea xx
    ( I spotted a very special little angel sitting with you )

  14. I think believers of any sort are very lucky people, as they have a good chance of happiness and peace of mind.

  15. You gotta have a dream, if you don't have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true? Looking forward to Victor's visits. EE xx

    1. OOh happy happy happy talk! LOVE South Paicfic, I was brought up on it EE....Or are we talking captain Sensible here!

  16. Dear Maria, One lump please and you don’t need to ask me to stay a while – I always do!
    This really has something and nothing to do with your tale (which I believe absolutely) so I’m sorry if I ramble on. Some years ago while out walking with my two little dogs I came face to face with a deer – one second it was not there the next it was! The deer stood perfectly still, looked at me then slowly turned and started to walk at a very sedate pace. It showed no fear of the dogs or me and just continued to walk into a wooded area at the side of the track. The dogs and I followed into a small clearing with a stream (I had no idea the stream was there) within seconds the sun came out and shafts of sunlight come through the trees. I was looking around in amazement when the deer just melted away (I’m sure it continued on into the woods, but I didn’t see it go). After spending a long time sitting by the stream thinking and shedding a few tears I felt much better and more able to cope. I told Terry my story when I got home and the next day he came to see for himself, he also had no idea the stream was there. Our little dogs are no longer with us, and we don’t live in the same village, but that place and day will stay in my memory always. The thing that struck me then and more so now that I’ve written it down is that the dogs (Cavalier King Charles Spaniels) made no attempt to run at or after the deer even though they were free to do so. I think I was blessed that day and I think the same thing has happened to you. xxxxxx

  17. ~ This is so beautiful, Barbara! I LOVED it! I have read it three times now..Thank you for taking the time to believe in my story and also describe in such detail, your own.....I guess I always like to see the mystery in the mundane! And I can tell you do too! Hugs Maria x

  18. Such a special and moving story Maria!

    A big kiss and hug to you!

    Madelief x

  19. Oh Maria,
    I love it when magic and mystery walk in hand and hand.
    I had little tears of excitement come to my eyes (really I did) when Patrick told you that the black bird was at your foot.
    Our little farm is always open to dreams coming true and we love it when fairy tales hop out of the book and onto the lawn. to entertain us ... and often they do :)
    Hugs Maria, you are so enchanting !
    Clapping wildly I am,

    1. Oh see that little mischievious clever pixies are now playing with my cell phone keys ... how could I mispell my own name, tis "Willow" of corse ... with pixies at my side

    2. ~Two visits from you, lovely Willow! That's even better!

  20. Oh Maria, what a lovely true story, so beautifully told. I love the Beatles song, and the blackbirds own song too. I live in Australia now, but when I return to visit family I am still amazed by the song of the blackbird at 4am on a summer's morning. I believe nature is constantly communicating with us. We simply need to be quiet and listen and be aware. Thank you for telling us about this very special moment. Bye for now, Jane

    1. ~ How lovely of you to pop in and say Hello, Jane! Thank ever so much!

  21. Maria...... I could hardly breathe as I read this magical story........ oh my goodness how amazing....... there is no explanation for these wonders but when they happen you have to believe there must be truth in them.....I know I will carry your story with me for some time...it has really moved me. Thank you for sharing it with us .....love E x

  22. I love your magical story telling and wish I could just pop over for a cup of tea. Like they say, will wonders never cease!

  23. How lovely, it's nice to think they watch over us (although if I'm honest I would hate to think my dad could see my mum like she is) :) x

    1. ~ Totally understand Ada! I used to pray for Dad to come and take my Mum! Some thing I couldn't imagine I would ever do!~ It's a long long cruel journey that your Mum is on..... I almost lost my faith on our journey with Mum!.My heart goes out to YOU at this time.. Big hugs and twinkles to you **** Maria x

  24. How lovely Maria ... I think it always leaves us feeling nice and reassured to get a little message like this ....you will be looking forward to your next meeting with Victor ....Gail x

  25. ~ Thank you for all the kind comments above! ~ It's a very personal tale, but so very true! And I felt I just wanted to share!

  26. I do believe Maria...as you know my father died when I as young....

    Years later when I was in my twenties, as an air hostess flying around the world.I was on an overseas trip. We were staying the night in Saudia Arabia....I was sitting in the garden of the hotel, when a young boy ran up to me and explained that the very old "Chai man" in the corner of the yard wanted to tell me something...He said he does not speak English but wants you to know your father although not alive is with you always...????
    I burst into tears to the wonderment of the others...

    Anyway I would be happy to make you a collar? collars..Email me?

    bestest d x

    1. ~ Miss Daisy, I simply new you would have a magical story too! ~ Having lost so young! I had 'goose bumps' reading this! Thank you for sharing with me! It's a much bigger picture, isn't it! hugs Maria x Be in touch soon!

  27. It was very nice to pull up a comfy chair and have tea with you and listen to your story. Now when I see black birds, I will think of you.

  28. What a beautiful story. Keep your blackbird safe in your heart's pocket indeed. Just after my husband's father died (we called him Poppa) we were in the garden and a Blackbird came and sat right next to my hubby for a while, then flew up on to the fence, looked right at him and then flew away. It was a lovely sign and moved us to tears.
    M x

  29. I agree that there is so much we don't know, and I would hate to live in a world where everything could be Googled. Nature is a great healer and a great solace...

  30. hello Maria! ah this post is music to my ears! I am on my own spiritual path at the moment,the past year has seen me facing my own annus horribilus,many doors have closed for me,but I do believe in spirit and I get lots of signs,I am soon to train in Angelic reiki,big change of direction! look out for a new and spiritual blog coming soon!keep collecting those feathers they really are a calling card from your angels! Gena xxx

    1. Gena! Hello I have missed YOU! I LOVE the sound of Angelic Reiki...I did my Reiki attunments many years ago now...I try to think Reiki every day and practise in my every day life....I simply can't wait for your new blog....Take time to dream lovely YOU! Life's ups and downs are all part of the BIGGER picture....Hugs Maria X Please let me know of your new spiritual blog!

  31. Find me at;http://genaking.com/ Maria xx

  32. wordpress blog, smelling the roses...dont think that link works,lol xx