Elegant Rose

Sunday, 18 August 2013

~ A Giddy Heart.......

~ The full moon in August
The Full Sturgeon Moon.
Native American lore says that the sturgeon of the Great Lakes
and Lake Champlain were most easily caught during
the full moon in August.This full moon tends to make people feel
giddy and restless and a little over whelmed...
~ Taken with kindness from ' The Girl who Chased the Moon'.
The full moon of August is Wednesday 21st..

I have a heart that is light and giddy at the moment!
and a mind that is full to the brim of thoughts and feelings....
We have a full moon on Wednesday, and then this will wane. gently each evening....
Ideas and visions will be given chance to ripen and grow.....
~ and then set seed.
~A perfect time to let go too, of busy minds and thoughts and feelings... 
and bring out all that is new for the new moon beginnings.....

I am only going on a short journey in my minds eye at the moment...
all is well .
I  know only too well I can wear my new cosy slippers whilst I journey along.....
If I so be it...

Life is busy!

With a hint of melancholy stirred in my tea cup!
~ and washed down with thoughts of excitement and the unknown!
This forth coming week is going to be both new and exciting, I just know this...

Our pretty invites designed by Olivia...

~ This week we have the grandest of grand openings for  'Bumble Bee!'
I have added the link below if you would like to pop in and say Hi!
You will always find a warm and cosy welcome here..

I'm ever so excited!
Change can be scary, I know, but then life is all about changes and adventures of sorts!
So here we go!

~Summer has been kind to us all.
Hasn't she just!

~ but I can't help but feel she has perhaps slipped out of her 'strappy sandals' now
and is changing her outfit for a more sensible shoe for the approaching days of autumn..
I want to hold onto her though....
~ I stir my tea cup with excitement and the tiniest thoughts of melancholy!
and make a shiny new wish..

That Autumn will be just as kind and bring with her colours of burnished gold, bright coppers and indulgent reds..
An Indian summer, please and thank you kindly!

Life is busy..
~ but exciting too!

Today I am present to all that is good around me...
and I am giving thanks to this with a quiet day to reflect and catch up with you all!
Thank you for all the kind words on my Blackbird post!
I haven't seen victor since,and may be I won't see him till the time is right again...
People are just sent to you at times , not to stay for ever....
But to leave  warm thoughts in your hearts pockets to call upon when needed!
I thank him for this...
~  Take time to dream lovely friends.....
your kind words give me a 'giddy heart' too
they really do!!!
~ blowing summer kisses to you all ........
Maria x


  1. Good morning Maria! And like you,my heart is glad to have had such a charming summer. My garden hours, my reading and writing experience, and new friends. So good to see your new post, full of love and light. I will go over to THE HIVE to see what's buzzin'!!! Anita

  2. Hi Maria, I have only just finished reading the book, The girl who chased the moon, found it a wonderful read. Have a lovely week.xx

  3. Maria..
    I will take a look at that moon on the 22nd....and I hope it will be a cloudless evening too.....
    bestest to you as ever
    Daisy j xx

    1. Silly me, Miss daisy my heads in a spin...Full moon is on Wed 21st! Fingers and toes crossed for a cloudless sky! I always wish on a full moon and turn my pennies over!

  4. Looks like Summer's back today ... maybe still time for strappy sandals and strappy frocks! I'm not ready yet for socks and boots ... Will carry on wearing flip flops for as long as possible ...

    Have a lovely week

    Love Claire xx

  5. Dear Maria,

    Wherever you are going to, wishing you a good time! Take care!

    Madelief x

  6. Maria your posts always lift my spirits.Lots of beautiful words and thoughts.I know what you mean about wanting to hold onto summer for a bit longer.Autumn is calling her tune, I can hear it each morning now but I think we can expect a few more weeks of summer.I am going on holiday in just over two weeks and am hoping for more sunny happy days!
    I know you will see Victor again when you are meant to!

  7. Precious soul! Thank you for coming to visit, and I SAW THE MOON LAST NIGHT and thought of you, others over across the pond, and those near. What a vast expanse of beauty we behold, under the stars. BE WELL, ENJOY THE WEEK! Anita

  8. I have been looking up at the moon the last few evenings as I put Daisy out last thing. I'm sure your grand opening will be a great success and Olivia's invitations look delightful. How did she get on with her results?
    Sarah x

  9. Hello there Maria, Oh I so enjoy reading your lyrical posts. Your pictures are so pretty. I hope you have a lovely trip wherever you may be going. How exciting an open day for the Bumble Bee. My OH is on leave and I am tempted to suggest we pay a visit to your lovely hive. Isn't Olivia talented, the card is sooo pretty. I think the sunshine may be paying us a visit for a few weeks longer. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

    1. Ali I am soo excited! I really hope you do....It would be wonderful to meet up with YOU! Get round your man to visit the lakes and pop in! hehe!

  10. Sounds like a very eventful week, how exciting....looking forward to hearing all about it! :) x

  11. I feel the summer slipping away too but I have new beginnings ahead that are daunting but exciting at the same time....... I will do a bit of moon gazing methinks! Wiz er the hive looks amazing!!!! Love happy thoughts and the bestest of love and luck to you Maria E x

  12. Looks like a fabulous shop - Good Luck Maria!

  13. People are just sent to you at times, not to stay for ever....
    But to leave warm thoughts in your hearts pockets to call upon when needed!

    How true that is dear Maria, and it’s exactly how I feel about you!
    Thank you for taking the time to call in at my blog and leave more of your lovely words.

    Hugs and summer kisses back to you. Now for a visit to Bumble Bee, if you hear a ping at the door, you will know it’s me! xx Barbara

  14. I wonder what it is about the Moon. I have been looking at it most nights as I walk the dogs for their last.....before we all retire..
    Maybe some sort of gravity.. but I too feel something is in the air.. but then again.. I am excited about my son's wedding.
    This is such a heartwarming post Maria.. you always seem to know just what to write.. and I read it just at the right time.
    I will visit the bumble bee. looks like a lot of humming going on there.
    Happy days Maria.. hugs val x x x x

  15. Hello Lovely you..I am the same with change its exciting but daunting at the same time, and then I think to much about it...I love this post Maria

    Your right about the season changing, it feels quite nippy here in the mornings, and I have been wearing my socks again!!..your new slippers look adorable I love the colour..

    The art work is lovely, so clever, well done Olivia, very professional.
    Well I shall be thinking of you all this week, I am sure the place will be buzzing!! he he

    Sending you special wishes Maria, especially when I see the moon show his beautiful face
    Thea xx

  16. Oh Maria I always love your thoughts and the lovely way you share them with us !
    Your tea setting looks so inviting.
    Smiling I am and thinking of the moon and the nursery rhyme...
    Hey Diddle Diddle the cat and the fiddle ~ the cow jumps over the moon !
    Congrats on the give away win . Buttercup is excited to send his postcards out soon :)
    Best and wonderful wishes my friend.
    xox Willow

  17. I love your little case and pretty slippers and wish you luck and light wherever your travels take you. Hope the shop opening is a huge success.
    M xx

  18. This is such a beautiful post. Your writing is very thought provoking. I wish u the best of luck with The Bumble Bee and I hope all goes really well for you.
    Rosie xx
    Ps. I love your yellow slippers!!

  19. I LOVE the full moon .... and I love those cute little slippers ...so sweet ! good luck with the new venture ...Olivia did a great job on the leaflets ! Gail x

  20. Good morning darling girl....thank you for visiting me with your KIND FRIENDSHIP! Much love, Anita

  21. Lovely post and kisses sent back to you!

  22. Dear Maria
    I've neglected you yet I've called in several times but each time there have been distractions. I won't allow it this time. I so delight in being here as your blog has a special charm to it!
    All the very best with the Bumble Bee and the move to its new premises. I have been following you and it on facebook.
    We see little of what I call authentic Autumn here so in some ways I feel quite envious of you back home who will marvel in the amazing changes that Autumn brings. Nature's kaleidoscope;the patterns and those rich autumn colours, unique!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)