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Friday, 30 August 2013

The Worry Pants....

~ Worrying about the future robs you of the present moment.
Try to observe just how much worrying you do
~and if the nagging worrying follows you
relentlessly through out your day,
follow Scarlett O'hara's example.
Tell yourself in no uncertain terms,
"I'm not going to think about this right now, 
I'll think about this tomorrow.
After all tomorrow is another day".....

Taken with kindness from Simple Abundance.

Worrying about the future robs you of the present....

I've always been a worry pants, I guess.
~ It's something handed down to me from my lovely Mama from hers.......
~ generation to generation..
Half the time I worry about things that don't ever happen.
Silly me!
Wasted worry, I call this.
And worrying about the future robs you of your present, I know!
~ But this week I stole time back from worry and all was wonderfully well!
Bumble Bee opened it doors and we had the most amazing time
We really did...
I have hung my worry pants back up in the wardrobe and there they will stay.....
All is well.

Other lovely things that happened this week!
~ Remember this?
Decisions, Decisions!
Make your mind up time!!!
Well I did just that....

~And I chose this one...
It makes my heart smile each time I enter the room.
I am over the moon with my little work space now!

And others have given there seal of approval too!
A place for kittie dreams...
ShyTrinny above.

And El Perdo ...
~Who incidentally has become quite nocturnal...
he snoozes all day and plays out all night.
I'm coming back as cat, in my next life I jolly well am......

Oh My..
( The new elderflower and blackberry Pimms truly Scrumptious!) 
Have you tried it yet, I wonder?

All is calm in my world this week!
And I am ever so pleased with this..
I wonder if your week has been just as kind...
I remember this time of year was crazy, mad and bonkers when the children were small
Uniforms and back to school...With birthdays falling in between...
busy, busy years!


Take time to dream, lovely blog world...
Summer has been quite the show off this year.....
I would seriously love to bottle up her memory and tie with a pretty gingham ribbon to keep for always...
Maybe I will....
Hugs and summer kisses xxx
Maria .
I wonder do you wear the worry pants sometimes ?


  1. Maria...your workspace is charming....good choice may i say?

    I am a serious worrier (warrior!) but over the years i have learned to live in the moment...I say will this matter in 5 years time??

    bestest as ever to you...Daisy j xxx

  2. Well you learn something new every day - I love Scarlett's outlook here but I never knew the whole quote - I think I shall adopt this, and some of her gorgeous dresses, and started flouncing around the place demanding things! I certainly fall into the worry category - in fact I'm sitting here now worrying about something that probably won't happen tomorrow - I blame being a woman. I could do with an extra large hanger please as I think I have more than one pair of worry pants! Loooove your workspace! Jane x

  3. Yes, I worry every day about every little thing - I just can't help myself! I have a copy of Simple Abundance as my bedside reading, it's such a lovely book to pick up now and then that I often have a little read. I like your wallpaper, it's homely. Bettyx

  4. Of course Maria, do you think you are the only one? I constantly wear them and since I remember my self, it was always the same. Worrying about things that never happen but I must say that life has unpleasantly surprised me far away from my usual concerns. I try to avoid silly thoughts and fears but I can't always manage it! Life draws its circles in its own way.
    So, I'm so glad we are back here after a lovely, quite summer, your craft room is so cozy!
    Many kisses and a lot of hugs from here!

  5. Hi Maria - I am a worry pants almost ALL of the time. If I am not worrying about something I am worrying I have forgotten to worry!! Your wallpaper is really pretty. I can't wait to move to a new home so I can start picking out pretty things. Have a lovely weekend. Lily. xxx

  6. I've been going through a time where i have been worrying lots and everything here really hits home...bless you, althought i don't want you to feel that way, the way you've written makes me see others are like this and its just the way I am seeing things. Not the way you are. What a great post.

  7. Worry is a thief. It robs us of the moment, the opportunity to CREATE and problem solve, and to grow. I KNOW! I do it all the time, but manage to have someone remind me to FORGE AHEAD. Tomorrow IS another day. Yesterday, I did several things to help me advance for today's task. Today, I will do more to help me for my first day back at school on Tuesday, and so on. ONE DAY AT A TIME my sweet friend. Anita

  8. Guilty of being a worry wart. My family are always telling me to STOP WORRYING MUM.... Your workspace looks beautiful, so nice to have a place to call your very own :)

  9. I used to worry so much that it made me ill so I threw out my worry pants along with my negative knickers. Now, frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn! Your work space looks a treat.
    EE xx

    1. Eco Ethel...I LOVE all your philosophies on life!! And negative knickers, that's great!

  10. Loving the wallpaper, mrs! Very cheery indeed. I applaud your efforts in not worrying. It's easy peasy really. Just stop!
    Soon, (yeah right, ) I will do a blog post on my new thing, which is putting it out into the universe to get it back. Amazing! You'll love it.

    1. ~MISSY is that YOU!!!
      Where have you been?....
      I have missed your blog so very much!

  11. I don't need to answer your question Maria,because you know I worry about everything! Like you,most of it doesn't ever happen,but I am trying to stop ....

    I love your little workroom and can't wait to see it in the flesh, so to speak!

    Saw your lovely boy on the telly at lunchtime ... If I'd known he was on my little island I'd have walked past with Ruby, acting nonchalant, pretending I knew nothing about it ...

    I've got a very busy week what with Uni shopping, another birthday, meals out and a vintage fair too, will try and catch up soon

    Love Claire xx

    1. Hello Mrs Thriftwood!
      Dean did two interviews one in the park and one on your island...
      I am waiting to watch on Granada Reports soon! hehe!
      i did flap rather a bit, when he told me some of the camera crew had dropped him back off home and used our upstairs LOOO!!
      Oh my goodness I do hope it was tidy in me little pink bathroom...

  12. how lovely Maria ...so glad the cats approve hehe ! yes the summer has been amazing ...even now at the end of August we are still getting nice afternoons ! glad the shop is doing well ...will have to pop in....have a lovely weekend !
    Gail x

  13. Hello Maria
    yes I do worry but I have learned to stand back now I ask myself if all my worrying would make a difference... It helps but I still loose sleep!
    Poor Fin he suffers greatly with the worry pants, bless him.

    I love your new paper, so pretty, it is lovely when a space or room is lifted and freshened, I am planning to do a bit of painting in the bathroom this month.. your last reply to Claire made me smile, we inherited a whisper peach bathroom !!
    Happy Week My Friend
    Thea xx

  14. I always say I worry if I dont have anything to worry about, so yes, Maria, I too am a worry pants.Have been all my life and dont suppose I will change much now. It is wasted time and I am trying to stop-easier said than done for me though!
    Loving the wallpaper in your work space and it would put a big smile on my face too if I had it on my wall. Have a lovely weekend Maria XX

  15. Such wise words! We'd all be much better off if we heeded them! Love your little crafty space! :) x

  16. Your post has come at the right time, spent all the morning worrying about something totally out of my control so I lost the day. You couldn't have gone wrong with any of those wallpapers, they're all lovely. I have the same 15 cents sign - country living fair? have a lovely weekend . xx

  17. What a lovely post, sweet Maria - I love Scarlett's take on it all and think I shall adopt that attitude from now on too.
    Wishing you a happy and worry-free weekend!

  18. Hello Lovely Maria
    Oh my I am a bit in my worry pants right now, as I have been here several times and the comment box has not been cooperating with me lol.
    Every time I press to publish my comment it doesn't ...either that or your will have a pile of up my comments later in the day . My apologies in advance if that happens .
    I feel a bit like the Mad Hatter running about . hee hee.
    I wanted to let you know that across the pond there is an award waiting for you at my place ~ yes really for YOU and your LOVELY BLOG ... this has indeed been a busy month for you my friend !

    xx Willow

  19. Dear Maria,

    Like you I am a bit of a worry pants too, but I am learning to live by the moment and not think too much of the future. Que Sera, sera.....is my new moto :-)

    I love your choice of wallpaper! It's really pretty! Well done.

    Wishing you a happy week!

    Madelief x

  20. Good morning precious girl! And how lucky I AM to have such kind blogger friends who always come to say hello. Much love to you as you continue your journey of learning new things around you. I ADORE YOU! Anita

  21. I do nothing but worry most of the time - worry pants are firmly in place and get a bit tighter each day with expanding girth! In between worry I worry about not worrying.....
    Worse things happen!
    Lovely bits and bobs as always Maria and hope for a worry free remainder of the year
    Best wishes

  22. Hi Maria ... your workspace looks so pretty and so ... you! I love it - the wallpaper was a perfect choice.
    I don't worry enough apparently (according to my Mr!), but if I worried as much as he does, the whole VJ household would fall apart in a quivering, worrying mess! I rarely worry about things that I cannot change and often don't worry about things that I can affect ... bury your head in the sand ... that's me!!
    M x

  23. If I didn’t have something to worry about I would be seriously worried!
    Now I’m worrying because I’ve not tried elderflower and blackberry Pimms – how did I miss that? Never mind, I will buy a bottle and stop worrying!!!
    I’m so pleased the opening went well, and I love the look of your workspace.
    Big Hugs to you Maria, enjoy your new worry free state of mind. xxxx

  24. Oh such a lovely wallpaper Maria! I love it. I'm a worrier too, I can wind myself up far too easily, although I am trying to just stop and enjoy the moment. The current moment is all we have! xx

  25. lovely post. you have a gift with words hx

  26. Lovely blog,love it. <3

  27. Hello Maria, I have to say I also suffer from the worry gene. I do try very hard to rein it in and stop worrying. A waste of time and energy I try and tell myself. The wallpaper looks sooo pretty. It has been a wonderful summer, lots of sun to enjoy. Have a lovely weekend.
    Ali x

  28. Oh Dear MAria,
    You are going to think me a bit of a scatterbrain, must admit it happen on occasion.
    All is ready with bells on waiting to fly across the pond (a few special tidbits as well !
    I can't believe for the second time as I go to fetch the address it had been mistakenly deleted !
    Three times is a charm they say , sorry to have to ask for you to send the post addy once more,
    but even your email address disappeared , oh my .
    Hope you had a lovely week in beautiful places !