Elegant Rose

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Little Talks....

 Oh my September seems to have played quite the joker on me
 and sneaked up silently behind....
~ with out me knowing......

Naughty of her really.......

Before we all know it we will be looking for conkers
 and kicking those leaves once more!

It's little talks from me today!
~ and a little post of gratitude!

~ For the kindness shown
 here in blog world...
Do you know Miss Daisy, I wonder?
I bet you jolly well do...


~ Because time has passed me by
 ever so quickly recently...
I can't recall just when....
But Miss Daisy and I had a parcel swap
of the prettiest kind!

Actually cheeky old me fell in love with
Miss Daisies pretty crochet collars....
~ And asked if she could simply magic
 me up one.
for the nipper Autumnal days
 approaching, if you see..

One, Two, Three.......

~ of the prettiest kind of collars arrived
 as though by magic...
All wrapped in the most scrumptious gift box....
Miss Daisy you are ever so lovely!
You really are...
Thank you!

I will wear one each day!
Lucky old me...

~ I am wishing Mr postman could deliver
more pretty parcels like this..
~ I must make a note to pop in my
 wish book......
I really must!

~ Because Wishes can
 come true!

~ September has also seen plenty
 of blowing out candles
and making BIG wishes 

I simply LOVE Birthdays....
Most especially when they belong to the younger 
members of the family...
( I didn't bake the cake...No sireee!)
I can't bake for toffee am afraid!
But I do love Birthday cake with a nice pot of tea in 
a pretty china cup...

~ It's little talks from me today.

~ Happy of happiest Septembers to you all....
I do hope she will be kind to us ......

Take time to dream lovely friends....
Big hugs.
Maria x
Oops silly old me....
I would forget me head if it so happened to
be loose..
Bumble Bee's new post is below.
~ We are a new little blog to this
lovely blog world...
~ and we thank you for your kind visit always...


  1. Do l know Miss Daisy...God! Do l know
    Miss Daisy...She of the making of pink
    slugs..Wonderful pink slugs! :).
    HeHe! I always thought, l was one of the
    bestest, funniest..People on the planet..
    But, since her visit to my barby, last
    month...mmmmM! Bit of competition there!
    She's a lovely talented lady...Well! You
    all that already...! :>).

    I've just got my PC back this morn'in...
    Had to go back into hospital, it was working
    o.k. but struggling a bit, so Richard has
    put in a new motherboard...(Love that word).
    So! Bill Gates...Eat yer heart out...!!!! :).

    Soooo Remember....
    "Life is like cooking..All the ingredients
    are there, you just hope it comes out o.k."

    Was'nt gonna say....September....Birthdays.
    I-LOVE-SEPTEMBER....I was born...Well.....
    'Happened' actually on St Matthews day....
    All cards and contributions to Willie..B'ford,
    Dorset...HeHe! Believe me...It'll get here,
    I've had cards from ALL over the world, with
    just that on..It finds me...The Post Office
    are terrified of me...!!! :=).

    Must stop know, time for tea, just got back
    from Morrisons...Dough-Nuts...mmmmmM!
    Ciao...Ciao....! ~(^.^)~

  2. ~ Missed YOU! Willie..Glad all is well with YOU!
    I remembered you are a Virgo! interesting lovely peeps, Virgo's are!

  3. As always a lovely post dear Maria.
    Yes, september is creeping along. This morning it was cold here.. hence a cardigan.. its warming a little now.
    I am not looking forward to winter.. I love the warm warm months of spring and summer.
    Thought of you this morning. I see that Japan has won the games..!
    love your colars.. what a nice idea. I will take a peep at her blog.
    have a wonderful happy Sunday.
    hugs val

  4. Oh yes - it crept up behind us and now it is really here!
    Lovely gifts from Miss Daisy there
    Best wishes

  5. My dear Maria,

    There is nothing like blogging. Almost six years ago, I started, and when I did, I immediately experienced the KINDNESS of people out there I had never met. Not once have I had a bad experience, and to this day, more people continue to join in on a community of sharing not just their words, but actions. My mum used to crochet these darling collars, and I had a few of them. She also did TATTING....that is a lost art here in the USA, but maybe you know of people who still do it?

    Like you, we love our pot of tea. For us still, the temperatures are extremely hot! We are still having summer though the kids have returned to school and we are both teaching our classes! But soon (I hope!) fall will return and warrant a good pot of tea (Earl Grey!) and a plate of biscuits!

    You are the sweetest. I adore you and your post today reminded me why I blog. LOVE! Anita

  6. Maria...I am so very pleased you were happy with your collars...Big Thank you too for your lovely gifts and parcel ...I am using my notebook today actually...lots of list needed...We have two birthdays this month ..my man and my son!!
    Then I have a very large birthday in October...ssshhhhh
    bestest love to you as always Oh sparkly one!
    Daisy xxxxx

  7. Those collars look lovely and snuggly - enjoy wearing them.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. Beautiful package from Daisy Jones.
    Nice to take time for little talks .
    Your days sound full in September .
    I have a little package to send ( to a special someone) and can not find the post address to put on it .
    I am so bad with pieces of paper and delete emails I shouldn't,
    When you have a tiny moment perhaps you could refresh our address card .
    Buttercup sends his love and cherrios, and soon his postcards !
    Happy Week Maria
    xox Willow Dolittle

  9. Happy September to you, too.
    I would love to see how you will wear your collars. They are so pretty.
    September will be a time of big changes in our house. I'll be glad when we can settle into our new routine.
    Fiona x

  10. ...that lovely Daisy is hardly Lazy!!! She is so clever and quite the loveliest kindest of friends....what a happy swap x september has truly crept up on me....i am only just emerging from the house after my bug and there is a definite nip in the air....sending you happy september wishes x

  11. Daisy's collars are so pretty and the colours are wonderful. I hope you have a happy September too. The dog is your first photo is so cute.
    Sarah x

  12. Lucky you - those collars are beautiful. There's certainly a nip in the air in Yorkshire today!

  13. Oh what pretty collars! I will have to pay a visit to Miss Daisy's blog. The chilly days seem to be creeping in. Although I have heard word we may have an indian summer, fingers crossed. Oh the cake looks far too beautiful to eat. I will have to popover to your Bee blog to see what happening. Have a lovely, lovely week.
    Ali x

  14. Oh my goodness they are just so pretty, and the packing is adorable too.
    Now I must pay a visit to Miss Daisy and then another to Bumble Bee, what fun! Happy September xx

  15. The collars are gorgeous and in the most beautiful colour combos. I bet your parcel to her was just as lovely! I will be nipping over to her blog in a bit and will probably see ...
    M x

  16. Hope you have a good time on your trip!
    Sarah x

  17. Nice post, great blog, following :)

    Good Luck :)

  18. Hello Maria
    The collar's from Miss Daisy are so pretty, I found an old chocolate box of my Mothers with a white one in it, they are so lovely
    Happy Birthday to Olivia, her cake looked very yummy
    Speak Soon
    Thea xx

  19. Hi Maria ...love your new collars !! they are just gorgeous and mmm yes the summer did go so fast ..in fact I feel this year has zoomed by ... happy autumn ! Gail x

  20. Beautiful list and beautiful post. I hope you have a wonderful day!