Elegant Rose

Thursday, 19 September 2013

~ Home Is Where The Heart Is....

" The full moon in September.
The Harvest moon.
This is the full moon nearest the autumnal equinox,
bright enough to allow farmers to
work late into the night,
bringing in the last of their harvest.
A time for introspection.
People are often moody during
this moon"....
~ Taken with kindness from 
The girl who chased the Moon.

~ Home safe and sound after a
 jolly lovely
time spent in the
 lovely islands of Greece!

~ It's been lovely to have time away.
From the every day routines
 of day to day life...
~ and recharge those batteries!
~ but I must confess to 
a tiny secret.

I did miss you all....

~ My holiday read
' The After Life Of Billy fingers'..
Annie Kagan.
A true story.
A truly wonderful read.

~ Oh my Autumn has most certainly
crept in whilst we were away....
~With strong blustery winds to blow 
away those cobwebs of the summer time.....
It would seem she is almost just 
a memory...
I love the changing seasons though.
~ It is all part of the bigger picture...

Tonight we have the September Harvest moon.
~ Each evening in Greece I watched the
moon wax...
and grow.

~ Be sure to turn your pennies
 over this evening
and make a wish on the full
'Harvest moon'..
~ and let any feelings of moodiness be gone!

And as Dorothy once said
" There's no place like home" 
~And I am a thinking she was quite
possibly right!
~  We missed these little guys above very much!
But still managed to find and feed the many Greek 
kitties we found on our travels...

One of many!
I named her Teasel...
~as she was so very playful....
 She was just a kitten herself
but already having her own babies...
I wanted to sneak her in my
I really did!

Home is where the heart is....

I will be popping on the kettle and even lighting my 
coal fire tonight!
Brrrr, it's a little chilly here!
Almost knitted scarves and warm boots

~ and I am looking forwards to
 catching up with
your pretty days
 and words in pictures...

~ Take time to dream....
Lovely blog world.
Autumn hugs and cosy kisses...
Maria x


  1. Ah! And, to-day is the first day of
    Sukkot...A Jewish festival....Not,
    that l'm Jewish...Though, l've got
    the nose for it...! :).
    But, yes! Autumn, my Virginia Creeper
    is just..Just starting to turn, red and
    brown! Shame really, as the leaves all
    fall off....I've tried sticking them back
    on...Does'nt seem to work....!

    Never been to Greece...Can't seem to get past
    Sicily...HeHe! Though l do buy there yogurt!
    I believe it's very much like Sicily...ALL, the
    old world of the Greeks, and the buildings...
    Lovely...Different world...Love it!

    Pleased you had a lovely time Maria...And, they
    let back into the country...HeHe!
    Sorry...Fluffy time coming up this weekend...
    Getting geared up for it...
    HeHe! Tell me...
    What's a Greek Urn....???
    About 5 Drachmas an hour....

    1. ~ Dear Wiilie!
      Have a wonderful fluffy time this weekend, my friend!!
      hehe..Chuckling at the urn joke..

  2. Welcome back lovely Maria - good to read that you had a lovely relaxing holiday. I do so love the Greek islands too - one can't help but be happy there methinks :-)

  3. Hello Maria
    Oooo a lovely Greek holiday (I love Greece have lots of lovely memories) Sounds like you had a special relaxing time...and of course a little tipple Yiammas!
    Well as you say the weather has changed and the clouds are blowing in, It's nice to see the leaves changing colour,
    I have been watching the Moon getting bigger and brighter but last night it was very cloudy here so better luck tonight....I am off to find my pennies
    Missed You
    Thea xx

  4. so envious of your lovely holiday......but it is always nice to come home (ignoring all the washing and ironing that is!). We have missed you too.....gosh this weather must've been a bit of a shocker to come back to...it really is nippy! squirrel has had socks on in bed!!! lovely to have you back i'll be looking at the moon tonight X

  5. Hello Maria! Thank you so much for popping by my blog...and I'm so happy to be at yours! I love the harvest moon prose, I am definitely feeling the quieting effects of that moon...and nice to hear you've had a good break! Looking forward to reading more! Chrissie x

  6. I knew you were here,I'm so glad you came back safe and satisfied dear friend!Autumn is such a wonderful season, with the harvest moon and all its changes...Thank you for this sweet post,big hugs!

  7. Glad you had a great time, off to find a penny.....I could do with a wish or two right now! :) x

  8. Glad you had a good time in Greece, we have never been there - hopefully one day. it must have felt so much colder returning home! Your picture of your computer looks so homely and inviting! I will be looking for a penny to make a wish too!
    Sarah x


    Welcome back my dear! And the moon; last night, it was stunning, as well as this morning as I left very early to work. You had a good time my friend?

    We are still having warm weather here, but soon we will cozy up to our tea pot and sleep with a cold wind outside...I LOVE THAT!

    Many happy wishes for getting back into your routine! Anita

  10. Hope those clouds disappear - I've got my purse full of pennies ready!

  11. Welcome back and Greece sound fabulous at this time of the year! Harvest moon and pennies? Blessed to learn yet something new again!
    All the best,

  12. Welcome home lovely Maria !
    I have heard about all the kitties in Greece they are rather famous aren't they. Oh I would have wanted to have brought her home too.
    The harvest moon has been fascinating me and our magnificent moonflowers have been adding to the ambiance and scent in the night .
    Last harvest moon Mountain man and I hooked up the cart with Tink, our biggest pony, and we trotted by moonlight all around the forrest ...so romantic , perhaps we will go out by the moon with the cart and beautiful Tink tomorrow night !
    Hugs and magical moonlight wishes to you sweet one,

  13. Welcome home Maria! I love the mosaic with the roses in it ... and your toes look lovely too! Your home looks all ready for the cooler days ahead, I'm starting to change my things around ready to snuggle down ...

    Enjoy the last day of Summer, even though it is a bit damp!

    Love Claire xxx

    1. Thank you! Mrs thriftwood...The tiles were in a beautiful boutique shop! ( always manage to find one of those) I LOVED them too! We were looking for a Panama hat to shade from the sun for Chris, there..Yep I can notice the difference here from leaving! Greece had thunderstorms and torrential rains the day before we left....But they were warm and refreshing!

  14. Welcome home dear Maria, we've all missed you. I love the picture of your shiny toe nails and brown legs, and the one showing your holiday reading – it looks like my idea of the perfect holiday. Poor little Teasle is going to miss you, let's hope other kind holiday makers think to feed her.

    The words from 'the girl who chased the Moon' took me back down the years to when my dad would be out long after dark gathering in the harvest. My summer holidays were always spent on a tractor or combined harvester!

  15. Oh Maria, I so love those postcards with the donkeys on them! I love any animal that is in the equine family!

    My dear, your comment is so kind and special. I am SO GLAD that the first time you came to my blog that you left me a comment! I enjoy when someone leaves a word or two! But the best part is discovering each other, and I am so happy to know you. So gentle, so positive and always serving up a cuppa with a sweet biskie or two, a lovely vignette to behold, and a moment of pause. That's what the world needs more of!

    School is going well; it is stressful however, as the mad working world is out there, but what are you going to do but run with it. HAVE A GENTLE DAY!!!! Anita

  16. Hello dear sweet Maria,
    I am pleased to hear that you had a wonderful time in Greece.
    I was on Corfu Island about 3 years ago.. and before that visits to Athens .. The people are very friendly .. Greece is a lovely place.
    but,as Dorothy said.. "There's no place like home".. its good to go away, but great to be back home.
    I was out last night to see the moon again.. and early this morning.
    I am defenitely walking with a skip in my step today..
    We are still with summer weather here.
    your feet look great in your flops.
    nice post Maria... and happy to see you
    val xxx

  17. I'm glad you had a good trip and I am glad you are safely home. I love, love, love the picture of your kitty on the sofa. it's such a soft and cozy photo.

  18. Glad you had a lovely holiday and yes the weather has certainly changed ...our cats are reluctant to go over the doorstep now .....and we have already started putting the fire on ! welcome home...Gail x

  19. Hope you had a wonderful time in Greece, such a lovely place and lovely people. The pictures of your kitty and your holiday kitty are so sweet. It's definitely time to shut the curtains and put on the fire. Have a lovely cosy week.
    Ali x

  20. Welcome home. It's nice to start the autumn feeling a bit sun-kissed, and hopefully you felt the sunshine again here today.
    Also love the photo of your cat against that beautiful cushion and chair...