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Monday, 23 September 2013

Kicking Of Leaves And Hugging Of Trees Once More...

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Thank you kindly.


"The breezes taste of apple peal.
The air is full of smells to feel...
Ripe fruit, old footballs,
burning bush,
New books, erasers,

chalk and such.
The bee, his hive,
well honeyed hum,
~ and Mama cuts Chrysanthemums....
Like plates washed clean
with suds, the days are polished
with a morning haze".... 

By John Updike.

~ When you write a few musings on a little post 
you can be reminded of lots of things.
~ Sometimes just how many times we
repeat the same old 
things over and over again..
The cycle of the seasons can repeat the
cycle of our days, don't you think?
~ And familiar memories return!

~ Although I am welcoming Autumn
and her beautiful shades of  wonderful russet and gold...
I am also feeling melancholy.
  Rather greedy of me really, I know...
Summer has played her tune
rather well this year...

Yesterday brought the Autumn Equinox.
And the beginning of fall.
Oh My.
~ No going back folks!

~ Next week our friendly chimney sweep
will call...
He is very much like Bert
from of course Mary Poppins...
~ Always a friendly smile and a chat or two...
I am wishing we could possibly step in a pretty
picture on our front pavement ~
 and be off for a wonderful adventure on
the carousel horses...
But I will settle for a clean swept chimney
~ and not the soot fall we had on New years day 
last year!
A lesson learnt!!

We are looking forward to lighting our coal fire this next week!
Then the fun and games will start once more
~and the peeking order will begin....
Just who will get the best seat in the house
most nearest to the hearth?
It's always such fun to watch.
~ Yippee Trinny has got here first in this picture..
This weekend has seen me sorting out the old winter woollies,
I've felt the nip in the air since returning
from our holidays...
I am looking forwards to wearing jolly
 sweaters over pretty floral dresses once more.
I always prefer layering my clothes!

~ Tomorrow I have been asked to join
my pal to kick some leaves and hug some trees....
My most favourite thing to do at this time of year!
So with a jolly smile on my face I will close for now
~ and 'as the days shorten and the cold strengthens'...
I wonder how your days are' falling' into place?...
~ My new ~ old vintage frock!
It's a 1930's print!
I bought it from a lovely friend
and can't wait to wear...

Hope you are keeping cosy and sending 
autumnal hugs your way....
~ and thanking you for kindest
 of words always...


  1. It seems that all the things you describe dear friend, exist in the common conscious and subconscious...the same feelings,habits,thoughts,fragrances,images...I think I find a part of myself into your lovely posts, I share their inwardness, so well...

  2. Memories...Memories...
    Memories, pressed between the pages of my mind...
    Memories, sweetened thru the ages just like (Willie) wine...! :).

    Do l live in the past....? Goodness 'DO' l ever....My memories for
    me, in my life are wonderful...(Not always). But, as the song says,
    'For The Good Times'.
    One thing l am very grateful for....I lived through the 60's.
    (I Think). HeHe! We always used to say~~~If you remember the 60's,
    you were'nt there~~~That does make sense....In a funny sort of way!

    And, one of the most loveliest things ever....Is a pussy-cat, laying in front
    of a log fire....Heaven! Heaven! Heaven!
    Don't ever let it change.......!!! x

    "Those we love don't go away,
    they walk with us every day.
    Unseen, unheard, but always near,
    still loved, still missed and very dear".

  3. Maria, I have to tell you how much I love your fire! I would love a real fire.There is nothing like it.We lit one in the old cottage we stayed in last year in Grassington and it was amazing. I remember having proper fires as a child and staring into the flames.Fascinating and oh so cosy to snuggle up in front of. I havent been 'leaf kicking' yet, might do at the weekend if the weather is dry!! XX

  4. Hello you
    Oh Maria I used to be so scared of the chimney sweep as a child, until I saw Mary Poppins, then I thought they where magical...( I led such a sheltered life..ha )
    I love the photo of your fireplace so cosy and inviting..
    Hope you have a wonderful day kicking leaves, don't forget to put your ear to them they will talk to you ...
    And that dress is so so pretty ( like layering to)
    Last week I had good sort out in my wardrobe, then I love to match up clothes that " smile" at each other....
    Hope your days are full of smiles
    Thea x

  5. Hi Maria I've jus blog hopped from Thea's lovely blog....how wonderful!
    What a little beauty :)
    I especially love your little rose pointer...really want one of those now for mt little blog!
    I too like to walk around with rose-coloured glasses as it brings so many smiles....

    have a lovely time kicking those leaves!
    Tilly x

  6. Maria, There is such a wonderful feel of autumn visiting you today! Wouldn't it be wonderful to take a trip with the carousel horses! Your vintage dress looks wonderful, how lucky to have a friend who can find some a pretty vintage item..Sarah x

  7. Oh you've made me feel all warm and cosy! That John Updike poem is wonderful, mind you so is your dress ... and I do like that pretty jumper ... and Trinny (although she would make me sneeze) ... stop me now! You've reminded me that we really do need to get our chimney swept or we too might be enjoying a festive fall! Have a lovely time kicking leaves Maria and hug a tree for me xxx Jane

  8. Your dress is lovely.....enjoy your real fires, and kicking up the leaves too! :) x

  9. Hello there dear friend! How I am awaiting the moment when I can cozy up to my fireplace, but it's still WARM HERE! It is beautiful, and our trees are not even turned color yet! My flowers are at their peak and summer does not want to go away for us. I'm fine with that!

    Your fireplace photo is lovely and I am wanting to make tea, but I am much too warm. But in a few months, we will be crying here for our temps go very low below zero!

    Dream, create, enjoy my friend. Anita

  10. Oooo I do like your style! Nothing like a cozy fire and pretty autumn attire to lift one's spirits as we say goodbye to summer! Chrissie x

  11. Oh that fireplace looks so inviting! Love the jumper and what a lovely frock!
    Autumn, my favourite time of the year!
    Thanks for sharing Dear and enjoy your outing tomorrow!

  12. Hi Maria, Your posts are always such a joy to read, You ve certainly brightened My morning. I have to admit I'm feeling a little meloncholy too.
    Wish I could come and kick some leaves and hug some trees with You :)
    Have a wonderful week ahead ,love Juliexxxxxx

  13. .....and thick fog today too...yuk! It's important to try and remember the lovely things about autumn and your jumper is gorgeous.....makes me feel all snuggly! I am a layer-upper too not quite having the proportions to strip off in summer......bring on the florals and the fair isles! Have a huggy day x

  14. Thank you so much for your kind comments, much appreciated. Loving the feel of of our new season, and what a beautiful dress :) xx

  15. ...super autumnal blessings to thee!...(O:

  16. Dear Maria, you have such a way with words! You painted the picture of Mary Poppins (you) and Bert – perfectly! Please hug a tree or two for me. I love doing just that at this time of year and again in the spring when the bluebells smell so delicious. Hugs Barbara xx

  17. Ooh, I nearly missed this one Maria! I'd love to have my chimney swept, it sounds vey lovely to have a sweep coming to your house ...

    Enjoyed our lovely chat today, and can't wait to get together soon, so we can put the world to rights!

    Love Claire

    Ps, those sunflowers are to die for! Xx

    1. Ooh and thank you also Mrs Thriftwood I had a stroll into town and picked up Sarah Moore's lovely new book! hehe...

  18. Maria you have the warmest wonderful ways , truly you do. I could lounge here all day listening to this wonderful music reading all your posts and looking at the meaningful photos you post. It is the coziest of atmospheres .
    I adore Mary Poppins , it is funny I had just mentioned her and Mr Dick Van Dyke the other day.
    Wishing you a lovely day.

  19. Your fairisle knit is so lovely...I am staying awhile to listen to that song....I must admit I love the end of summer into Autumn the best of all...

  20. Golly - I didn't know John Updike wrote poignant poetry like that!
    Mind you, it reminded me me of those long ago days of "back to school" in September. Autumn is always a little bit sad for me.

  21. Hi Maria, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  22. Dear Maria
    I have not had our chimneys swept for years...oh dear.... you have reminded me! But the boiler man is coming next week to make up for it!
    As we propel towards Christmas it does make you really think hard about the months/years flitting by doesn't it. Upstoppable. We have been lucky to have this last bit of sunshine have't we
    Look forward to seeing your new/old dress on you
    Best wishes

  23. This was such a cosy post it almost makes me look forward to the change of the season. Last year the trees were still green well into October but this year they seem to have already browned and are dropping with the conkers... enjoy it. xx

  24. Lovely photos Maria, I envy you your coal fire! xxx

  25. Beautiful poem, dress and jumper! x

  26. Yes Autumn is really here. Love the photo of the kitty in front of the fireplace!

  27. Hello ! I can always tell when the weather is getting chillier as I have all 3 cats trying to sit on my knee...!! I love layers of woollens and gloves and scarves etc but I just hope our winter is not too harsh ! Thanks for the reminder to get a chimney sweep ..would hate a soot fall !
    Gail x

  28. Kicking leaves and hugging trees- Perfect! I love this season. Your fire looks so inviting.