Elegant Rose

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Hocus Pocus....It's October!

"The fields are harvested and bare,
And winter whistles through the square.
October dresses in flame and gold
Like a woman afraid of growing old"...
- Anne Mary Lawler.
simple Abundance.

Happy October!
'The bewitching month has arrived once more'...
~ I love October and the way she kinda seduces us all 
with her wonderful colours and traditions...
~ Oh my hasn't the year flown  by though
~ in a short blink of an eye we seem to be
 here once more.


~ I remember my  Mama used to say
" Time waits for no man"...
~And I am a thinking as always she was quite
possibly right!
I have extra hours in 'Bumble Bee' at this busy time
~ which is lovely as the
 shop is quite
~' With Witches and Goblins
 and Spooky
 Jack ~O ~ Lanterns dancing away
merrily in the window displays'...

"Hocus pocus"!!!
~ You can almost hear their
 shrills of laughter as 
they cast their magical spells...


I could simply stay all day!...
so please forgive me as it leaves me
 little time to pop in on you all...
~ Today is all quiet....
A day for me!
 I will sweep my rooms with a smile.
~ always the best way to do house work!
~ and then make sweet tea and hot buttered crumpets 
and tune into your pretty worlds .....

 ~ Last week end saw me joyfully kicking those
 leaves and hugging some trees!
And generally enjoying the magic in the 
~ Just a perfect way to blow
 away any cobwebs that may
have been lingering in my thoughts..

Simple pleasures!
~ I am sending kind wishes your way 
with thoughts that
October will be just as enchanting as she always is...
~ and that we borrow the eyes of a  small child to see the 
magic and wonder of the season
~  that is all around us...
Have a magical new month!
~ and let the mystery begin....
Namaste to you all!
hugs Maria x


  1. Namaste Maria, Good morning and happy October greetings.
    I so agree. I cant believe its october already. This year seems to have gone by so quickly.
    You sound busy.. and the shop looks all "halloweeny".
    Its raining here , so welcome. I am inside and cosy. Enjoying the rest from a busy summer.
    xxxx val

  2. Was just thinking about you Maria, wondering when Salem would be making an appearance, and I come on here, and you've gone all Halloween ... but no Salem as yet, unless he's hiding somewhere! Lovely, Autumnal post ... have you got your days off sorted yet? Will be lovely to see you

    Love, Claire xxx

    1. Salem ,yes he is greeting people at the front door! you will see him soon, Mrs Thriftwood!

  3. I just love this time of year! Halloween is so magical and fun - love your photos, wish I could add all those decorations to my collection! Chrissie x

    1. OOh YES Halloween is my favourite time too, Chrissie!

  4. Namaste...Goodness! That's word l have'nt heard in a very long
    Seem to remember it has something to do with Yoga!
    Nama meaning bow, te meaning you!
    I bow to you...

    And, yes, October...The leaves are on the turn, soon be
    falling off, my Virginia Creeper will be bear! HeHe!
    But the spiders will still have there webs, l have a very big
    spider lady, across the dining room window, she is huge!
    In a couple of weeks the Crane Flies..(Daddy Longlegs)..
    will be about, and l do something awful...I collect them and
    feed them to the spiders...They do love the creeper, just had
    a quick count...14 webs, around my home...I do have a fetish
    about spiders! :).

    And Halloween, at the end of the month...All Souls Day...Then
    All Saints Day....Time of year to cover up all the mirrors in your
    Trick or Treat! This costs me a tenner every year...Sweets, chocolate,
    etc....ALL laced with 'laxative'....HeHe! No flies on me! You can see
    where they've been though...! :>). The kids love it.....! Bless'em!

    So Hocus Pocus! To one and all.....If l don't see ya through the week...
    I'll see ya through the window......Ciao!!!! :>)

    1. Willie seems you have been a sweeping the room with a smile too! ~ all those spiders webs....hehe! I have a soft spot of spiders....It started in my school years after I fell in love with Charlotte's web.. X

    2. AND...Do you know! When sweeping up leaves....
      I keep singing...'The falling leaves'. Silly really, cos
      there's no such song! :).
      There's 'Autumn Leaves' by Nat King Cole...From the 50's.
      All the hits he had in the charts, never a number one over
      here...No2 in 1957...'When l Fall in Love'.
      Neither did his daughter Natalie....No2 in 1989....With one
      of my 'ALL' time favourites 'Miss You Like Crazy'. :).

  5. Oh my friend, this is a fun month, of full moons, crows, dreams, wonders and snuggling up and getting warm! LOVE THIS! Now I have to run off to work...hugs to you! Anita

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Oops spelling errors! Anita Bless you....You are such a busy lady and you always manage to pop by...

  6. I must remember to send the link of your post to my daughter: Halloween mentions make her giddy! This is her favourite time of the year!
    Love that beautiful pot of heather!
    Enjoy the season,

  7. October is a lovely month I think Maria. The beautiful colours outside,candlelight and snuggling down indoors and seeing the childrens excitement as Halloween approaches.The shop looks wonderful Maria, I would love to visit one day for a lovely mooch around.XX

  8. As I was kicking leaves on the way to work I was thinking of your walk through the park and wondering if you were doing the same! It looks very magical in Bumble Bee! I love the old Halloween card too! Best wishes for October.
    Sarah x

  9. Dear friend, your shop is fantastic with all these little treasures, so atmospheric and cosy. Wish I could visit it in real life! And all these items for Halloween , so cute ! I love fall too, although we don't celebrate witches here! I feel good in this blog corner , take care sweet Maria!

  10. I love everything about your post Maria but these words “and that we borrow the eyes of a small child to see the magic and wonder of the season” are truly beautiful. Namasta (I had to look that up!) and Happy October to you, thank you for being such a lovely person and a dear friend.

  11. I love your opening poem, "The fields are harvested and bare". This season is so rich. I hope you are having a beautiful week.

  12. Hello Maria
    I love this month too, as you know ....
    The leaves are falling in tune with the mercury ...Love all your wears in the shop as much as your little poem, I always look forward to your "New Month" little words
    Have been busy here too with this and that
    Speak soon my special friend
    Thea x

  13. Everything's changing outside, I can feel the change in the air. Love your pictures :) xx

  14. Happy October Maria. I love the changing of the seasons and I too am looking forward to Halloween. Those little witches in your photo are so sweet! Best wishes, Pj x

  15. My favourite month of the year...I simply love October....and walking and kicking the leaves too.
    bestest to you Maria...Daisy j xxx

  16. Hello! I love October and your blog post has all of the October feelings that I love! The wooden jack-o-lantern with the witch's hat is so cute!
    I am a new follower!

  17. Lovely post Maria, You have such a wonderful way with words, through the eyes of a child, has been on my mind a lot lately, spooky :o) the shops looking wonderful, wish I could visit. Have a lovely month Dear Friend,Xxxxx

  18. I so love it here Maria .
    So cozy and wonderful .
    I could listen to you chat forever ,you do have such a lovely way of saying things .
    I am tardy with my comment but have been here several times already to listen tothe music and browse. I waited on the comment until I had this news to tell ...
    I have just sent a package over the pond ,
    took a bit longer than expected as a special home made touch was added ~ hope you enjoy it.
    I suppose in about a week or so Mr. Postman will deliver .
    I do love October and it's Hocus Pocus ~
    of which I might add when I was small I had a white rabbit named Hocus Pocus :)
    xox Willow

  19. This is always my time of year for thinking "What will have happened by this time next year?"
    It must be because everything is closing down, leaves falling, no buds opening - it's just a little bit sad to me...

  20. I love October, even if it does mean Winter is on the way. Love all the Jack O'Lanterns xxx

  21. Oh, I LOVE this time of year and your blog is so beautifully autumnal. It's filled me with pleasure - thank you!
    Jo x

  22. How I love those silhouette figures my dear! Thank YOU for coming to always put a smile on my face, dearest Maria. Have a cozy autumn day! Anita

  23. Oh thank you for weaving the magic back into october for me! I needed this timely reminder that nature grants us magic at every time of the year.

    I hope you enjoyed your crumpets and tea!


  24. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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