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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Story Tellers.....

“There either is or is not, that’s the way things are.
" The colour of the day. The way it felt to be a child.
 The salt water on your sunburnt legs.
 Sometimes the water is yellow, sometimes it’s red.
 But what colour it may be in memory, depends on the day.
 I’m not going to tell you the story the way it happened.
 I am going to tell it the way I remember it.” 
~ Mitch Glazer.

Life I believe is full to the very brim
 of interesting stories...
Or interesting people who can tell a tale or two.
I call these wonderful types:
The Story Tellers...

I  like to think all of us blog ladies
 are indeed story tellers...
who tell a little of our days on here
in delightful tales....

In my little day job in 'Bumble Bee' I do come across
all manner of interesting story telling folks...
Crafty chatty peeps who talk of their
wonderful creations...
Thrifty up cycling folks ,who can give new life to
old pieces, once more...
~  and old souls who have a heart and
 soul like me for the past....

( Our thought for your day)

They all seem to tumble through our doors!
Which makes for the most interesting days...
~ Now Patrick would say "like attracts like"...
And that I have the 'gift of the gab' also...
~ May be so..
I have mentioned in earlier posts of Victor, a jolly interesting nice,
 Who just so happens to be
a Medium...
Oh my he's an interesting one....
I haven't seen Victor since my black bird post...
But I know I will one day soon...

Yesterday we had not only a towns jester
 and more interestingly a
 Ghost hunter come along to buy a little Halloween
fun from our little shop...
"Life's never dull when these people chat about 
their  interesting worlds"..
and I must confess i am all ears with any thing remotely 
( I am going to tell you all more on a Halloween post very soon)
~ and I am very often wondering just who
will pop in and say Hello
I wonder have you chatted to an interesting story teller, this wonderful
October week?

Oops Chapter TWO..
~ Remember my little charity shop find...
Little sweet dolly named Matilda...
Well she now has an old ~ new pram....
( It belonged in it's first life to my Olivia)
Who is all grown and almost flown now...
She's looking quite' the bees knees' here, me thinks!
A happy ending!!

And being story tellers
We simply love those....

Other interesting and kind and exciting
 things to happen to me are...

~ Receiving this super give away from my lovely friend 'Willow'
( and of course Buttercup and Honey Bee)
Who incidentally live across the pond from me.. 
In New England...
I call Willow 'Dr Doolittle' because she owns the most 
amazing and beautiful animals, I've ever seen on a blog! 
Thank you, lovely Willow!
I LOVE the pictures of buttercup , so very much!!
~ and the pretty scarf will keep me warm as the
days grow cooler!
Here' is Willow's blog link, so you can pop in and say hello!
~ You'll receive the warmest of welcomes...

( Taken with kindness from Google)
Sending kind Twinkles your way.
~and reminding you also that we have a full
 moon on Friday...
" The hunters moon"
So ask a question or two on this moon...
The answers will become clear to you very soon...
Hugs Maria x


  1. I-LOVE-Stories....
    Short and sweet.....With a meaning....!
    I don't read long story books, just don't have the patience..
    HeHe! Wait for the film to come out.....! :).
    I also have 139 ladybird books, l used to read for my daughter.
    One evening, she said to me..."Daddy, make up a story".
    The first story was about a penguin..who did'nt like the cold,
    and decided to drift south on an iceberg, and finished up in
    Africa...And, had various adventures...She loved it!
    Funny! I've been making up stories ever since....!
    I remember telling her that elephants do-not eat penguins...
    HeHe! They can't get the wrappers off.....
    She has now got a Kindle...I asked her if the penguin story
    was on it....! :>). (Not Yet).

    I took psychology..As one of my A-Levels...I've always remembered
    a saying/statement...It's always made me chuckle, l love it........
    "I'm not a control freak, l just happen to be a highly driven, focused,
    motivated, extraordinary and inspiring leader, and, yes, you may take
    time out to listen to my advice and no, you may not do things your way...
    HeHe! Always stuck in my mind....!!! Lovely!!!

    Love the little Soul sister Matilda...In her little pram, that's really nice....
    Ah! wish l'd had a pram as a baby...Still! I was on my feet chasing
    young ladies at ten months....!!!
    "Twinkle~~~Twinkle little star.....

    1. Willie, I am thinking you are one of these wonderful story teller peeps!!

  2. Hello Maria......how do you follow a comment from willie? Did you see that I met him yesterday??? He's exactly as you imagine and such great company......wouldn't it be fab if we could all meet up? Love this spooky post....... can't wait to hear your story.... My family tease me that I like to 'embellish' my stories..... Must be the actress in me!?!? He he - happy twinkles to you too x

    1. Soo behind on here....I am popping over to you ASAP......X

  3. Maria it sounds like you have some really interesting ( if not a little eccentric ) people popping in...

    Fin always says that I attract the the "old souls in life" I can't help it, they just start talking to me, they usually tell me their life story in 5 mins, but I always find it ever so interesting

    I love Matilda's pram she looks very pleased, I wonder if a pussy cat might want to share it with her?

    I hope the Hunters Moon shines bright for us all Friday ...fingers crossed
    I love your gifts, some people are so very kind
    Special twinks
    Thea x

  4. I love story tellers, so much wisdom is passed down through people telling stories. Reminds of the book 'Women who Run with the Wolves' read it long time ago, but it was very good :) xx

    1. I have heard about this book before , Cheryl....I must pick up a copy....x

  5. Hi Maria, The bumble bee sounds like such a great place to work,with many interesting people passing by, i did enjoy this tale and looking forward to the next part :-) love that saying about the rainbows and the stars,lovely. What a lovely gift from across the sea s , I shall pop over and say Hi. Have a lovely week,love julie xxx

  6. Smashing post Maria, so interesting and uplifting. You always manage to find really fabulous images too.

    jean xx

  7. Like Thea, I seem to attract people who want t tell me their life story ... I don't mind if I have the time!

    I love Matilda and her pram, and the witch sign ... Ooh I just love everything ... But then you know that ... whenever I come to your house the first half hour is covered by me oohing and aahing over everything!

    Hope you're enjoying the lovely weather, perfect for walking through the park!

    Love Claire xxx

  8. Oh Maria I do love your posts (apart from having one of my favourite L.M songs in the background!) I always look forward to this time of year with the nights round the fire and telling of tales! Looking forward very much to your spooky story x Jane

  9. I'm always bumping into the most interesting people, I'm sure I must have 'tell me your weird stories' tattooed on my forehead! Actually I think it's because I smile a lot at people, I'm not complaining though, it makes for an interesting life! :) x

  10. Oh what wonderful people visiting your lovely shop. We used to have some real characters popping to chat to us. One of which was a man who was very interested in ghost hunting. These people make the world a much more interesting place. The other day I was looking at the magazines in the supermarket and this man stopped to tell me about how his grandaughter was going to be a journalist and how he didn't believe anything he read. I found out he was in his 80's and had been married for over 50 years. All of this without me asking a question. Bless him he apologised for keeping me but I thought it was lovely that he'd stopped to chat. He did mention his wife might be wondering where he was, he he. I do like your thought for the day, a very positive idea and the scarf is beautiful, a lovely colour. Have a toasty warm week.
    Ali x

    1. Aww love this Ali....I forgot to mention the elderly peeps who tell me so sweetly that they had a chest of drawers, dressing table and even an clothes maid like the ones in the shop, many years ago....But there is always a lovely, lovely tale attached! I Love story tellers, they have the time to pass the time of day...and I always almost have time to listen....You never know just what you might learn...hehex

  11. Dear Maria, I'm really jealous of you.. How interesting it must be to meet people and listen to their stories while they visit your shop! Bumble Bee is certainly a magic place, with all these treasures which keep mysteries and tales into them! I'll pop over to this blog and I'll ask something particular from moon! I'm looking forward to hear your story about Halloween , I'm really intrigued!
    Sending you sweet thoughts and warm greetings from here!

  12. Oh Maria you do have such a way with words & merriment, I really do love it so !
    I do enjoy hearing all the fun stories about your most interesting Bumble Bee shop and the fabulous peeps that visit you there.
    I would adore seeing you and the shop , I am sure our fun girl Pheebs from Friends would love the shop ( and you) too ~ couldn't you see us all having tea !
    I am so pleased you like the little care package . I was so pleased to crochet that little scarf with just you in mind for it and send it off across the sea with the other little bits and bobs.
    You always display things so beautifully in your photos .
    I feel very special seeing my name scrolled so lovely in that photo, here on your post !!
    You are such a kind and magical one, you are !
    Hugs to you,
    from your friend across the pond with all the enchanted animals,
    Willow " Doolittle" ~giggle

  13. Och, I love this post! Storytellers we are, all of us! Will stop by Dr. Doolittle's blog! Thanks for sharing and have a lovely Autumn!

  14. I do so always enjoy your stories, lovely Maria. I would live to pop into Bumble Bee one day and have a wee natter with you.
    Love & hugs,

  15. ~ Thank you every one for these lovely comments....even if you cannot pop in to Bumble Bee for a chat, tis simply wonderful you pop in with your R'osey tinted spectacles' on here.....x

  16. Good morning dear one,

    I am so late here, school is demanding and I just happen to have a LATE START today (one of the perks of now being a secondary teacher!) but the reality is life is busy. But I'll take that any day over not having a job!

    I LOVE the way you set us up to snuggle in and start to listen and watch. This is the perfect time of year to story tell as WE SEE IT, right? Oh what a glorious time.

    Enjoy all that gives you the opportunity to shine your special light. Anita

  17. YOU are my story teller! Your posts are always so warm and happy ...
    What a lovely gift from Willow ... I love her blog too.
    One day I will get to your shop and you must make your way down here ... you would have loved it at Blandford on Monday - so many wonderfully pretty things, like minded folk and ... Willie dressed to impress!! M xx

    1. OOh just been over to YOU! and LOVED the post and the excitement of you all meeting! up!!! I am wishing my self a visit to your little corner, Mrs VJ!

  18. I just love the "You say I'm a WITCH like it's a Bad thing!" sign - must get one of those...

  19. Hello Dear Maria, I love Bumble Bees 'thought for the day' I will be sure to remember it. I was thinking about Victor just the other day. I hope you bump into him again soon; I would love to hear what he has to say this time. I’ve not chatted to an interesting story teller this wonderful October week, but I received an email from one – all about a little bird called Ted (the story is on my blog if you would like to read it)
    I’m going to love you and leave you now as it’s time to pop across to visit Willow. Thank you for sharing yet more beautiful words and pictures. Barbara xx

  20. Hi Maria! I have tried 3 times altogether to leave a comment and failed miserably. Thankfully we now have our laptop back and I know what I'm doing. I love your stories, especially the spooky, slightly mysterious ones! I love your ghosties and ghoulies and tales of spirits and loved hearing about Victor. I'm sure you will see him again when you are meant to. I had booked in to see a psychic myself the other night but she had to cancel and we have rearranged it for a couple of weeks. I absolutely believe 100% in such things and Im sure we all have some psychic ability its just that most of us choose to ignore the signs. Loving your posts as always XX

  21. What an absolutely gorgeous blog, it seems to glow with warmth.

    It's so lovely to meet you. I look forward to future posts.

    Have a wonderful and magical weekend x