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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Believe In Your Self And All That You Are......

~ And just because this is 
the month where things are suppose to go
bump in the night!
I will keep to the spooky theme for this little post.
Pop on the kettle and pull up a chair...

My great Grandmother Mary was a Medium of her time...
I have touched on this a little in the
 early days of being on here...

( My Great Grandmother Mary, top left next to my Grand Mother holding my Mama)
LOVE the way my Great Grandpa is cupping his hands in a heart here...

~ And I was brought up on her stories of taking the 
stage at the local spiritual church each Sunday.
This would be in the days where things like
 Medium ship would be most certainly
 frowned upon and I
 know this type of thing isn't every ones "cup of tea" even now...
but I was always fascinated and listened
 intensely when my Mama would tell us that
"she was incredibly spooky" and always seemed to know and sense things
about people..
Now I must confess my Great Grandma passed away long before my day.
~ But not with out leaving a little of her gift to her daughter ...
My Grandma!
and indeed my Mama too....

This picture made my heart smile...
As my Dad looks well and with us all!
We are all on a Christmas outing with my Grandma too!
I believe...

I'm at the front and would have loved the fashionable bowl cut of my sister...
Sad, but true..
I've had curly hair since the beginning of time!
Well my time any ways...

My sister, Donna always used to ask "to swap our heads"
She still does...
But wears rollers now to get her curls, like mine.....

~ Back to my tale
~ Now Grandma had the kindest of ways and always brought us girls the prettiest
of flowers...
Some times pink roses, some times pink Carnations...
But always pink!

She also saw spirit.
And even saw her late husband through her bedside mirror, the day after his passing....
Mum couldn't get away with the slightest thing with my grandma either,
she always seem to know..
Perhaps that's why she choose to be the free spirit that she was, my Mama, that is....

 My Grandma's tea caddy!
she loved a good cup of tea...
Much like me really.

I will close with my little story here...
and just say the' gift' did get passed to my Mama also..
But in a very different way...
 She didn't see Spirit, but heard it through colourful dreams and most especially telepathically...
The number '23' was given to her frequently for dates of  sad loss and dates of great joy!

She once told me that most of the voices she heard were whilst on her hands and
 knees polishing the lino around the carpets edge that
 were so fashionable once upon a time.
They just spoke in her mind with out voice or reason!

After word..
I cried with such sadness when my dear, Dad passed many, many years ago
on the 23rd..
I smiled with the biggest joy many years later 
when my son was born on the 23rd
 and would go on 
  to wear the number 23 
in last years wonderful, wonderful, Paralympic games....
Ooh yes......
I believe!
How about YOU?
Take time to dream lovely blog world...
Kisses Maria x


  1. I think Maria we just have not tap yet all our spiritual (and physical) abilities and I for one remember well my MIL's...She could always tell when someone was expecting (no, she did not have to actually see the person,she just knew) for i.e. Then there were the things she 'saw' no one else did...the butterfly in the (totally) shut room a second after her Mum died, the touch of a small (deceased) child's index finger on her cheek and the laugh of that same child as if the child had suddenly passed away (accident?)...More startling was another woman, unrelated and unable to speak the same language (!) feeling and hearing the (same?) child in that very same room...Both ladies met years later and shared the same story with the owners!
    Spooky? Perhaps, but amazing also! I might be a dreamer Dear Maria, but I am also a believer!
    Thanks for sharing and Happy Autumn!

    1. OOh thank you also, Noelle..I had the biggest shiver, when reading this.. and i must confess my little lap top went on and off whilst I was setting up my post, strange but true!.

  2. My! Oh! My!
    I do love the old black/white photos!
    I have a shoe-box full at the bottom of the stairs...
    Mia Mama died nine years ago, aged ninety!
    She had eleven photo albums. The old type.
    four photos on each page...I really did'nt have the
    room for the albums. So! I removed the photos and,
    put them in the shoe-box. Put them at the bottom of
    the stairs..HeHe! They've been there ever since.....!
    I sit in front of the telly sometimes...With the box on my
    lap! Take out a few and go through them. Some are in
    sepia....! I sit and think, and dream of the old country....
    HeHe! And..Yes! shed a tear....It's my past, my destiny,
    my love....My family, my friends...Those l'd give my life for!
    As they say..."It's a funny old world". I always say..."It's a
    great life...If you don't weaken". :).

    Well...Madam Maria...
    You've hit an emotional Sicilian...Below the belt with this one...
    And..Believe...Believe....If you don't believe....You ain't human!!!!

    "Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds
    that you plant". Amen! :>).

  3. Well you know what I think about it all Maria, I believe 110% !! I believe we are all a bit psychic, even today at work I could have sworn I saw someone out of the corner of my eye in a room at work. I mentionned it to work colleagues and one of them(who worked there long before I did and knew the history) said our department had been used as a mortuary and she felt there was a friendly something in that room. There are lots of things we dont know Maria but I certainly believe XX

  4. Dear Maria,

    Just wanted to thank you and give you a big virtual hug for leaving such sweet comments on my blog. They helped!

    Yes, I believe too...and hope that I will see my husband now and than too or hear his voice.

    Happy evening,

    Madelief x

    1. Bless you dear Madelief for coming to visit.. in these early sad days...You are in my prayers...and thoughts..x

  5. Your post has made me feel warm and comforted. How wonderful that you have photos of so many people who are long gone, and thank you for sharing :) xx

  6. Maria I love your tales...and what a funny/strange /happy coincidence to have mentioned the same things in the same post posted very close together too...must be the month and I am an October baby too love love this month!!
    bestest to you and yours..dearest bloggy friend...xx

  7. I love your old pictures, Maria, particularly the one of your Mum and her family ... Just lovely to have these memories that you can take out and look at whenever you feel the need ... Very comforting and reassuring xxx

  8. Wonderful mystical post....an interesting emotive tale!
    I very much believe Maria but I'll echo what Anne says here we are all a bit psychic it is just a question of allowing it. I feel,sense and get these thoughts but I can't explain even my family say to me sometimes how did you know that. I find it very difficult to describe without feeling foolish but ....have you ever thought about someone phoning you and the next minute they do....its something like that! 90% coincidences perhaps 10% down right strange!
    You so know how to tap the senses with your words :-)
    keep well
    Amanda :-)

  9. It was wonderful to see your great grandparents and hear about your great grandmas gift. The number 23 is obviously very significant for your family. Your comment about your sister wanting your curly hair made me smile, we girls always want what we haven't got. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

  10. Good EVENING my dear! What a fun and very interesting STORY to read on this cold and frosty night in my world....and as my white sheer curtains out on my enclosed deck fly by the wind (I need to take them down this weekend!) I am feeling as if there are phantoms in the night! How interesting to learn about your family. My grandmother used to take my mum (who was a sickly child) to a witch doctor!!!! The stories my mum could tell..

    You are so precious my dear, and I wish you an enchanting rest of October as we look for the moon again! WASN'T SHE JUST BEAUTIFUL THIS WEEK? Anita

    1. The hunters moon was so very low in the sky, like a big giant cheese, Anita..Very beautiful..Like the rainbow I saw also...A magical week...

  11. Hello Maria
    Oh yes I expect you know I believe,
    When I gave birth to my first son we both went into distress and my Dad ( who had passed when I was a child ) was sat right beside me holding my hand telling me everything was going to be alright and then he kissed me on my forehead.....and it was, after an emergency cesarean I woke to see my beautiful baby ....and Dad was gone, or was he ?
    Thank you for sharing you stories about your amazing family I just know you have been blessed with their spirit too
    October blessings
    Thea x

  12. Hello Maria, I certainly do believe. I loved this post so much, and it got me thinking about my mum and dad no longer alive but most certainly still here. Thank you for sharing stories and photographs of your family. It’s such a joy to visit you. I never know what to expect, but I’m never disappointed. Love and hugs Barbara x

  13. You are mysterious Maria - you haven't told us if you have this gift. Surely it has not passed you by...?

    1. Ooh nilly from one spooky lady to another....What do you think, my friend?

  14. There is so much we don't know...thanks for sharing your stories. I always enjoy visiting your blog.

  15. I do believe that there is something around us that we can't see or explain ...sometimes I feel it but it's indeterminate.I also notice dates of sad or happy events and it means something but I have nothing monumental to tell. I truly enjoyed the old family photos, they keep a great charm and are so nostalgic...
    Take care Maria, I'm sending you warm and sweet thoughts...

  16. I believe! Thank you for sharing your history and beautiful photos!

  17. wonderful old photos Maria ! and lovely spookiness ! I think there's a lot we can't explain ...sending you love and kisses Gail x

  18. Believer here , most certainly .
    Truth be told ~ I am very telepathic with animals ...but of course you do know that already don't you :) I try not to hone in on people thoughts , as it makes them uncomfortable even without me saying a thing, but must admit can feel things pretty spot on about many a person and on occasion it makes me uncomfortable, unintentional eves dropping , oh my !
    Perhaps why I surround myself mostly with animals, they seem to enjoy that I can understand them. lol
    My gram on my moms side had the gift of knowing things too !
    I love seeing the old photos of your family and hearing these tales .

  19. What a delightful blog full of FEELING! Thanks for also dropping by at my place:) I enjoyed reading about your family:)

  20. Another believer here, dear Maria! There's such a wonderful atmosphere in this post!

    A bientôt,


  21. My dear and beautiful Maria,

    THANK YOU for coming "twice" to visit me.

    I have been extremely busy with my new teaching job, leaving me exhausted and very little time to continue my regular blogging schedule. I also have been wanting to devote more time to POETRY writing, because I also host a poetry workshop in my home. I LOVE the blogging community for its support and creativity, and I never want to lose that.

    Therefore when I posted my recent post, I had to grab whatever I had, so I could update my page! All I had was this poem I wrote 3 weeks ago, about my mum who died 27 years ago.

    I was informed by a reader that it was TOO SAD and she could not comment on it...fair enough. No one has to even visit if my poetry makes them uncomfortable...I promise to not be so maudlin the next time, but I had nothing to share.....except my heart.

    Thank you for coming twice and for commenting. You are a gem. Anita

  22. I must admit I came back to have check the name of the wonderful singer ~ I see now Maura Marling ...I do so love her voice . I am putting her on my list of CDs I want for Christmasfrom my Mountain Man.
    I of course read your lovely post once more while I lingered her and listened to the music and was drawn in to the smiling faces of 1969 :)
    We have missed you at the farm Miss Lovely.