Elegant Rose

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Bewitching Hour.......

" ~ The wind out side nestled in each tree,
prowled the side walks in invisible treads
like unseen cats....
Tom Skelton shivered.
Anyone could see that the wind was
 a special wind this. night....
And the darkness took on a special feel
because it was 'All Hallows EVE'
~Everything seemed cut from
 soft black velvet or gold or orange velvet.
Smoke pointed up out of a thousand chimneys
like the plumes of a funeral parade.
From kitchen windows drifted two
pumpkins smells; gourds being cut and pies being
Taken with kindness from an extract
The Halloween Tree.
By Ray Bradbury.

(A favourite book from my younger years.)
I wonder did you ever read this amazing book?
I fell for it's charms many, many years ago!
And treated my self to this copy just recently....
I've been reading each evening ...
Getting ready for the magic to begin.

At last the bewitching hour has arrived once more....
Happy All Hallow's Eve..
On this night magic spells may be cast more easily and the two worlds are drawn
just a little bit closer...
Sending 'All Hallows Eve' greetings a little earlier.......
~ and hoping by magic they reach you all
by 31st!
Our seasonal
 Jack ~ O ~ Lantern
is created and is ready to display on the garden  steps!
 not at all 'spooky'!
It never is...

But we had much fun creating and displaying her!
ooh yes she's a lady pumpkin.....
And named Boo!

~ Fingers and toes crossed for a dry crisp spooky evening....
As many will be accompanying little Witches and goblins
on their many travels of 'Trick or Treat'!!

Happy Halloween every one!
Remember keep the magic alive..
I am looking forwards to taking  a peak into your 'witching hour'
this week...

( Hugging my favourite 'wishing'  tree, before the storms this week)
~ And hoping you are all safe and sound....
Love and Twinkles 


  1. Well...I'm ALL geared up for the kiddie-kiddies!
    One lot at about 5:30 and the older ones at 7:30.
    Trouble is...They've sussed me out now...They
    knock the door, with a long stick...Half way down
    the path....Knowing full well, l can't reach them with
    a liquid trick....HeHe! :).
    But! It ALL turns out o.k. And they get loads of sweeties,
    and chocolate...HeHe! There all well behaved, although
    they wear masks...I-KNOW-WHO-THEY-ARE......!!!!

    And Boo the pumpkin looks great Maria....
    Hope you did'nt throw away the flesh and seeds.... !
    And...What a lovely tree...Bet l know her name.......
    Teresa Green....Teresa Green.....Trees are green.....
    Teresa Green....Oh! Never mind...HeHe! :>).

    And...Yes! Let's wish for a lovely crisp spooky
    evening....Don't know about the rest of you.....
    BUT! I'm gonna enjoy it.....

  2. Willie as always you are such FUN! I didn't think any one one receive this post as it seemed lost in the ether.....I hoped it would arrive for Halloween...Happy Halloween, dear Willie!

  3. I always enjoy your posts! I really have to get that book, I love a good Halloween read.Weather is looking perfect here in Northern CA for all the wee Gobleens!

  4. I hope you have perfect weather and a wonderful holiday! Boo is beautiful.

  5. Hope you have a magical Halloween,your wishing tree looks wonderful hope your wishes come true too.
    Sarah x

  6. Crikey Maria that'a a tree and a half - I bet she could tell many tales! Love the Ray Bradbury excerpt - really atmospheric - I haven't read any of his books but I might have a look at this one. Boo is a sweetie -ours is still sitting on the kitchen table awaiting it's fate! Have a tip top Hallowe'en x Jane

  7. I loved that book too - I don't have a copy any more - I think I ought to.
    Your pumkin is great - my daughter and I usually carve ours on Halloween, ready to display in one of our windows that evening.

    Wow! Your wishing tree is colossal!

    A happy and magical Halloween to you my dear xx

  8. GOOD MORNING to you sweet Maria, as I am sitting here in the dark, dark hours of the morning! I LOVE THAT TREE you are hugging! My dear one, did the storms pass over you all with minimal to no damage? I HOPE SO! When we get those sorts of storms here, much damage happens, but I hope you are all well. ENJOY the lore and the fun on Halloween. It's coming! Anita

  9. Hi Maria, I love your collages! Hope you have a good Halloween! Hugs :D

  10. Your posts always leave me feeling a bit more magical! You capture every season and holiday perfectly, I love your spirit! We are all ready for tomorrow's festivities, just like you! Enjoy! Chrissie x ps your wishing tree is incredible!

  11. Ooh, you're in your element at this time of year, Maria! I just love all your Halloween decorations, they suit your home so well ...

    Hope to see you soon

    Love, Claire xxx

  12. An enormous wishing tree. May all your wishes come true Maria.
    Enjoy your halloween.
    Its all souls all saints here. dont celebrate halloween.
    love xxxxval

  13. I do like your lady pumpkin, she's not at all scary. The extract is lovely too, and I hadn't read that book. My favourite witchy title from childhood is Carbonel by Barbara Sleigh, and I still read it from time to time...

  14. Oh I have not hear of your book but the extract makes me want to know more. Your pumpkin is sooo pretty, I love her eyelashes. She won't be scaring the trick or treaters away, he he. My doorstep is decorated with tiny pumpkins to let them know they are welcome. When we moved into our house 17 years ago I was given a stern warning by my next door neighbour that trick or treating was not welcome. They have moved on and lots of families with little ones live here now so I have stocked up on sweeties. Have a lovely all hallows eve.
    Ali x

  15. I was flicking through a NT ghost book today and kept thinking of you! Keep cosy, and just a wee bit scared the Halloween Maria! :)x

  16. Love Boo, she's scarily beautiful. Wow what a tree, hope you've made lots of good wishes there :) xx

  17. Halloween blessings Maria x
    I have not read your book so I shall look out for it,
    I love Boo she looks a real sweetie, very clever..I bought two pumpkins at the weekend and sat them on the bench out the front, I am not sure if I will get time to carve them,
    What a magical tree he will have some stories to tell I can see why you hugged him ..
    Magical wishes
    Thea x

  18. Your Jack or should I say Jill O-lantern is darling! Have a nice Halloween!

  19. Love your ladylike pumpkin Maria! xxx

  20. Boo is the friendliest Jack-o-Lantern I have ever seen – such a nice welcome at your door! The rain came last night – such a shame. We had the sweets all ready at the door, but only two brave (scary) little witches knocked, maybe more will come tonight? Happy (only slightly late) Halloween, keep hugging that tree Maria, I’m sure all your wishes will come true. xxx

  21. Love Boo! hope yop had a great time. Your wishing tree is fab. xxx

  22. I know you must have had a magical night my friend , I did visit here and somehow ended up posting at the Bee . But I know you felt me sending magic sprinkles your way, none the less!
    I so love seeing you hugging that special tree, what a marvelous picture !
    Wishing you a lovely evening,

  23. Hello ! Love the tree hugging photo ... I know where that tree lives and I always give it a little hug too hehe ! Halloween is such a fun time ... I didn't let our black cat out in case any passing witches took a fancy to him !! mind you to say he was a stray he doesn''t go out much now anyhow ! have a lovely twinkley week !
    Gail x

  24. You must have made the prettiest pumpkin ever!!
    I have never seen that book but will look out for it ... looks like the sort of thing I would love to read to my little man at bedtime.
    M xx

  25. Precious Maria! HELLO! YOU WERE IN LONDON? I bet you are fatigued from all the walking, but I bet your creative mind is non-stop now with inspiration! How lovely of you to come to visit me right after coming back home. Now the cold is here and we had snow a couple of days ago! I am so excited about Christmas decorating....may you find the magic as you unfold your holiday décor and plans! LOVE! Anita