Elegant Rose

Friday, 8 November 2013

The Wish Box...

November silently sneaks up on us,
catching all our senses by surprise.
Suddenly, there's no shade, no shine,
no butterflies, no bees, no fruits,
no flowers, no leaves, no birds..
Outside silvery grey shafts reveal
a familiar landscape stripped of pretence...
Behind closed doors, glowing amber fires shed
light upon the real...
Like a woman who has found her authenticity.
November's beauty radiates from within....
( Taken with kindness from simple Abundance)

~ To day I have a small confession!
so pull up close and I will tell.
~ Shhh don't tell a soul, but today is a pyjama day for me!
There I have said it....
I have been to our capital with Miss Olivia!
We have walked and talked , laughed and smiled and seen all the bright, lights of the city!
~ Today I have those legs and those feet that tell the whole story...
While I was away November crept in through the back door silently and made her
presence known to us....

~ I have spoken before on here, that,
 November is my least favourite month....
A month of sad memories...
We all have these, I know....


~ But I will greet her with my biggest smile...
and appreciate the beauty that she can radiate...
Cosy fire sides and of course days of wearing
your pyjamas with a roaring fire and a kittie or four on your knee.

The shops of course were pretty wonderful!
and I had the biggest LOVE for these two...

Ooh la la...
You could fill your boots up with delights from this one below!
~ but you would need lots and lots of pennies...


 We were in London really to view the universities for Olivia!
Her heart is set on London Central St Martins!
Gosh she will have to be incredibly lucky...
to receive a place...
I believe they only take twenty students, each year!
from the hundreds that apply!
Oh my!
Ever the optimist.
~ Her wish has been placed in the wish box, to grow and grow....

Fingers and toes are crossed tightly!
What will be, will be...

~ Back to earth once more!
~ although London has it's very dazzling shops!
Happiness just cannot be bought, I believe.
And some of the nicest gifts, I have received just now have come along magically
through being on here...
Angel Gabriella above with the biggest beautiful red wings
(Look closely they seem to flutter)...
~ Sent with kindness  from my lovely friend, Thea
Please press the link below...
Thea's blog is so very lovely and homely!


She is making her self very much at home....
until Santa Claus collects her, as sadly she is not mine to keep!
Sad but true!
( Gifts above from Bumble Bee)
I didn't spend a penny in the beautiful gift shops in London!
I have chosen to buy locally and hand made wherever possibly!
Much more fun!
~ and creative....
" but you all know this already"....
We are much the same on here........


Christmas at Bumble Bee!
soo very cosy and seasonal...

Press the link above to come on in...
You will 'bee' most welcome!

I will close for now ....
Hoping your weekend is of the cosiest, magical kind!
I wonder do you have any thoughts or desires 
 for any special dreams, just now?
I will pop in my wish box for you!
Maria x


  1. My wish is to return soon to London, this time hopefully more shopping! Enjoy your pj day! :) x

  2. "She opened the door in her pyjamas....I thought what a silly
    to have a door". :).

    I must confess to...I dislike November to!
    Mostly with that silly bonfire thing....Hate it...Should be banned,
    frightens pets, animals and children.....AND me!
    After all, said and done Guy Fawkes, was a terrorist....!
    Could never understand the English, celebrating it! :(.

    Goodness....I'm ALL over the place now...Just been over
    to Mrs Brown's Blog.....She's been to my home...My beloved
    Sicily....! Certainly gonna run out of tissues....!
    It's gonna be a fluffy weekend....! :).

  3. Good luck with St Martins, wishing your daughter success with her application.

  4. I'm sure your daughter will do her best, nothing to worry about! One wish for your magical box? More travels!!!
    Happy weekend Maria and thak you for your lovely posts!

  5. Oh my 2 fav London shops too- what fun! Lovely pics and wishes as always Maria..... Hope this November is a happy one for you all x

  6. You,/you've shown great restraint visiting London and not spending Maria ... I'm very impressed! Keeping fingers crossed for lovely Olivia too ...

    Hope to see you at The Dock next week where to can buy local and handmade to your heart's content!

    Have a wonderful weekend

    Love Claire xx

  7. Can I just say I love November!! For one its my birthday (I dont particularly like the passing years, they are going way too quickly for me!) and the run up to Christmas is so exciting. Christmas will be mixed blessings this year though, an extra grandchild but four of them so far away. Heyho! As long as they are well and happy and settled I can cope with that. Happy weekend Maria XX

  8. I hope November is kind to you. I love the fact you have had a pyjama day. I hope your feet have recovered from all that working. I will keep my fingers crossed for Olivia's wish and send lots of positive thoughts. I really hope she gets in. You are very good not spending your pennies in London so many tempting shops. I will have to fly over to bumble bee and see your lovely shop. Stay cosy and warm.
    Ali x

  9. love to you!
    my wish is that it doesn't rain when I ride Bruce on Sunday morning, there's new things I want to try out, show him, fingers crossed!

  10. I wish I had a wish box ... loving all the Christmassy stuff ... only 47 days now. xx

  11. Ooh Big Sis' best friend (and our surrogate daughter!) is at Central St Martins - she was overjoyed when she got in and is loving it - here's keeping everything crossed for Olivia! Your cosy day sounds perfect - now it wouldn't be the same if the sun was shining would it? Sending cosy thoughts x Jane

  12. Two of my favourite London shops too...sigh..but usually I can only buy when the sales are on. Sending positive thoughts for Olivia's wishes, do let us know how she gets on. And good on you for having a day in your jim-jams, I think we should all have at least one of those every month in winter!
    Have a lovely weekend,
    love Gilly xx

  13. Good morning most beautiful friend!

    I won't tell anyone if you don't, but for me? THIS IS PYJAMA DAY FOR ME TOO! Shhhhhh

    I am enjoying the company of my books, tea, YOU and rattling windows due to our wind. How I love to see the outside world whirl around me.

    And Anthropologie? YES, PENNIES SAVED over a long period of time to just step into the door! But how I love this place. Have a lovely and quiet weekend! Anita

  14. Hello Maria..sounds like you had a wonderful time in the City, I must admit I have not been for quite a few years..good luck Olivia, I believe you must try all the doors to your future,so you can have no regrets..xx
    I am so glad Gabriel arrived safe and sound, and yes she does look very at home with all those pretties.
    A pyjama day sounds bliss, I must try it..
    Happy Weekend
    Thea x

  15. Good luck to Olivia, though I'm sure she would be the star of any art college in the country. Ah - I remember it well - art college in the 1960s...

  16. Best of luck to your Olivia...how exciting. And thanks for another lovely, homely post x

  17. I love pyjamas :) It's lovely to have a day up to London, but always so good to come home.
    Best of luck to your daughter, I hope she gets a place. I'm off up there next week with my Son, as he has an audition for a music College. Then again in December. Busy times, but exciting. x

  18. Hello Maria...Thank you so much for calling by my blog today...It's so lovely to be here and read your lovely post and all about your trip to London (and 2 of my favourite shops!)
    Best wishes to Olivia...I have 2 daughters at university now so I know what busy days you will be having at the moment and all those decisions you will be having to make along the way......
    Oh...and you just can't beat a day in pyjamas!
    Susan x

  19. Good luck to Olivia with her University application Maria! I'm sure wherever she gets in she will do well xxx

  20. Sending only the very best of wishes for beautiful, talented Miss Olivia's dreams to be granted !
    The November page of Sarah's book did not go unnoticed by my eye ~ I have the very same book ...yes great minds think alike , they do !
    Oh and that dolly is indeed one of the most wonderful of dollies, just something very special about about her there is !!
    Take care my lovely friend I am off to visit the Bee now :))

  21. Good luck to Olivia, aim high. It never fails to amaze me how people outside of London manage to visit the sights more than those of us who live here, I must get out more. Have a lovely weekend. x

  22. I understand the sadness that comes with some months, I hope someday that lessens for you and you will be able to enjoy the month again. Here in the states we have Thanksgiving, so that is a wonderful gathering of friends or relatives and kicks off the whole Christmas season. Have a restful weekend!