Elegant Rose

Saturday, 16 November 2013

The full Beaver Moon...

The Full moon in November...
The Beaver moon.
Beaver traps were set during this time, before the waters froze,
 so furs would be abundant for the cold months ahead.
For some people, the full Beaver Moon is the last
chance to do something they have been wanting to do
but put off, before the heaviness of winter settles over them..

~ Taken with kindness, From The Girl who Chased The Moon.

( My old ~ new cosy chair)

For those who follow the cycles of the moon,
tomorrow see's the full moon in November...
The Full Beaver moon..
~ a moon for getting those tasks
out in the open and jolly well
 done and dusted 
the starkness of winter time...
I will be using the moons guidance tomorrow with paper work
 long over due sorting! 

Happy off happiest Saturdays to you! 

Today I am meeting (old) friends for a luncheon meal
( love calling it this)
We are gathering together to celebrate belated birthdays!
Eating Chinese food and chatting about our days!
It's seems quite a while since we have all gathered together...
and I can't wait to catch up!!
~ and one of the best-est bits about eating Chinese food is
the fortune cookies at the end...
I always bring mine home to open and make a wish

Friends, do in deed make your days Twinkle!

I of course will not be 
wearing of  Beavers fur!
Ooh no sire!!
I treated my self to this faux fur gillet from, Top shop of
all the shops and will be wearing over my most favourite frock
( from ,Noa Noa)
which it seems I have owned for ever and ever....
I really have..
 I bring it out each Autumn time...
And those clog boots of course from  an earlier post.

~ Being one of the coldest of folks!!!
I am loving all the warm Autumnal shades of
 mustard and sage greens, right now!
My favourite colours for the approaching chilly days..
Layering of clothes keeps you the most cosiest too...

Pretty, Smoky watching close by...
she's an oldish gal, even though she appears to have eternal youth!
she feels the cold and loves nothing better than snuggling down beside you..
But she never, ever lays on your knee...
Much to shy!
She belonged to my Mama, of course...
~ and has the loudest purrs you may ever have heard...

Thank you for the kindest thoughts and twinkly wishes, for Miss Olivia!
I have gathered them all up and placed in ~
The wish box!
~ What will be will be....
I hope your Saturday is of the
Happiest kind...
( I work most Saturdays)
So today is one for popping on those 'glad rags' and
taking time out with friends...

~ And of course Taking Time To Dream...
Hugs and kisses..


  1. such cosy images and such a beautiful puss!

  2. Oh Maria I love looking at your photos - your house looks beautiful! And as for the luncheon outfit - well it's 'spiffing'! Hope you have a lovely catch up with your friends and your fortune cookie brings happy news x Jane

  3. I wish I could curl up in that cosy chair next to your lovely dolly and craft away the weekend! Have a wonderful girlie luncheon, love your frocks! Chrissie x

  4. Well....I've just got back from Wimborne, coffee and a little
    pose round the shops! Charity shops of course...Not a lot about,
    but, l did buy, Whitney Huston's double CD for 75p. Already have
    it...But! Hey! Can't leave the lovely Whitney on a shelf....! :).

    And, the poor old beaver....Will he and all the others ever live in
    peace...! Will they ever get left alone....! Fur belongs in one place,
    and, one place only....On the creature it belongs to....Hark at me,
    Mr Hypocrite himself...! Would never dream of killing a thing...Never!
    But, bring it to me in a deceased state....And, it won't go to waste!
    Such is life....!

    And...The lovely Smoky...Bless! Bless! x
    I'm looking forward to going up to daughters for Christmas, besides
    their two staffy's, there's the three kittie-kitties.....So l'm surrounded
    by the most loveliest creatures on the planet....!
    Can l just mention....If you have Sky TV....Take time out to watch...
    Life of Pi...It's on Sky Movies Premier, every day @4:10 and 8:00.
    Every day until next Thursday....It's Brilliant....! :).

    So! l must get my 'Glad Rags' off.....See what's lying in the fridge
    to be eaten....Couple of faggots...Care of Mrs Brown....If l remember
    rightly....! HeHe!
    Enjoy yer Chinese Maria....Don't go stabbing any waiters with yer
    chop-sticks now....Ciao...Ciao...! :>).

    1. ~ Willie, you sent me the DVD, very kindly I may add! It's an amazing movie and we all LOVED it!

    2. Thankyou! Yes!
      Once in a while, a film comes out that seems to
      affect me and my life....This is one of them!
      I watched it again last night for the 8th time, seeing
      it for the first time about a year ago....I get a bit involved
      in some films, and tend to rave and go on about them....
      Lot of people tend to say..."It's only a film Willie". Maybe!
      But, this one moves me.....! Ah!

  5. Maria always a lovely post from you. Just the job to lift spirits. Love your outfit especially the beautiful furry gilet. I could see myself in that too! Enjoy your luncheon, my fav kind of thing to do xx

  6. My pretty and darling friend,

    I went out early this morning, about 4:30AM to take a walk with the moon. She was huge, bright and in the western sky. I love your admiration for this orb that we have watching over us, and the early morning or late night hours are the perfect time to give her full attention.

    How I love your ensemble here; your armoire is equally lush and fabulous, and you are ready for the cold! So am I; this is a most magical time, isn't it? And stars? YES! I plan on decorating with stars this year, just for the twinkle of it all. LOVE TO YOU! Anita

  7. A lovely post, thank you. Today we started the Christmas shopping......it has to be done!
    I will look out for the beaver moon, how interesting.

  8. Maria, this post was so inviting (love the chair, so welcoming).

  9. So lovely details from your beautiful house Maria! Ι love the wooden cupboard in your room, it is divine, an old piece of furniture I suppose. Full moon fascinates me too...
    Wish you a wonderful, warm, cosy Sunday! Olympia

  10. I love reading your posts, Maria and that mustard colour is quite something, isn't it? I love the idea of winter. It is such a beautiful season, full of poetry, but it leaves us feeling a little compressed thanks to its short days.

    I wish you much joy indoors.

  11. How I love that mustard-coloured jacket, Maria!

    And you too, you loved that daisy-bearing bear? teheee.....and that photo with the horses? How I enjoy nature and all the dangerous and gentle wonders it holds for us to behold from a respectable distance!

    Enjoy the moon as she hovers over us my dear. Anita

  12. I love your cosy posts! That outfit is just gorgeous ... I think I may have to pop over to the Top Shop website and get a gilet like that myself! I hope you had a lovely lunch ...
    M xx

  13. What a lovely post. Your words and images always make me smile.
    I adore your comfy chair, your cat is adorable, and the outfit looks perfect!
    I didn't know about the Beaver Moon, so thank you for sharing.

    Have a wonderful week,

    Yvonne xx

  14. Hi Maria,

    Hope you had a wonderful lunch with your friend. You (partly) new outfit looks beautiful! Love the yellow ochre cardigan! It looks very comfortable and happy!

    Happy week!


    * great chair!!! x

    Happy week,

    Madelief x

  15. It's fun to cheer up chilly weather by choosing cosy clothes. I've just bought my first ever Cabbages & Roses dress (at MY age!) - it's so cuddly and warm!

  16. Hello Maria..lovely post
    I love your chair... I could curl up with my book and be very happy sitting there..I just know you had a wonderful time with your friends and your outfit looked stunning ( Noa Noa... I say, very nice) ...I feel the cold too
    Your little puss look so sweet ..she has a lovely colour to her fur...bless
    Happy week my friend ..I have been a little off colour so a bit slow in catching up with my blog
    Keep Warm
    Thea xx

  17. OH! Your chair looks so cosy and inviting I could sit there for hours, do you ? Hope you had a lovely lunch with friends. Love Jill xx