Elegant Rose

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Watch Out Jack Frost Is About!

Happy of happiest Tuesdays
 to you all...

( Thank you Google)

While we were sleeping last night
some one was out and about casting his
wonderful cloak of silvery white shadows..
~ There is a post dedicated to the man himself...
Jack Frost!
( ~ Over on Bumble Bee blog spot)
Please stop by if you  have time and say hello!
~ It is most appreciated!

He's a mysterious one...
That Jack Frost...
Nipping those little fingers and toes...
~ Once upon a time, when I was small 
 I loved following the slippy,
 crispy trails.....of white dusting...
But I never found the
man with the tall pointed hat and sharp long
 fingers and toes
who could change the colour of the landscape
over night!
I wonder, did you?

( Thank you Google)
Keep cosy and warm and thank you always for leaving
the kindest of thoughts and comments!
You are all so very lovely!

Love Maria x


  1. Ah! Good old Jack Frost....!
    I'd like to see him every morn'in....Better than that horrid rain! :(.

    I was just thinking about him in general....There was a film called
    Jack Frost..1998....With Michael Keaton. Story of this guy who
    dies in a car accident...And, comes back as a snowman. Oh!
    don't let that upset you....It is a comedy! :). Yeah! Look out for it!

    Rick Wakeman, Brought out a song called...Jack Frost...
    Jethro Tull....Jack Frost and the Hooded Crow!
    (Can't think of any others). Not my style of music.....!
    HeHe! So there ya go...A bit more useless info, form the
    music memory man......! :>).
    Have a lovely frosty week now! ~(^.^)~

  2. Hehe! Willie you make blogging such fun...I hope you are always on here, always!!
    And i have that movie...Gonna put it on after too!!

  3. I do love an icing of frost, but not ice when I have to drive to work - oh no I am a complete wuss when it comes to winter driving! Jack Frost didn't get to us last night but I hear he's on his way ...
    M x

  4. Maria my friend, thank you for these special art images that speak to me to go out and LOOK FOR ELVES IN THE SNOW! WOOWOOOWOOW how I love this...many warm hugs to you! Anita

  5. well the frost was a bit of a surprise this morning ...it's been so mild up to now....the cats did not want to venture out at all !! I fed the ducks in the park this morning and there was quite a lot of ice on the bridges ..mind you it does leave us with the most beautiful sunny, clear day ....so for that I am grateful ! Gail x

  6. Brrrr, but it's so lovely and snug here on my sofa under my blanket. Keep warm Maria :) xx

  7. Oh that little tidbit of information brought back memories of my own childhood looking for Jack Frost , but I was a bit nervous he would nip at my nose so I would wrap my scarf tightly around it ~ as my mom use to be overheard many a Winter morn telling my dad that Jack frost would nipping at his nose . Funny how children take things to heart ...makes it such fun !!

  8. He has visited a couple of times already but our wood pile is high and we are prepared. I love being cozy and warm inside while he does his work.

  9. It does look beautiful though! It's been freezing at home today despite fingerless gloves and fleeces! Brrrr :) x

  10. Dear Maria
    The frost hasn't quite reached us yet but I did bring in some tender plants today - it is on its way I am sure. For some reason I did some gardening today and my fingers were on the verge of collapse!
    Keep warm
    Best wishes

  11. Certainly was a bit nippy this morning Maria, but the Lake District hills looked so beautiful with their dusting of snow (not that I want it to come any closer, you understand!) xxx

  12. It felt much colder here this morning but no frost yet I'm sure it is on it's way! Your posts are always so magical.
    Sarah x

  13. Hello Maria!

    I've always loved Jack Frost. I recall a beautiful illustraiton when I was in primary school. Maybe it was Arthur Rackham? He is a magical figure. As a young adult I commissioned a teddy bear designer to make me a special Jack Frost bear: many years later he still presides over the living room from his spot on the bookshelf!


  14. Oh how this post reminds me of childhood.

  15. Jack frost had been here too this morning. I had to scrape the ice off my car windows. Still cold frosty mornings = nice sunny weather. Always a bonus!

  16. Your posts always bring back wonderful childhood memories, and this is no exception! I love Jack Frost, and your images here make the memories soooo real! Thank you, I love visiting your blog! Chrissie x

  17. Such lovely images you've found.
    My images are wuite numb as I type this, but I much prefer dear old Jack Frost than the rain we've been having lately. There's also talk of snow in Wales this week.

    Wrap up well and have a wonderfully peaceful day xx

  18. I have just stumbled across your blog and you this made me smile. I love the story of jack frost and this morning my kids got in the car and said mummy mummy jack frost was here and they got so excited about it. A magical story and a lovely post. Xo

  19. I'm just popping in from Thea's blog. You have a nice blog and I see you have some beautiful felines. It's cold here in Ontario, Canada but no snow yet. It's comin'... Deb

  20. Jack Frost had definatly visited us we have below zero temps...yikes!
    This weekend its suppose to warm up a bit........take care, Heidi

  21. Brrrrrr Maria
    Jack has been here in the Moorlands too...I have put the warm duvet cover on, it is like wearing a huge winceyette nightie..cosy cosy
    I hope you are feeling better Maria
    Keep Warm
    Thea xx

  22. Hello there Maria, oh what a chilly post. I do love seeing everything all sparkly white when I'm cosy inside. As a child we didn't have central heating and the windows used to be frosted inside, very pretty but very cold :) I hope you have recovered from the flu. I will now buzz over to the bumble bee.
    Ali x

  23. Your lovely pics make me determined to be positive about the c-c-c-cold!

  24. If you go down to the woods (my blog) today, you're sure for a big surprise (not a bear in sight mind you) xxx

  25. Hello Rosy Maria! Just reading this makes me shiver ... love the patterns Jack Frost makes on the windows and paths, but don't love having to defrost my car in a hurry because I've forgotten to cover it the night before! Hoping to catch up with everyone very soon, when my life slows down a bit.

    Thinking of you at this time ...

    Love, Claire xxx

    1. ~ Thank you Claire, for thinking of me...Be glad to see November out! As you know a sad month for me..Ooh lots of excitement for YOU! ~ Just as the spooky tarrot reader predicted!!
      Take care....x