Elegant Rose

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

October Gave a Party...

October gave a party
~ By George cooper.

"October gave a party
The leaves by hundreds came.
The chestnuts,oaks and maples
And leaves of every name
The sunshine spread a carpet
And everything was grand.
Miss weather led the dancing
professor wind the band,
the chestnuts came in yellow,
The oaks in crimson dressed,
The lovely Misses Maple
In scarlet looked their best..
All balanced to their partners
And gaily fluted by,
The sight was like a rainbow
New fallen from the sky"....

~ Little words from me today!
But a few pretty pictures of my treats 
and buys during this lovely vibrant
 month of October...

( Lamp hand made with love)
From Bumble Bee.

~My new ~ old vintage tin...
Lots of charm.
Pansies and such lovely detail...
I am a thinking of  keeping ribbons and threads in this..

~Purchased with kindness from Mrs Thriftwoods
little vintage stall.

Autumn Dahlias.....
an array of colour..
Reminding me of when I was quite small.
Once upon a time.
~ We had a garden full of these little beauties....

One more for my growing collection of books!

~ Sarah Moore's wonderful Vintage 
Home .......
"Vintage ways make vintage days"!

In 'The Works' at a steal of a price just now..
( Thank you Claire)
I wonder
Have you been a spending ?
Or are you
" Drawing in your horns"
(till Christmas spends)
(My mama's wise words..)
always made me smile
When she said this...

You may remember him 
from 'fall' last year!
~ He is back to greet guests at my front door once more....
I think I may have fallen
 in love with 'Fall'
how about you?

~ Take time to dream...
Maria x


  1. Hello Maria
    Beautiful words as always, Your pretty tin reminds me of my childhood we used to have a similar one which always had cakes in, it was magic, always full of yummy cakes...Salem looks pleased to be on guard duty again..I have been clearing the fallen leaves today and planting bulbs the weather has been kind but I hear its on the turn soon.. chilly winds on the way
    Happy Autumn Days
    Thea xx

  2. Hello and meow to Salem once again Maria.. he is back in his place again for october.
    I think I am agreeing with you Maria.. getting a little older now, the cooler days and the lovely sun of the Autumn days are warming my heart.
    Nice poem.
    lovely little finds you have there.
    happy tuesday. Val xxx

  3. Beautiful post once again. For some reason we have lots of toadstools growing in our garden. I much prefer your pumpkin photo :) Your little tin looks sooo pretty and I'm sure you'll be spending a lovely evening diving into your vintage book. I haven't heard the term 'drawing in your horns' for donkeys years. I am definitely doing that. What do your other kitties think of Salem? Have a cosy evening.

    Ali x

  4. Hello Maria, I love those dahlias, what a beautiful colour. I've got the book, from The Works....it's safely put away, Little Bea has got it for me using her very own pocket money! :) x

  5. The poem is beautiful and a great introduction to your lovely treasures below. It's good to see Salem again.
    Sarah x

  6. Hello sweet Maria!!!! Don't you just LOVE this time of year? I am guessing that England has it's charms all year, but now, it has to be special. I LOVE your little lampshade with the colors to cast a mood at night. I wish you a happy week as you hunker down, bake, fill your home with the scents of October and dream. Anita

  7. October makes me my heart feel warm and nurturing, it's a time of cuddles and homemaking, decorating with autumn shades from nature, preparing for winter. I so loved the poem you've included here, it made me smile! Thank you for another lovely, heartwarming post full of your pretty treasures! Chrissie x

  8. I just knew the little tin would settle in and be really at home with you Rosey Maria! Was lovely to see you on Saturday ...

    It's nice to see Salem again too, and those dahlias are just gorgeous!

    Love Claire xxx

  9. Just seen this and thought you'd like it! http://sewsweetviolet.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/postcards-from-bath.html#comment-form xx

  10. I like so much this autumnal touch you gave to your beautiful and cosy home. Your dahlias are sublime and related to such tender memories... I would love to have a cat like yours, it's so cute and particular as well. Nice poem, I share your excitement for October!
    Have a wonderful, creative day!
    Hugs, Olympia

  11. "The falling leaves, drift past my window,
    the autumn leaves of red and gold.
    I see your lips, the summer kisses,
    the sun-burned hands l used to hold....".
    ALL together now.....SING......
    "C'est une chanson, qui nous ressemble,
    toi tu aimais, et je t'aimais. nous vivions tous,
    les deux ensemble....."
    (Come on...Come on....Keep up....There's more)! :). Hehe!

    Christmas....Love It! Love It!
    Second only to my burfday.....Spend! Spend! Spend!
    You only pass this way once...(though, l'm going for a second time).
    HeHe! After all it's only money.....!!! You can't take it with you........
    My coffin's already full as it is....salami...vino...The Godfather..DVD.

    Oh! just to say....If yer do'in yer own pumpkins, this year....Don't
    throw away the pips....Give them a wash, put them on a tray in a
    hot oven, for 15-20 minutes....Roasted....There good for you.......! :).

  12. Hello Maria
    You home looks so beautiful and cosy. It certainly has an autumn look to it and those gorgeous dahlias offer a subtle splash of colour. I love that tin jug...perfect setting!! That cat is unusual...has it a story? I'm very tempted to go and hunt for that book on Amazon or ebay . I so enjoy browsing through books like that. Some very emotive and beautiful poems here Maria which as always adds to making it a great post to read!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  13. Lots of lovely photos on your post as usual Maria. Salem is gorgeously spooky too, I do remember him from last year!

  14. Oh my Salem, what a lovely puss and on little wheels too, purrfection.


    Jean x

  15. Hi Maria - I am rather loving this October too! I love the poem, I love your lamp, I love your tin, I have the vintage home book and love it, but most of all I love Salem!
    M x

  16. The wind today will hasten the fall. My witches broomstick will be useful to sweep the leaves up - then I'll go for a ride!

  17. Dear Maria, you managed to capture autumn in your lovely words and pretty pictures. I love the pansies on your tin and the dahlias in the vintage jug.
    I’ve not heard the saying “drawing in your horns” before; we are always “saving up for a rainy day” or “spending a penny to save two”
    Salem is adorable! Happy October Maria, thank you for brightening my day. xxxxx

  18. Hello Maria~ You're home looks so pretty and cosy. I do love the lampshade. And your Mum's saying "Drawing in your horns" Hehe... I love that. :) xx

  19. Oh, I love your autumn dahlias. So beautiful! And too have fallen in love with Fall (unless I was born that way).

  20. Hello there most precious soul! Thank you Maria for walking through raining gold to come and see my post. Oh how you would have loved the shower of yellow leaves yesterday after school as I drove home. It was splendid. Now let's wait for another full moon and dream!

    Happy weekend, Anita

  21. Hello Miss Maria ,
    I too have fallen in love with Autumn.
    The colorful leaves are now staring to waft through the air ~
    all swirly and flouncy when the wind blows.
    Some days still are some warm the nights are cool yet cozy.
    Many flowers here are still in bloom and the maiden grass is in full plume !
    Yes and I just decorated my blog with maiden grass today .
    I hope you are enjoying yourself this weekend
    Perhaps you have been laughing, skipping and twirling in Autumns colorful leaves !
    Hugs ,