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Monday, 1 October 2012

October Gave a Party.........

October gave a party;
The leaves by hundreds came-
The chestnuts,Oaks and Maples,
And leaves of every name.
The sunshine spread a carpet,
And everything was grand,
Miss weather led the dancing,
Professor wind the band......
~ George Cooper
Isn't this little poem beautiful?
I do hope October is going to be kind to us all.......

The witching month arrives....

I  have always quite liked October as I love all the magic and  mystery and traditions associated with this month.
I began our seasonal Halloween window at work and a change of theme called for twigs and berries and pumpkin lanterns...... I couldn't help but think how fast the year seems to have passed by......
It only feels a short time ago that we displayed buntings and flags for a summer that alas never showed itself....

A few things came home to live with me too....
Miss black cat never got to go in the shop window, but will feel very much at home with all my felines, I am sure!

Tuesday brought a visit from Mrs Thriftwood bearing lovely gifts of home made 'summer berries jam'...

I can't wait to have this on toast for breakfast!
Thank you Claire.

I have started this enchanting book, as it seems perfect for the season.
I have wanted to read for ages now,as it has been mentioned on other blogs.
It will be perfect for the lead up to Halloween.
I love losing my self in a good story.

I am reading two others that I am almost through, does any body else read 'three' books all together, I wonder?

I have always been fascinated by story telling, perhaps that is why I blog?
I have my journal with me at all times for quotes and verses and l love to note words down to keep for when, I am not really sure......
The enchanting stories above I found whilst sorting through papers, they are from my teens and were cut from, 'Jackie' and 'My Guy magazines', can you remember these teen mags?
I thought I had kept perhaps for the pictures which are hauntingly beautiful, but the stories are magical and I wonder at the short imaginative tales....

Perhaps funniest of all is the pop stars on the back!
David Essex, Bob Geldof and even David Van Day! My how times change....
I did say they were from my younger years!

I guess I was a romantic dreamer then.
I wonder did the authors go on to write novels...
I do hope so.

My gratitude diary, for thoughts ideas and dreams...


We have been visiting universities for Olivia this weekend, I can't quite believe this!
My thoughts go out to those young people leaving the nest for the first time this year, what wonderful adventures await!
I must admit I cried all the way home after leaving Dean in Birmingham though, it seemed such a long way away!
I will try not to think of Olivia leaving till nearer the time, I do not do change very well, I know.


Image  above taken from country living....

keep warm and enjoy Autumn!

I do hope October will be kind to us all...

Image taken from simple abundance.....
My Favourite book....

Bye for now and thank you always for popping into my little world, I do always appreciate this...
LoVe Maria x


  1. What a lovely poem. Just perfect for the windy but sunny autumnal day we have had in my part of the world today.
    I love that cat ... I'm not surprised you want to keep hold of it!
    I always have two books on the go ... one fiction and one non fiction, plus a magazine as well.
    M x

    1. Hello There, Thank you for sweet words and kind emails!
      I really enjoy your lovely blog!

  2. We have a very blustery autumn day here today! Yes I remember those mags well, David Essex was my first love! Ada :)

    1. Hi Ada, Aww David Essex was the bees knees!

  3. I do love October as well..Halloween is such a spookly fun time! I like Miss black cat..very cute :)
    Enjoy the books...I have read 'the thousand splendid suns', it was a very interesting read..full of such hardships.
    Have a lovely day today x

    1. Hi Magie, Yep 'The Thousand Splendid suns' is soo sad, but a really good book and really opens up your eyes to other cultures!

  4. I hadn't heard that poem before, its lovely. How great that you kept all those cuttings, must be great reading through them.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

    1. Hi Liz, I am thinking I could be a hoarder!

  5. October is a very special, I love the poem the words say so much, I have a journal with too.... the little wooden cat is lovely such a cheeky face!
    Yes I grew up with Jackie mags (cut out posters of Marc Bolan all over my bedroom)
    Glad you had a wonderful day with Claire, the jam looks delicious and I am green with envy that you get to dress the shop window, something I would love to be part of
    Have a wonderful week
    Thea x

    1. Thanks Thea, for the kindest words always...

  6. Beautiful poem! Love this time of year. Would love to have more than one book on the go (I have such apple building!) but with two teeny children to look after my brain can only just about cope with the one :)
    Victoria xx

    1. Oh I can remember those busy years Victoria x

  7. That's a great poem! I think this is the nicest season of the year if you have small children, so much to look forward to.
    I quite often have more than one book on the go, I tend to have one light hearted for bedtime and other subjects for the daytime!
    Thank you for the mention of my giveaway and for entering.Good luck!

  8. Love your cat on wheels Maria! Drove past the shop today and the window looked lovely as always ... You are prepared for Halloween aren't you? Looking forward to next week, oh and enjoy your jam!

    Love Claire xxx

  9. October is a wonderful month, and that poem is perfect. I think children leaving home always heralds a difficult time - I know I'll find it immensely hard when the time comes. But mixed with excitement for the future and what it will bring.
    Thank you for such a lovely comment - blackberry picking always makes me feel nostalgic for my childhood. It's one of those wonderfully timeless activities, I think. x

  10. Hello Maria, What a lovely post. The George Cooper poem is beautiful, thanks for sharing it. I'm terrible for reading two or three books at a time. I'm sure it would be easier if I just read one. I remember Jackie and My Guy, I decorated my room with the posters. The first record I bought was David Essex, I thought he was great. Lucky you homemade jam, lovely on toast. Thanks for leaving your lovely comment on my blog. Have an autumnal week.
    Ali x

    1. Hello Ali,
      As said below John Travolta was my poster boy!! haha.

  11. I enjoyed the poem. Such a beautiful way to begin your virtual journal entry. :)

    I like the black cat. Is it sitting upon wheels? I have a few cats at home, and I don't think they would like her if she was able to roll around after them, ha, ha!

    You're not the only one who reads more than one book at a time. I tend to read too many books at a time. Sometimes, I will be reading about 6 to 8 books at a time on various ocasions. I love books, but I never seem to finish the majority of the books I begin to read. I guess I get "distracted" too easily.

    I like the idea that you keep a journal to jot down thoughts, quotes, verses, etc. I like to write poetry, so I always have to have some kind of pen and paper around to jot down my thoughts. Otherwise, I'd go crazy! :)

    Lastly, I see your "little girl" is all grown-up and ready for college. Try not to shed too many tears Mom.

    Blessings to you friend! :)

    1. Blessings to you also Mara,
      You are so kind!

  12. My daughter has just left for uni and next year my son hopes to go too - it will seem very strange when both of them have gone, although I'm sure they will be back! :)
    I so enjoy the changing of the seasons, and October is a lovely month. I like your black cat, I would have taken her home too. Best wishes, Pj x

  13. Hi Maria
    Love your verses and all your journals and cuttings. I remember Jackie so well I loved it, but I wasn't allowed to buy My Guy, as my Dad didn't approve of it! A lovely autumnal post, thank you :)

    1. Ha Ha, My guy was a little more grown up!

  14. Love the black cat pull along! Good luck to your daughter re: Uni. I remember those teen magazines - I used to stick the pics of pop groups etc on my bedroom wall and my gran would always ask me how I could sleep with all those eyes watching me!

    1. I think my mum said words of the same!
      I had John Travolta on mine awww those Grease Days!

  15. I love that poem,I think I put in on my blog last year!
    I love the Autumn,I'm hoping it's going to be a mild one with lots of sunny days for our walks.
    Enjoy your lovely jam! :0)

  16. It is - such a beautiful, beautiful poem.

    Nina x

    1. Thanks Nina, for visiting me, It is such a sweet verse.

  17. Hi Maria, thank you so much for your wonderful visit. I love your beautiful pictures and the book is something I'm going to look out for ; )

  18. Thank you Monique, I am sure you will love that book!

  19. It always breath air and sweet
    here with you Mary and I transmit peace
    with your post, thanks
    Love Susy x

  20. Hi Susy,
    Thank you for kind words always..

  21. such a beautiful poem and i love the idea of your gratitude diary .... just lovely.
    Good luck to Olivia in her search for the perfect uni, I am missing my Sweet B she has just her second year, I have started my countdown to her Christmas holidays!
    have a lovely weekend
    love jooles x

    1. Thank you Jooles, it is always lovely to hear from you!

  22. What a lovely poem Maria ! Oh I know it's hard to think of Olivia going away to Uni but my niece has just gone to Edinburgh and is having such a lovely busy time that it is sooo nice to see ....haven't heard of that book but it looks really good and perfect for this time of year too....have a nice weekend...we are off to Liverpool to the art galleries...should be nice ...Gail x

    1. Hello lovely you!
      Yep Olivia is soo excited about university, we are only viewing them at the moment...Hope you have a wonderful visited to Liverpool!

  23. Hi Maria,

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I hope Olive will find the university she likes. It will be strange when she leaves home. My eldest daughter and her boyfriend are looking for a little house of themselves too. So exciting!

    The poem sounds lovely!


    1. Thank you for visiting Madelief,
      Your blog is so pretty!

  24. What a lovely post to celebrate October. I like your idea on capturing quotes and poems. I loved reading my Jackie magazine was My Guy the first one that photo pictures of a story?
    Hope your daughter finds a lovely university. It's hard with the second one you know what to expect having done it with a once before but the house is so quiet without any children at all.
    Sarah x