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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Falling In Love With Fall.........

Hello everyone!.

I didn't get to kick any leaves and hug any trees with my pal this week, due to the dreaded rains we have had consistently.......
I did pick some leaves and berries to display, an Autumn table perhaps?

Image courtesy of Pretty Nostalgic.

'Roll on the winter, as we may get some nice days to enjoy some winter walks'......

I have had some creative moments, this little pin board which we used for the birthday girl, then re-invented with vintage materials and all from a broken picture frame!
Lovely to keep letters handy.

I have been making my winter warmer soups again too.
Not from any of  these cook books I may add, but a just a simple recipe made with 'love'.
I have described my cooking in earlier posts to that of 'Ria' from Butterflies.
~Can you remember this wonderful sitcom? haha.
I could play this part wonderfully well.....

Our piano room, cosy and strictly 'No Dancing Dads' allowed in here.....


This week we have lit our coal fire, much to our moggies delight and we have nestled down in the evenings....
It has been really damp and chilly.
Woolly jumpers and knitted socks have come out to air.
I do love winter woollies!
September has had a real nip in the air and there is always a 'peeking order', to who gets the warmest place nearest the hearth....


I have been jollying around in this knit this week, a little cosy number worn over a floral dress!
Winter sweaters are a must.
Expensive, but I am calling it an investment! 
Its from Sea-salt.
One must keep warm!


I love my cabbages and roses frock!
A steal at a reasonable £45, simply couldn't afford their prices, unless in the sales!
again another investment.

And on to next week!
Mrs Thriftwood (http://thriftwood114.blogspot.co.uk/) is coming to visit and have tea and cakes on Tuesday, so goodness knows what us vintage girls will get up too!
Looking forwards to this., my next post perhaps?

' Have tea with me the gossips free'..... 


Image from Claire's lovely home!

Always scattering kindness......

I hope your week has been cosy and you are enjoying keeping warm too!
Bye for now.
Love maria x


  1. Love the cardigan, very toasty. The weather has only just hit us, so a rummage through winter clothes is needed. I remember 'Butterflies' always funny but bittersweet too.

    1. Hello there...
      Yes I loved this sitcom soo.
      Hoping you are keeping dry!

  2. Am very looking forward to Tuesday, visiting your lovely home and sitting by the roaring fireside with a kitty or two beside me!

    Claire xxx

    1. A kitty or four more like claire!
      See you tomorrow Mrs...

  3. Dear Maria,
    Yesterday was sunny day here but today torrential rain! Love your fireplace - no wonder the cats have hogged it to themselves!

    1. Terrible rains here every day June, am a thinking of hibernation!hehe..

  4. Such a warm and cosy post Maria! Have a lovely day with Claire!
    Victoria xx

  5. Dear Maria,
    I can see that you are really getting into the colder weather over there in UK..
    Your hearth looks so inviting. Love your kitty in the basket. I can see why there is a pecking order to see who gets there first.
    Like your finds..and cardigan. Still in summer wear here.
    This mornings the heaven's opened up here and it rained and rained.. i walked out in it. It was so wonderful
    first rains since May.
    I still have the fan on.. its 26º..but thats just perfect.
    Happy first sunday in Autumn.
    Val xx

    1. Hello Val,
      Have a lovely week and thank you for popping in!

  6. Yes, it sure has been feeling a lot cooler, Autumn is defiantly settling in! It sounds like you have the right idea though...warm soups, cosy sweaters and a toasty fire (just perfect!).
    Magie x

  7. Autumn is here,no doubt about it, but I do love snuggling down on the sofa, cuppa at the ready (piece of cake too) with my knitting or a lovely book. I love the colours and the wrapping up warmly for cold brisk walks and the comfort food. Marmalade is also feeling the cold and loves to snuggle by the fire if its on.Your cardi is lovely but it will be an investment I'm sure and one that will last several autumn/winters.

  8. Oh Maria
    You have made me feel all cosy and warm, yes I remember Butterflies (one of my favourites) your warming soup looks delish.
    I love your dresses so pretty, I am sporting my fav old cardi and my nordic sipper boots today,
    Your cats look so warm and cosy.. bless
    Have a lovely day with Claire (I wish I lived nearer so I could pop in and say hello)
    Thea x

    1. Aww Thea,
      Do you know I wish you could pop around too!!
      I bet we could chat all day and drink tea of course...
      Hope you are keeping dry, we are thinking of sending out a dove as it has been soo wet today....

  9. A really lovely, cosy post! Make sure you both get up to lots of mischief! Ada :)

  10. Bonitas fotos de otoño, me gusta su casa acogedora. Muchos saludos

  11. Maria your home looks so cosy and your cat asleep in the pink basket "Adorable" I need to try and make more home made soup this year. I love Autumn too the crisp mornings and cosy nights. I Have just remembered I heard your blog song on the radio the other day and I was racking my brains where I had heard it and your blog just reminded me now lol, goes to show that I do a lot of blog visits huh. Have a great week. Tracy x

    1. Hi Tracy,
      Thank you for sweet comments always!

  12. I was just looking at that very Sea-Salt cardi this afternoon as I was hunting through my favourite online shops for winter woollies. It's lovely! It's freezing cold in Yorkshire - we were scraping ice off the windscreen at 6 am yesterday!

  13. Hi Maria: My hubby and I were just saying this morning that we will be lighting the fires pretty soon. It is not quite that chilly here yet but you can feel it in the morning air. Your's looks so comfy cozy, and I see the little ones have settled in already. Our Maggie looks just like yours in the pink basket and she settles down right in front of our stove in the bedroom on her little black pillow. Thank you for you kind words to me. I always love hearing from you..Happy Sunday..Judy

    1. Hello Judy, always lovely to have you visit!

  14. Thank you so much for your message Maria. Yes it's an awful illness that's hard for others to understand unless they've been throught it, which you have been! I think it would have been even harder if I hadn't had my sisters though, take care and thank you, Ada :) x

    1. Hello Ada,
      Thank you for replying and you are in my thoughts Ada.

  15. You take the most gorgeous photos Maria. i love to see little snap shots of people's homes. I love this time of year, although my husband is sick of me moaning "I'm cold!" I love getting wrapped up in a blanket by the fire. Bliss.
    Have a great week, can't wait to hear what you and Claire get up to!
    Love Katie xxx

    1. Thank you Katie, awww we will never stop chatting!

  16. Chimney's are being swept soon and then our woodburners will be lit too.
    Maria - I still can't reply to your comments on my blog (you are a 'no-reply blogger) - if you don't mind you could send me your email address and then I will be able to reply to you. Have a good warm week.
    M x

    1. Hello there, yep have sent you my email address!

  17. I think it won't be long before we get the heating on, it has turned mighty chilly and dark, too. You do right to treat yourself, besides quality always lasts longer .. that's my excuse anyway!!

  18. Thanks for stopping by Kate, its my excuse too...hehe x

  19. Sorry to hear you didn't get to go leave kicking. I think wellies and puddle jumping are much more likely at the moment. I really like your cardi, lovely colour. Lucky you a real fire. Our first home had a coal fire and I really miss it. Lovely to sit round on a chilly day with toasted crumpets and tea. Hope you and Claire have a lovely afternoon. Thanks for your lovely comment, I really do like the name Heidi. I think the end result will be picked from a hat. Take care.
    Ali x

    1. Hello Ali, I agree about the puddles and wellies...
      Have fun with the naming ceremony!

  20. A lovely bowl of friend-sharing soup to have by the fire...isn't soup just wonderful- like a warm heart.

    I love the Seasalt cardi; I tried on the green fairisle version last week and was sorely SORELY tempted- so much so that I thought I could perhaps put it away and ask to have it for Christmas (yes, thats how much I was trying to justify it) and I opened the changing room curtians to have a look in a better light and an elderlyer-lady-than-me walked past and without prompting she said "pah, it'll only shrink in the wash" and that was it- spell broken!

    Hope you're having a good week

    1. Hello your lovely comment made me giggle!! I will bear the washing bit in mind... hehe xx

  21. Lovely photos and it's looking very cosy now with the fire on. A girl can never have too many investments hee hee...hope you and Claire have had a lovely day ! Gail x

    1. Aww Thanks lovely you!
      Ohh we did.....xxx hehe.

  22. Hi Maria, I think you've got the right idea, it's too wet to go walking, I feel exactly the same as you...time for doing indoor things like baking and making soups. Love the vintage dress...thanks for sharing. Have a lovely week. Sharon x