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Monday, 29 October 2012

When Witches Go Riding.......

~ When witches go riding and black cats are seen, the moon smiles and whispers, it's time for Halloween......

Well almost!

Courtesy of Google.

I am sending Halloween greetings a little earlier than most and hoping they reach you all safe and sound.

On Sunday our seasonal Jack- o- lantern was created!
Although he doesn't look at all spooky!

Ooh far too rainy to display him on my steps just at the moment.
I do hope it will be a fine night on Wednesday.

I can't help thinking that this year has gone, like the 'clappers' and can it really be this time again.
The little sweet poem at the start of my post I always write on our black board at the little shop I spend my hours in...

Seems only a blink of an eye since I wrote it last year.....

There has been some beautiful, crispy dry days here and on my walks to work, I did get my chance to kick some some leaves at long last....
Simple pleasures that mean a lot!
My park walk always starts my day off perfectly. this time of year always reminds me of  my younger years...
~ Certain times of the year will always spark sweet memories....
We lived a skip and a jump from the park then and I always remember my father used to cut the many trees, sort the dead leaves and cut and tidy the  fruit bushes in our garden at this time .....It was quite  a labouring job to thin them out, as there was so many ,but such fun to use the dead sticks and leaves, because I knew we were  starting our bonfire!
 Dad always got us this way! hehe.
We were always enthusiastic to help.....
Our garden seemed vast then I wonder was it really, or was I just smaller? Very often when we grew tired  and our attention wavered as children do, we would sneak away through the secret railing at the bottom of our garden into the park......
Thinking of this memory is bitter sweet, as sadly Dad passed when I was still in my school years.
My memories of him are really of how hard working he was for us all.
Sometimes my childhood reminds me of how free we were to roam and explore and have adventures all on our very own door step and through that secret railing into the park.
It didn't cost a penny either...

Like a secret Garden....

I am wondering what your thoughts and memories are at this time of year dear friends....

Are you lighting candles, building bonfires, or performing magic with seasonal delights for your love ones?
Or maybe taking time out to enjoy the half term change of routine....?

I feel a pumpkin pie will be on the menu for tonight!
(I may need a magic spell to help me here)

Happy Halloween every one, remember keep the magic alive!
Looking forwards to taking a peek into your bewitching hour this week.

Love Maria x
Thank you for always saying the kindest words also.
they mean a lot!


  1. What precious memories for you. For me, this time of the year is for long walks kicking through dried leaves ..... bit too soggy at the moment but itching for them to dry out.

  2. Such a lovely post Maria.
    You always keep me glued to your posts.. they are alive and warming.
    The memories of you sneaking out through the railings and into the park. That never happened to me.
    Growing up in Africa.. we were not allowed to wonder off.
    I do remember my early years in England.. a bonfire night or two.. my mother used to go with me to the fire and put our potatoes in and she would make treacle toffee. Then my life changed..
    My father was a happy man.. a musician.. Trombone...played in the big bands.. those memories are precious of him.
    Thank you for leaving your kind comments over at my blog..
    val x

    I love your choice of music.. its lovely.
    I dont celebrate Halloween .. My grandchildren sometimes do..but they are growing up now.
    I will light some candals in memory of my beloved parents..
    great post.
    xxxx hugs

    1. You always say the kindest things Val.
      How fascinating to grow up in Africa.
      Glad you like my music, its a special song that means a lot to me..xxx

  3. Sooo sorry to hear that your Dad died when you were so young, it's always so sad when children are left without their parents. I can't remember too much about Halloween, we didn't make that much of it. I can remember bonfire night and all those fireworks! Oh and mischievous night! Lots of tricks played then! Ada :)

    1. Thanks Ada, some times these sad times do shape the people we grow into, I believe....
      But we all have sad times in our lives.

  4. Hello Maria, I so enjoyed reading your happy memories, thank you for sharing them, I don't have any memories of Halloween except that we wernt allowed to go out trick or treating, Mum thought it would frighten the old people....
    But Bonfire night was the best night ever, I loved it more than Christmas, we would build a huge bonfire, it was so exciting.

    Now for halloween present...Youngest is going to a party, we get lots of children knock on the door, so I get lots of treats in, and put a display in the window, its all about there memories now xx
    lots of love, your Dad sounded a wonderful Man xx

    1. Ooh I agree about bommy night Sophie...The smell, the colours, the shreiks and sounds!!
      Thats another post, me thinks xxx
      Thanks for kind words, its an awful long time ago...
      But on here is like a living diary and some times you do relive it.

  5. In quiet contemplation l sit beneath a canopy of leaves, searching for a moment of tranquillity and peace....
    Above me a myraid of precious jewels are ripening in the sun, inviting me to stay and fix my silent gaze upon......
    I close my eyes and speak to my creator through my prayers, his holy presence capturing all worries, doubts and cares.....!

    (A Lovely Heartfelt Blog...)

    1. Aww this is beautiful Willie and I am more than delighted and intrigued to 'meet' you!
      Thank you for taking the time to visit me xx

    2. Ah! There is more.....
      Resting by the tree that bears the scars of natures sufferings, l sense it's boughs enfolding me in love and humble offerings....
      The verdant fruits are but a symbol of the gifts we may receive, when we cry 'Abba Father' as the spirit intercedes...!

      (And, it's written by Elizabeth Mason....Simply about the humble 'OLIVE'. Which grows back home in mia Sicilia....) :>).

  6. I have fond memories of Halloween, it is really celebrated in Canada..I remember dressing up each year and my parent's taking my sister and I out trick o treating. My Sister and I would no doubt be a bundle of high sugar energy afterwards for days (don't think my parent's loved that bit..haha :P).
    Have a Happy Halloween and enjoy the pumpkin pie!
    Magie x

  7. On Halloween, I always remember the old baby bath being brought out and we'd play duck apple, my Mam made treacle toffee and that was it really ... We weren't allowed out because trick and treating hadn't really arrived over here then, it was more Mischief Night ... The gate had always been removed and thrown in someone's garden!

    The secret gate into the park sounds great ... I loved the park as a child, it would have been like having your very own!

    Have a Happy Halloween, I know you love it!

    Claire xxx

    1. Hi Mrs!
      Gosh Claire, I forgot about the gates being taken off!!!

  8. Hi Maria,I agree the simpliest of things always brings such pleasure,a walk in the park kicking up leaves,the sun peeping out now and again feels like magic.Love your Jack o lantern,We re doing ours tomorrow so I can make the pumpkin soup fresh for our yearly halloween party,I ve been making the usual sweetie bags,lots ,we had so many callers last year I had to make more :)
    I love the halloween pictures you ve used are they from a book?
    Happy week and happy Halloween,lots of love juliexxx

  9. Such beautiful memories Maria. This is by far my most favourite time of year!
    Victoria xx

  10. What beautiful memories and stories of childhood, once you amused
    more with less, there was less danger.
    Congratulations on the pumpkin .... brrrrr is frightening, ihihih!
    Love Susy x

  11. Another beautiful post. I love walking down memory lane. This is my favourite time of year and all I really want to do is walk in the woods and smell that earthy smell of rotting leaves and tangy pine needles. Unfortunately, I live in town now and time gets away from me so quickly that I don't ever seem to get back to my roots in the countryside. Come fall we used to help my dad haul logs up from the woods on a steep hill for our winter fires - smells of chain saw gas, earthy woods, leaves, woodsmoke (and a pot of baked brown beans!) - all bring it back. Thanks for sharing your memories. Wendy

  12. A great post. We will be carving the pumpkin tomorrow!

  13. Hello Maria
    Well Its all happening your lanten is ready, the spell book is to hand so exciting...You have some lovely memories of your childhood, life seemed a lot simpler then and we made our own entertainment,(hark at me I sound like my Mum) I have lots of memories of bonfires and apple pies and chasing around the garden with torches..
    As children we carved swedes! as we did not have access to pumpkins (very hard on the hands and I can still smell the aroma when they were lit)
    My Dad died when I was 7 years old but I still think of him so much, he was a very special man....I love this time of year the colours on the trees, the birds gathering and the sounds of wind blowing...
    I have made a start, the dresser is lit and decorated and the pumpkin will be ready tomorrow
    A wish you well on this special Halloween...Iam so glad we have "met"
    Thea xx

    1. Hello lovely Thea,
      we always have so much in common.
      I some times think wee have already met, dear friend...

  14. Hi Maria,
    What a lovely post and thank you for sharing those wonderful memories, it must have been so sad your Dad dying when you were so young. I still have my pumpkin to carve, I like you can't resist kicking the leaves, I was doing it as I walk to work last week too!
    Sarah x

  15. Hi Maria!
    A beautiful post as usual....
    My Mother says as long as we pass on memories of our loved ones they stay with us and are not forgotten?
    Love and happy wishes
    Daisy j xxx

    1. Hi Missy Daisy.
      Mine used to say the same :)

  16. Hello Maria,
    Thanks for another lovely post. It really tugged at my heart strings when you mentioned loosing your Dad so young. It's lovely that you have such happy memories. Your jack o lanterns hair do looks great. Have a spooky week.
    Ali x

  17. I think as we grow older, we tend to appreciate our childhood more, as we begin to realize the "freedom" we did have to roam, explore, and create. I don't think we always realize these things when we are children. I know I sure didn't. Well, we can't go back, so we have to try to be as creative as we can as adults with our chaotic adult lives. :)

    I was sad to hear about your daddy's passing. It made me think about my daddy's passing back in October 2006. It took me a LONG time to get over his passing. It still "haunts" me on occasion, but at least the pain is lessening over time, and that's a good thing. It's not good to be sad all the time.

    Your carved pumpkin is cute. :) I've never carved one before, and I am sure I would make a mess. I hope your pumpkin pie turns-out good too. I'm sure it will.

    Blessings to you! :)

  18. Hi Maria - this is my favourite time of the year as well. I love the warm soft tones and the mists. My Dad and Mam used to make my brother and I little toys at Halloween. One year it was ghost hand puppets made out of a white sheet. Another year it was little wooden rabbits with a peg between their head and body to keep special notes in. I am still using my rabbit on my desk even now. It must have been so hard for you to lose you Dad when you were so young. I think when we are little our view of the world is from the unit of our family and when that changes it is traumatic. Have a lovely Halloween. Lily. xxx

    1. Thanks for sharing Lily.
      How wonderful that you still have that bunny! xx

  19. Hi Maria, thanks for stopping by my little blog :)

    My Dolly seems to have found herself the perfect home! Have a wonderful Hallowe'en,

    Erica xxx

  20. Hello ...I too loved the park when I was little and used to spend lots of time there with my sister and our dog......it's still a beautiful park and nice to walk through whatever season isn't it? hope you had a good Halloween. Have a nice weekend...Gail x

  21. Its a long holiday here in our place so its reunion with families friends and relatives


  22. It has been so lovely to catch up with you again, I hope you had a super halloween. Losing your Dad so young must of been a shock but what lovely memories you have of him he must of been such a lovely person x love LBF x