Elegant Rose

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

*Jolly ~ins Of January*

Pull up a chair....

I have tried to keep January
as light and airy as possible.
Where others have perhaps drawn fire side 
and started on their new years resolutions.
I resolved to make none at all and just go with the flow
and I'm kinda thinking that's how January
was in 'The Rosey Tinted Household'....
Goodness knows it can be the longest
of months..
Here's my little January in pictures..

Lots of resting and nesting...

A trip to see the, she Wolves at our local 
'Wild ~life animal park'..
As you can see, I had Miss Olivia home...
Lots of fun !

Beautiful , Beautiful Creatures..

Wild and free, in spirit.
Truth be told I am not a fan of zoos..
I don't frequently visit.
But this day, kinda made my January !
I was captivated by their beauty!

Mr RTS 's treated me to the best seat 
in the house last weekend too !
(* Our house* )
He made the most delightful celery soup followed
 vegetarian spinach and broccoli 
based pizza..
In this 'Pop - Up Restaurant' , by our fireside..
In all our married days, he's cooked possibly 
three times !!
So I a thinking you can imagine the giggles we had !
Super fun.
I would most certainly recommend doing this..
Kinda come dine YOU with ME..


January can most certainly bring the blues, that's true.
But I was happy to say
" There just not allowed to enter here"...

February arrives
  with snow for some and a full moon this evening..
Turn your pennies over folks and make that wish !

The full Snow moon.
"February is traditionally when the heaviest snow falls.
People often dream of places they'd rather be when 
they sleep under a full snow moon.".....
( The girl who chased the moon )

Happy February one and all...
~ the winding path ahead leads to Spring time..
And that's just around the very next corner...
I have a few little treats planned till then..
I do hope you have too,
With hugs and kindest thoughts .
Maria x
* Afterword *
Olivia has just text me from uni to say,
" Patrick Grant " from 'The Sewing Bee'
 is visiting the University soon, to do a talk 
on Fashion and textiles , and , and ,
Hmmm, I will have to think about that !
He He !
Wonder if that was in my wish box !

Sleep tight under
 the full Snow moon tonight !


  1. Right! Right! I've pulled up a chair....
    Hot Chocolate in one hand and a dough-nut in the other...! :).
    What now!!! HeHe!

    Well! I take one day at a time...One month at a time........
    No rush no bother..January, came and went...Don't know
    where..All l knows is all the Pussy~Tats on my calenders,
    looked lovely...'Paws for Thought'.

    And, we had a dusting of snow this morn'in...Crept downstairs
    at six for my first lemon tea...Crept back to bed, watched the
    news...HeHe! Dangerous thing to do....Depressing! So, turned
    that off, and fired up some James Brown! HaHa! 'Get on Down'
    'Make it Funky'. :>).
    Shot into town...Had my eyes tested...They do them while you
    wait to...Clever that! :).
    Popped into Costa...Quick look round the charity shops, bought
    a 'pink' (What else)...Bottle opener for a £1. Sorted!

    HeHe! One thing l did hear on the news was that an elephant, did
    a ton on the M1..,..Police advise motorists to drive carefully, and
    treat in as a round~a~bout!

    Lovely as ever Maria....
    Sending you a video of some wolves....If l can find it....
    Ciao! Ciao!

  2. Hellooo Willie !! I hVe emailed you .. Soo much to chat about x 😊

  3. Hi Maria, love your dinner a deux. I'm planning something on those lines for Feb 14th. Instead of going out this year. I know i can make it more special that way.

    jean x

  4. What a lovely thoughtful thing your husband did, how romantic and sweet. Keep warm xx

  5. Maria,
    It looks so cozy and romantic there by your fire place! What a nice thing for Mr.R.T to do! I'm so glad you survived January without letting in the blues....we do not need the blues.....no siree! And if they should threaten, you put on those Rose Tinted glasses ;-) Hope you have a wonderful, romantic ,rosey February! Blessings to you and yours
    sugar, spice and whatever's nice

  6. Aw, how lovely your fireside meal looks Maria! I must go & visit the wolves too; like you I prefer them not to be in a zoo, but if it helps their conservation...
    My goodness! The genes in your family, you're all gorgeous! xxx

  7. This is such a beautiful post with the most gorgeous images.

    I love that you've had your sweet Olivia home with you.

    Amber's gone back today, we've both been recovering from fevers, but getting back to normal, finally.

    I absolutely adore the cosy table setting by the fire, and it certainly sounds as though your January has been filled with love.

    Lovely to see a post from you, beautiful Maria. xx

  8. Your cozy cosy home is such a delightful place! I want to pull up a chair and snuggle under a blanket next to the fire and wait for spring to appear! We have the snow now to go with the snow moon. I took my sweet kitty for a walk today in the snow, he does love it, not like most cats! January already gone and February running out soon! I'm glad to know we share the same lovely moon!

  9. Good move not to let the blues in. It's the only way. Enjoying your adventures here and over on IG x

  10. Beautiful round up post of January. I agree that taking things slowly is the best way. xxx

  11. I love that him indoors cooked for you !! how romantic .....hope you have a lovely valentine's weekend....Gail x