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Monday, 3 June 2013

Where Are You From......

" If you don't know where you're from, you'll have a hard time saying where you're going".........

(Words of wisdom from Bumble bee)

~ A tiny voice whispered to me whilst reading, lovely, Anita's post just recently.
Lots of memories for me were evoked!
Thank you Anita...
I do hope you do not mind me writing my own little story, my friend!

So here goes.......


The red cape.
"I am from a little red cape, worn shyly, over a pretty floral dress...
From blushes and smiles.
~ and Shirley temple hair.
I am from a room with a view, of a park and a lake.....
Of birds songs and blossoms and gypsy free days"!
I am from music played loudly from the colourful fair ground close by...
Of candy floss hands and wonder waltz-er rides...
Of a garden of Wall flowers, growing up so high,' me and my daughter shall never ever die'......
From summers of old that beckoned you to come play....
And nights by candle light, when electric strikes had their way!

I am from nights with out night lights and bright orange, 'Diddy Jackets'....
Fishing for tadpoles with long butterfly nets..
 From hours spent out doors free, not with a single regret!
~ Cool larders with jam jars and tea in the garden......
And manners if you please, there is no pardon.
From loving parents who were first and last loves...
and dear Nana, Maude- Fay...
always a love and hug coming from this way
I am from a home that takes in all waifs and strays.
And a pa who would bring home, white, kitties to make your Christmas day!
I am from you," reap what you sow", 
and nights gazing at the moon.
laughing and singing to our very own tune.
And so this is me
~ and this I know to be true..
those were the good old days and I wonder how yours were for you!

The end or just the beginning!

A sunny spot.
I hope you all have been having fun in the sun!
(Little stool I painted up and brought home to live with me from Bumble Bee)
LOVE the spots........
~had to sneak it in mind you!

But I do love a painted spotty seat to enjoy a cup a in the sun!
~ Other things I have been up to are viewing this movie.
" The Great Gatsby".

I must say I did enjoy it very much!
It has mixed reviews, I know...
But I loved the colours the era and the wonderful clothes and the very splendid Leo, of course!
I think I will watch the original now, as I have never seen this before!
Have you, I wonder?


~WOW June already, now how did that happen!
~ Thanks for all the lovely comments always...
They make my day, they really do!
I will close for now!
Toodle pip and cheery o!
Love Maria x


  1. Maria, this was absolutely lovely! Love the rich memories behind the stories!
    You must mean The Great Gastby (sorry, no broadcast telly here!) and I have seen the Robert Redford (?) version. Critics reviews are good but when all is said and done, opinions and colours should never be argued over. Sounds as if this version is worth seeing and thanks for sharing!
    P.S. Love the little rose which appears as I move the mouse! Sweet!

    1. ~ I LOVED the movie....some thing different from the usual things....The colours are beautiful! Thank you for sweet words...

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  3. Ahh Maria that is so lovely and really made me think about my childhood and all the happy times I had with my parents and grandparents ... simple, but special times. I'm off to check out Anita's post now too.
    Sweet little stool.
    Hope you have a sunny week.
    M x

    1. Thank you Mrs VJ..I hope the sun shines on your week too!

  4. ~~~Wonderful~~~Brilliant~~~Ah! Oh! Yes!~~~
    We must remember that making a cup of tea..
    Is not 'JUST' making the tea....It's what
    we put into it, and how much...! :).

    Goodness...Bit lost for words now! mmmmM!
    Something has come to mind...
    "One month ago to-day, l was happy as a
    lark, but now, l go for walks, to the movies, maybe to the park. I sit on the same old bench
    and watch the children play, tomorrow is their future, but for me, just another day. They all gather round me, they seem to know my name, we laugh, tell a few jokes, still does'nt ease my pain. I know l can't hide from my memory, though day after day l've tried, l keep saying, she'll be back...But, to-day again, l lied...
    .....I see her face everywhere l go.......".

    No! No! I'm afraid l'm not the author of it...
    Wish l was...
    It's from a song by a band, l know well...
    The Chi-Lites...The title of this is 'Have You Seen Her'. (1972).
    It is on an album of there's..'20 Greatest Hits'. HeHe! I've still got the LP...
    I've just checked...It is on u-tube...!

    Oh! Love the spotty seat to...Love spots, well
    on most things, not measles of course....! :>).

    Well, l've just enjoyed a pizza, l made earlier.
    Sat out on the patio, with a bottle of vino calapso! There's half a bottle left...Sooooo!
    l'm off to finish it....Well....It'll only go off....HeHe!

    Lovely...Lovely post Maria....Bellissimo...!!!

    1. Enjoy that Vino, dear Willie! Life's to short to drink cheap wine...I remember the song! The words are lovely!

  5. What wonderful sentiments you have portrayed Maria :) And look at that HAIR in your photo!! Wow! Enjoy your garden tea times this week :) Wendy xox

    1. ~ Thank you, Wendy! Ooh that picture with 'hair' is vintage now...Mum and I just after Deans fist birthday....Many moons ago! I treasure the photograph!

    2. Oops I must not blog while making tea! ~ Of course it should read First! haha. silly me x

  6. I had a FANTASTIC morning and afternoon in my garden, and I am just sitting down to enjoy this special surprise, MARIA!!!!!!!

    When I saw your title pop up on my blog roll, I was reminded of how much fun I had with that WHERE I'M FROM POEM, but I had no idea you did this! BRAVO! I am so happy that you took the time to think about where you are from, for it is precious, I know. Then to compose the poetry; that takes time and careful thought, doesn't it? I love many lines in this piece of yours my friend, but the one I love the most is about your parents - "...first loves, last loves." Oh, is that sheer poetry, or what?YES!

    And your inspiration for me to sit in my white garden chair with a cuppa. That is what I'm doing next time! I actually spent a moment in the sun where my little bench is, as a break from the raking and cleaning. Tea of course, is in order!

    You are such a delight sweet friend. Thank you for this enchanted afternoon in your garden, in your heart and memories. Anita

    1. Ooh Anita...I couldn't possibly be as poetic as you, my friend! thank you firstly for the beautiful post and for always leaving such generous and kind comments!~ My parents were first and last loves...but sadly Dad passed when I was young...So Mum had many years alone...She always said she had found the love of her life....But she just couldn't keep him for long...Wishing you a lovely rest of week from my small corner to yours...

  7. Another lovely post to read Maria.Although we were relatively poor when I was a child I really do think looking back they were the good old days. Lovely memories.

    1. Here, Here Anne....I am thinking we were rich in lots of other ways...

  8. Hello Maria
    Beautiful words and memories my friend, the way we were.. makes us who we are today...
    I can feel so much warmth in your words, straight from the heart, so very special. love your photos..bless

    Your new spotty stool is lovely, just right for a cuppa!
    I know June already!!! do you think she has crept up on us because of our poor weather...
    Sunny week on the way..Yahay
    Speak soon
    Love Thea xx

    1. ~ Thanks for kind word always, lovely Thea....

  9. Love your memories Maria, as I share lots of them too!

    I haven't seen The GG yet, planning to go soon when Millie's finished her exams, but I did see the Robert Redford one in the seventies and loved it ...

    Your little stool is very lovely, but can't believe Pat doesn't notice these little treasures being sneaked in!

    Have fun in the sun my lovely, and see you soon, we'll have to get together!

    Love Claire xx

    1. Claire do you remember the 'Diddy Jackets ? We wore them to school before the clocks changed.....they were used to illuminate us on our journey to school....ooh I feel old now....hehe!

    2. I do Maria ... bright orange! I remember my Mam, being ever resourceful, making some out of something luminous, but we refused to wear them because we didn't want to be 'different' ... I love being different now!

      Love Claire xx

    3. Hehe.....Knew you would and YES so do I....Our Mums could throw their hands at any thing.....think they had too. There seems so much of every thing know....YOU will love the clothes on the movie! WOW.

  10. Dear Maria, I loved Anita’s post, and I love yours too! How I wish I could write like you! So many lovely memories wrapped up in your words. Your painted stool is just gorgeous! I’ve read the great Gatsby a couple of times and can’t wait to see the film. The sun is shining brightly this morning; I hope it’s shining for you too. Barbara xx

  11. What a lovely poetic post. I am going to have to have to read Anita's. What a wonderful sign? I think I would pay to work at your shop, it has such lovely things. The painted stool looks so cute. I think the spots just add the right amount of fun. And yes I also would like the see Gatsby, Leo's a wonderful actor. Hope the sun is shining there today.
    Ali x

  12. Oh what a romantic charming post Maria.
    love your painted stool with the red polka dots.you are so busy.
    I only saw the trailer for The great Gatsby. The book I have read.. and like many critics have written.. It leaves you wondering. There really is no Eutopia.. But it was an era a time for fun and naughty things.
    I am waiting to see he film. Just for the dancing and costumes.. and as you say.. Leo.. he is a wonderful actor.

    Maria.. i am having trouble with my blogspot.. I have had to start a new one.. its still vals Alentejo.. but i am responding to you through blog lovin..
    wishing you a lovely week.

    1. Val I am having awful trouble leaving you a comment...and indeed finding your blog! I will of course keep trying...Naughty blogger is fooling around with quite a few of us on here..

  13. Oh Maria your posts are always so filled with love and memories such sweet poetry. I'm from a long line of witches and workers, dancers and dreamers, strong women and weak men and luckily from the generation that still played in the street, got shouted in for tea and had the freedom of childhood. I do wonder what our children's memories will be, they are so over protected and their social lives so technology led it saddens me. But one look at your dotty perch is enough to cheer again, what a lovely spot to sit and drink tea. Which must only ever be made in a pot, a bag of yorkshire and one of earl grey, left alone to steep and drunk with a little milk ... that probably says more about where I'm from than any other words. Blessings for a sunny week Sarah x

    1. Ooh do tell more, lovely Sarah...LOVE that you have 'witch-y' roots, me too! and yes only ever brew tea from the pot! Remember to stir the tea bag clock wise for positivity too...

  14. Yes, I've been enjoying the sun, and long may it continue! Great poem :) x

  15. Dear Maria, I loved reading your story which was inspired by Anita. Reading your words I recognised things I have learnt about you in the last year. A wonderful post.
    Sarah x

  16. I love the first Gatsby film so much that I fear the new one won't be as good - though I like Leonardo a lot.
    As for tea - I make it strong & not very sweet. Not like me - I'm weak & rather sweet!

  17. So charming! A spot of tea is just what I need today on this cool, cloudy afternoon. Thank you for you sweet soothing words!

  18. Maria, It's lovely to have you on board, Thank you for stopping and leaving a comment.
    I'm glad i've found you too, a lovely vintage feeling blog. The music is great, it made me jump and I wondered where it was coming from!

  19. Lovely warm post.
    I enjoyed Gatsby, thought Leo was great, loved the settings and the contemporary music, and did not understand why the reviews were so damning. Everyone I know who saw it loved it.
    I just about remember the earlier version with Robert Redford but I'd like to see it again.

  20. hello ...I haven't seen the Gatsby yet but it sounds lovely... hehe I know what you mean about stirring the tea pot clockwise and it always tastes so much nicer brewed in a pot ... hope you are enjoying the sunshine ..it's so beautiful today ...Gail x

  21. Oh your reply here to my comment.....how heart-breaking....and that goes so well with what I just posted. I thank you Maria, for coming to leave a generous part of your day, A BEAUTIFUL COMMENT. Like you, I too enjoy gazing out at the heavens, looking at that which is much larger than any worry, hope or fear I may have. But it dawned on me that the science of time and light fits well as a metaphor for life and death and perception of it all. Oh how the moon and stars have so much to teach us not only about physics and astronomy, but about ourselves.

    BIG HUGS TO YOU! Anita

  22. How poetic you are dear...I can just about cobble together a limerick! And how busy you have been also - best to sneak things in I find....
    Best wishes

  23. Maria,
    I so love the thoughts you share her, they always warm my heart .
    Your words take me into beautiful merriment or a lovely hearfelt nostalgia (in the best of ways ).
    I do so love the way you have about you my friend ... I so very much do.
    I always look forward to visiting with you .
    Xox Willow