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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Take Me Home With You.......

~ I've been away for
 a few days.....
Sunny Manchester be the place!
Where incidentally the sun did shine brightly. Well for the couple of days we were there...
I hope your bank holiday was well spent!
~ Chin up, I know we all have 'window crying' weather today!
~ Such is life ~

( Courtesy of Google thank you kindly)

~ Over the weekend we had a jolly time indeed......
With tickets to see, Lana Del Rey in concert at the Manchester Apollo...
~ I've never been to a concert at the Apollo before and found it really intimate and full of character and charm!
~ What I'm really saying here is, not too BIG...as I get terribly claustrophobic at concerts, and almost always like to be near an exit.......
( An age thing, me thinks)

We had a fabulous view of her, really close up!
~ and although Lana was good...I did also enjoy Billy Lockett, the act that stepped in at the last minute to support her...
~ A very talented young man!

~ Very atmospheric!
~ Lana is perhaps not everyone's 'cup of tea', the evening was lovely though and a treat for Olivia for finishing her exams at sixth form....
A very tense time for all involved to get those much needed grades, I know!

Saturday brought a little retail therapy....
~ where these little darlings whispered to me...
"Take me home with you"....
So I did!
~ Well I got to thinking it may be rude not too!

~ Having a ''soft spot' for red shoes, I just couldn't resist.....
Does it matter that I can't walk in them?

~ A few more things, whispered gently,"take me home with you"...
But I pretended not to hear them in this shop!
Patrick was giving me the 'We have a house full of this' look so I closed my ears to the wanting....
~ Which was terribly difficult!

As always the displays of vintage loveliness are always a delight to have a peek at...
~ And  I did have my camera close by too....
Naughty of me!


~ And just because Patrick had been ever so patient shopping with the girls...
We stopped by to take a look at the Manchester city games held in Deans-gate!
~ I could have touched these guys, but didn't want to be arrested so settled on the photograph!


(Mum's, lily Of The Valley, my favourite, just out in bloom)
That's about all from me...
I hope you all had fun in the sun this last weekend too!
~ Thank you ever so much for the wonderful comments!
I am looking forward to catching up with you all with a nice pot of tea very soon!
Ooh  and lets hope the weather 'pulls it's socks up for us all'...
~ Take time to dream......
Love Maria x


  1. Sounds like a fabby weekend. Lana del Ray is a little dreary for me but those red shoes are to die for ... I lurve red shoes, I blame Dorothy!!!!! ... Sarah x

  2. I could hardly breathe listening to Laura Marling on your blog.. I could feel all the goosebumps on my neck and had to listen with my eyes wide shut xx
    Phew! now I can get on with the very pleasant enjoyment of loveing your post, and I too adore those gorgeous shoes, they would whisper my name so loud ha ha
    Hugs Lynn xxxx

  3. ~ I'm putting all the blame on Dorothy too! Those Ruby slippers...Must simply be their fault.....x

  4. Well...Here 'I' am with my cup of lemon tea...Earl Grey, of course...And, a Muffin...(That's a cake by the way, NOT a person)...:).

    Glad you enjoyed the show Maria...Nowt like a good concert. I've been to an Apollo as well...That one was 'back in the world'...The US of A...
    Oh! And claustrophobia does get worse with age. Suffered with ALL my life...No elevators...Can't travel in the back of a car..unless there's a door there...And so on...! HeHe!

    Oh! Summat funny did happen last Sat..
    I had a call from a lady in a charity shop in Wimborne. I've left my number in loads of shops, over the years, in case they get anything 'pink'
    l may be interested in...
    So! off l went...No laughing now! I got a pink Minxy steering wheel cover, and a little pink dog, wearing a pink hat, pink scarf, and, when you pushed it's tummy, he walks and barks at the same time...Great fun....! :>).
    I also got a boomerang....Only a pound! When l got it home, l noticed a split in it...So! I threw it away....threw it away...threw it away...Dam! Anyone want a boomerang....!!!! :).

    I'm gonna finish off with a prayer....Yes!
    I was having a clear out and tidy up of drawers under my dressing table...Well, tidy up really,
    as l took everything out, cleaned a polished the drawers, and, put everything back, only tidier than it came out...
    I found my Mamas old prayer book...And in it there were still old immagini, basically there religious bookmarks, celebrating various things...First communion, confirmations etc...
    I found a prayer...One of the first l ever learnt..Mia Mamas middle name was Maria...Rosa Maria...
    And, this was her prayer...
    Ave Maria piena di grazia, il Signore con te, tu sei benedetta fra le donne benedetto e il frutto del seno tuo Gesu. Santa Maria, madre di dio, prega per noi peccatori, adesso e nell'ora della nosta morte. Cosi sia. Amen!
    (And, No! I'm not translating it)...!x

    Well, don't know about you Maria, but the pots gone cold...Time for another brew...Sooooooo!
    "There comes a time in every woman's life when the only thing that helps is a glass of champagne".
    (Bette Davis).

    1. ~Ooh Willie I have missed YOU! How long have I been away! I wish you would translate...You have given half the beautiful tale, my friend! ~ Do you know I share my birthday with the late great Betty Davis! ~ Thank you always for such generous comments!

    2. HeHe! I used to get paid for translations.....
      The easiest thing would be to Google..(Good old Google).
      Ave Maria...There a various versions of it, the words
      do change..The one above is one of two verses. Mia Mamas
      prayer book dates back to 1922. As a lot of prayers do
      change over the years...Just look at the Lords Prayer...

      Oh! I forgot...What is it they say about red shoes......
      "Red shoes...No....." (Perhaps not)..HeHe!!!!! :>)


    3. Ere Ya go.....I felt guilty....
      Ava Maria full of grace, the lord is with you, you are blessed from all women blessed. From the fruit of Jesus.
      Santa Maria, mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.....So to speak..! Amen.
      (Not as nice in English though).

    4. AWWW how beautiful....I knew it would be too...Thank you....

  5. Well done on not listening to the 'wanties'.

  6. Thank you for the CK taster...I'm banned from that shop. EE xx

  7. You've had a lovely weekend there, sunshine, singing and shopping! I'm ignoring the rain today, pretending its not happening! :) x

  8. What a fabulous weekend you had in Manchester and a great way to unwind after all those exams Olivia has been taking. I hope all went well for her and I will keep my fingers crossed that she gets the grades she needs. I enjoyed your retail therapy too.
    Sarah x

  9. Me gusta la nueva melodía de tu blog!
    Saludos Maria!

  10. Manchester is not generally know for its sunshine so lucky you!
    It was nice while it lasted!

  11. Hello Maria
    So you have been out and about have you, sounds like a wonderful weekend, concert..shopping..then rubbing shoulders with the elite...Phew!!
    I love love love your shoes...just click your heels and make a wish !

    Give my best wishes to Olivia, if one door closes another one is ready to be opened, sometimes you just have to look a bit harder to find the key...

    Bless your days with a smile, my friend
    Thea xx

  12. Oh Maria what a wonderful weekend. I really like Lana Del Ray I hope Olivia enjoyed her just as much as you. Those shoes are to die for, gorgeous. I hope you do get to wear them lots. Well done on not spending your pennies in CK, I really don't know how you managed that one. You picked the perfect weekend it was lovely and sunny. Lets hope it comes back again. Enjoy the rest of the week.
    Ali x

  13. Now I had to come and stop by as you got me wondering what whispered to you Maria. :) Ahh... so it was shoes! And wow, what a pair! I love boots. But at the moment I have a thing for a red cardigan. I'm on a mission to find one that's just right. Strange because red is not normally the colour I would choose to wear but things seem to be changing. Must be age. hehe Looks as if you had a fabulous weekend. x

  14. Sounds as if you had a wonderful weekend Maria. I love those gorgeous red shoes but I'm afraid I would probably have trouble walking in them too!!I have shoes that are only for looking good...i.e. they need to get me from the car to the bar/restaurant!!
    Lovely treat for Olivia and fingers crossed she gets the grades she is hoping for.

  15. So glad you had a nice weekend and the sun was shining for you. LOVE the red shoes, are they Melissa ones?

    You have much more willpower than me, coming out of CK empty-handed!

    I don't want to be a show off, but I read Willie's comment and can translate the prayer perfectly for you .... I was a convent schoolgirl after all!

    Enjoy the film tonight, and look forward to seeing you very soon ...

    Love Claire xxx

    1. ~ They are indeed Melissa ones....I have some already, I bought with YOU, from Preston! Remember! Shoes, shoes, am dreaming of shoes....Thanks Claire! looking forwards to the movie! Ooh forgot you were a Convent gal! haha....CK a bit samey! The best bits are always the old 'stuff' that are just props!

  16. A great weekend Maria.
    Congratulations to your daughter on finishing school.. lots of hard work.
    I do not know this singer Maria del Rey.. but the whole affair sounds wonderful.
    simply love your red shoes... why not.. wear them around the house even.
    Its great to shop and find something we like.. I love shoes.

    Maria.. I see that my posts are not being updated on your blog list. I had some problem with blogger.
    If you sign me out.. then sign in again onto my blog.. it will update.. its the only way that i could find to solve this problem .. many of my friends have done this and it works.. you are not getting my new posts...they dont show ..
    Happy days Maria.. great photos of great sportsmen.. lucky you caught them.
    sending love..
    val xxx

  17. I totally believe that when shoes speak to us, we MUST listen, especially when they shout out, "TAKE ME HOME WITH YOU!" teehehehee

    LOVELY SHOES my dear, and a super weekend you have had! Always so good to see your side of life...a happy one! Anita

  18. Congratulations to your daughter finishing her exams ... great way to celebrate with a concert! The shoes are great, so glossy!! And never mind about walking in them far, you only have to make it from the limo to the posh tea house anyway ;) And I know EXACTLY the 'look' you get when you are standing there before the PERFECT little table and you let a sigh of desire escape your lips and your husband hears you!! My husband is more direct with "Where are you going to put it!" (in a very stern tone), to which I don't have an answer as my house is stock full now (sadly). Your weekend sounds perfect! Why do you have SO many bank holidays??!! What IS a bank holiday? I want some here! Take care Maria ;) Wendy xox

  19. Beautiful shoes for beautiful you! So glad you had such a lovely time. Have a lovely rest of the week ... the sun is coming ... apparently ... by the weekend, but don't hold your breath! M x

  20. I used to be known for always wearing red shoes. I haven't any at the moment - except for my bright red bovver boots of course!

  21. Dear Maria, a lovely, lovely post as always. The Lilly of the valley in our garden drowned during the floods last year – such a shame, I will have to beg, borrow or steal some more! Terry and I got married on June 27th (1970) my choice of flowers for the occasion – pink roses and Lilly of the Valley. Roses were easy to get hold of at the end of June but Lilly of the Valley proved impossible. My lovely hubby had 6 stems flown over from somewhere at huge expense – it truly made my day.
    Don't worry about wearing those red shoes - just looking at them will be a treat.

  22. Lovely shoes, lovely post....my son's first choice uni is Manchester and so we have visited a few times recently and I have been very impressed...I loved seeing a little more of it here as we didn't get as far as the shops.
    Fingers crossed for your daughter, it is a very tense time for everyone.

  23. Hello Maria, so glad you are enjoying your weekend! Hugs :D

  24. Hello ! love the ruby slippers ...who could ignore their whispers ? sounds like a lovely weekend ..the apollo is one of my favourites in Manchester as it is small and so much nicer for me than the MEN ... good luck to Olivia with her results xx Gail x

  25. Sounds like you had a lovely time in Manchester Maria! Oh Lana del Rey. Love her song Video Games. I often listen it on my MP3. Your shoes look great! Red shoes always sheer up an outfit (and your mood :-))!

    Happy evening!

    Madelief x

  26. Yes, I do believe those fabulous red shoes would have called out to me too! I have a stunning pair of Baroque red shoes with heels and ribbon laces which I simply had to have even though they make me as tall as a giant.

    It sounds like our daughters are virtually the same age. Héloïse is hoping to study in the UK so that's quite stressful too ;-)

    Happy week to you, sweet Maria.