Elegant Rose

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

There Will 'Bee' Ramberlings On Here Today........

"Happy of happiest Tuesday's to you all...
Today has me feeling a little, light and giddy"!
I must confess that I haven't been on the sherry, well not yet, any ways!


~ And if you would 'bee' so kind to pull up a chair and pop on the kettle...
And stay for a while.....
This would please me greatly!

~" There will 'bee' a little ramblings of sorts on here today"...
And a little secret or two to tell......
 ~And so with, pretty dolly clothes and indeed bunny knits to wash and air...
Just take a moment, and please don't despair!

~ So with a tea cup in hand and a comfy chair...
The jobs will wait, you will bee right there!
Giddy Tuesdays poem


The clothes line poem...
~" A clothes line was a news forecast
to neighbours passing by...
 there were no secrets you could keep
when clothes were hung to dry!
It was a friendly link for neighbours
Who always knew if
 company had stopped on 
by to spend a night or two...
For then you'd see the "fancy sheets"
And towels upon the line
You'd see the pretty table clothes 
with intricate designs...
the line announced a babies birth
to folks who lived inside...
As brand new little infants clothes 
were hung so carefully with pride.
It said "gone on vacation now"
When lines hung limp and bare
It told " were back again!"
When full lines sagged with not
an inch to spare...
But clothes lines are now a thing 
of the past for dryers make work less
And now what goes on inside the house 
is any bodies guess?
I really miss that way of life
It was a friendly sign..
When neighbours knew each
other best by what hung upon the line"....
~ unknown.

Incidentally and if you please, I love my washing hung blowing in the winds....
~ I do wonder what the neighbours will think of bunny sweaters and pantaloons,though!

~ "Ooh hurry with our 'smalls'....
Tis rather chilly, If you would 'bee' so kindly"!
The end of ramblings......

~ The secret!
In the next few weeks I will 'bee' skipping for joy!
I have been asked, ever so kindly, to start a blog for my little day job...
Tis where I spend my hours and pennies, you know!
~ I call it an Aladdin's cave of loveliness!

~It gives me great delight to be able to take you all to work with me!
~ Tis one of the happiest places to Bee!
In the coming month we are moving , with a skip and a jump over the road...
~Where we shall delight in serving all things lovely, but with a  pot of tea and a delightful piece of cake!
All served on pretty china..If you mind!
~ I am delighted to announce that I am BUZZING, a little and a lot....
I do hope you will all join me, virtually of course...
~ Or less you ever 'bee' in town, to visit!
That would be just, wonderful!
Then do pop in and say, hello!

~ Again, thank you for all the kindest comments....
I will be popping in on you all as soon as can be...
~ Take time to dream, lovely friends....
~ Maria x
(A Busy Bee in deed!)
~All bunnies staring in this giddy- post, re- homed from' Bumble Bee', of course!


  1. Hi Maria,I did enjoy this post,I'm still one that loves to hang out my washing on a dry day! We dont seem to be getting them very often here in Wales :(
    Your bunnies are so cute with their little clothes.
    I'm so excited to read your new blog and see where You work,Happy days!

    Have a lovely week,lots of love JulieXxXx

    1. ~ Thank you, Julie...I have been wanting to blog about it for soo long! But secrets must bee kept, for them to bee secrets, my friend! hehe...

  2. Gosh! I can sense your giddiness Maria, from here! Your neighbours will probably think that a very small baby has been born ... then again they may be used to your eccentricities by now ... meant in the nicest possible way of course ... from one eccentric to another!

    Well done ... your new blog will be something lovely to drool over, lots of exciting changes afoot!

    Looking forward to catching up next week, and partaking of a few French Fancies!

    Love Claire xx

    1. Awww thank you, Mrs Thriftwood! sooo kind! ~YEY bring on the French Fancies!!!!

  3. Oh Maria, let me tell you have much I would love to just snap my fingers and BEE there to meet you, see your bunnies and their goodies, sip some proper tea with you and see this DARLING SHOPPE! WOWWWWWWWWW! You know, for us here in the USA, small establishments as such have a very tough time surviving with all the big corporate chains (that lack charm and excitement) and I much prefer small shoppes as this one. That you have been asked to create a blog for them is SUPER!!!!!!! I am truly happy for you because your charm will add that much more to this sweet little place where I KNOW magic happens. AND I'd love to see those bunny garments blowing in the fresh air....teeeheee

    LOVE! Anita

    1. Awww lovely, lovely Anita...You will bee there virtually of course! I have worked here for 8 years and the shop has been in town for ten! soo well established! Just needing more room for tea and chats! ~ It is a magical place and not at all like work! ~ One down side, YOU never repeat Never get your wages home, my friend!

  4. Lovely! Lovely! Lovely!
    Just thought of an apt song, for the background...
    'Ramblin' Rose'. Nat 'King' Cole'. Goodness...1962.

    Well, l've just enjoyed a thoroughly gooood read...
    Twice...AND, l've still got lemon tea and lardy cake
    left....mmmmmmM! Love lardy cake!

    Goodness! This weather is.....Isn't it....!
    Heavy showers this afternoon, down here in the tropics!
    Dorset is Gods own county....Does'nt seem to look after
    it that much....
    Still....I'll get my washing out later, dab a little soap
    powder on each article, and, the rain will do the rest....!
    HeHe! Save me walking down to the river....! :>).

    So! A new adventure coming up Maria....Certainly look forward
    to it, yes!
    And, inside the shop, where you work.....Lovely!
    I love to shop....Big shops...Little shops...Body shop.....
    Though l'm not in line for new body just yet! :).
    HeHe! Still hiring out the one l got.....! :).

    Pantaloons....Ha! Or, Passion Killers as my old Granny used
    to call them.....Less said, the better....!
    So! l'm gonna pop down, make another lemon tea, (must be some
    lardy left), pop back up a have another gander....!

    1. A blog post with out a visit from you, just wouldn't bee the same dear Willie! ~ Thank you for your kindness...

  5. So where's this new blog?! Sign me up! Now how did the shop owners know exactly who to turn to for the blog ... hmmm ... you weren't tinkering with your own blog at work were you? This is all such very exciting news, and you'll have to post more as you move 'cross the road and the Grand Opening! I'd love to have a clothes line in my backyard, but trees and pool get in the way :( My mom had the best clothes line ... so HUGE ... it went across the back lawn, over the large flower garden and off into the woods! Attached very high up on a maple tree at the far end. The clothes smelled wonderful :) Have a great day Maria! Wendy

  6. Oh wow you will be paid to blog.....dreams do come true.....??!
    love to you on this rainy tuesday....d xxxx

  7. How exciting....let us know all the details won't you! I love the washing line poem, I'm never happier than when I have a line full of vintage sheets! :) x

  8. I love those little pink booties and the bunnies and the button tin, and, and, and!
    I hope I do come across the little bumble bee shop one of these days. You can be sure I will buzz right on in!
    Lovely, lovely post as always. xx

  9. I feel all giddy now too after reading such a giddy exciting post. What wonderful news I so want to visit your little shop and stop for a pot of tea and giddy giggling. The washing line poem is gorgeous, I still hang my washing out to dry when we have the weather for it. Have a happy week ... Sarah x

  10. Oh, I wish I had a shop... I might visit if I knew. Go on, give us a clue. EE xx

  11. Your post reminds me of washing dolly clothes when I was little. I stood on a stool at the kitchen sink and washed the clothes in lots of bubbles before they were hung out to dry. :) Good luck with your new blog - I look forward to reading it. Best wishes, Pj x

  12. I think bunny knits are some of my favourite things! Happy week to you lovely lady.


  13. Complimenti!Hai un blog bellissimo!Mi piace molto!Sono tua nuova follower!Saluti!Rosetta

  14. So exciting news Maria!I love so much your puerile side,that makes you so particular.I wish you luck and fun with the blog and the shop.
    Have a creative week full of joy!
    Love, Olympia

  15. Oh how exciting. It will bee lovely to read about where you spend your days.
    The addition of tea and cake makes it sound like it's certainly worth a visit. I loved the poem about the washing on the line. So true, what people hang on their lines tells so much about themselves. Thanks for sharing your exciting news.
    Ali x

  16. Oh Maria
    How exciting I will be able to share in all your loveliness in your little shoppe, and take tea together ( best we can do for now)..I cannot wait ..
    Bunnies are looking a little chilly are their clothes dry yet?
    I keep looking at mine she is quite dusty..not a good look

    Put a twinkle in your pocket **
    Love Thea x

  17. Hi Maria,

    Congratulations! Your shop sounds like a girls dream and I look forward to see your photo's! Good luck!!!

    The doll clothes look very sweet!

    Madelief xox

  18. Golly - I was all a-flutter when I saw those little bootees! What news were you about to tell?
    I love your washing-line tale - we all still hang our "news" out to dry here!

  19. I like to hang my clothes out on the line to dry but I find I can only do it in summer or spring. I love to watch them blowing about and the smell when you bring them in and iron them-well! What can I say? Fab. It will be exciting to hear all about your new tea room and gift shop.One of my favourite passtimes, tea/coffee,cake and as an added bonus lovely giftwares to browse.

  20. A beautiful view for Your Near Mary,
    because thou hast put all those things
    very cute, I love it spread
    and see the laundry that moves in the wind!
    Love Susy ♥

  21. GOOD MORNING MY DEAR! It's so fun to see my European friends up and ready to go, and to see that you have come! Many hugs and thanks for making my morning so special already. May you have a lovely tour of France and next year, we are going to ENGLAND! Hoping you will be available then to show us your lovely world!

    Hugs to you sweet Maria...and I love your choice of music today! Anita

  22. Lovely bunnies and button tin! :)x

  23. so exciting and the pink bootees are sooooo cute!!

  24. Hi Maria,
    I am so behind this week reading posts so forgive me! That is such a lovely poem- one of our neighbours didn't realise I was pregnant until they saw baby David's washing on the line your poem reminded me of this and made me smile! How exciting to start up a blog for where you work it looks so lovely from the outside, I know you will soon be taking further inside to explore! Keeping my fingers crossed for Dean.
    Sarah x

  25. What a beautiful place to work...I love the red iron...thats an amazing piece! take care, Heidi
    P.s. my sun is shining.....hooray!

  26. Just got round to my first lot of blog reading in almost a week so sorry for not popping in earlier ... :) No tumble drier here ... I much prefer my washing to hang outside and we have a proper old line too not a whirly thingy! Not so keen when it's hanging damply indoors in the winter though!
    I always remember my mom being very embarassed when my dear old gran went into hospital for a short while and asked my mom to do some washing for her, which included her very large corsets that were more like a suit of armour. They weighed the line down and took ages to dry in full view of the neighbours! Can't wait to see your new blog for the shop. You have a queue of bloggers waiting to follow you already! M x

  27. Oh my Maria I am late this week! I was just outside whisking lovely air dried crisp clean scented linens off the line (the line is located next to our sweet smelling blooming Lilacs) I hear the buzz of you being busy putting together yet another fun spot to visit! I love it here Maria . I am certain with you doing the decorating ~~ I will love it there at your work blog too! " Bee" seeing you my friend xox WILLOW

  28. Will definitely be following your new blog. What a great idea.

  29. I've really been enjoying going back through some of your posts! The 'Clothesline' poem is wonderful and so true, ....those were the days!