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Monday, 20 May 2013

"Love Means Never Having To Say You Are Sorry"......

~ The full Milk Moon...
"The abundance of greenery to eat at this time of year
gives cows and goats the potential to produce rich,
fortified milk...
People often think they are the most attractive
under a full Milk moon."...
~ Taken from the girl who chased the moon..
~ Because we are growing into a full moon this weekend...
The full Milk Moon.
~ Which is a perfect time for new ideas to be planted and left to grow....

(courtesy of Google...Thank you kindly)

~ And this last week has seen me out and about wearing my 'thinking cap', most days!
Ideas popping into my head, left, right and centre...
~ Thank you for kind comments about, 'Bumble Bee's new blog...
I will be sure to keep you all posted!
It is going to' bee' ever so busy, but exciting!


~ Taking time to just bee...
I love water as long as I am on dry land!

~Last week I treated my self to this movie...~ 
Just a small clue?
I must admit to being a hopeless romantic!
~ I really am..

(courtesy of Google, Thank you kindly)

" LOVE Means Never Having To Say You Are Sorry".....
The very famous quote from this beautiful film...

~ Going back a little way now.....
~ I was a small child in 1970, when this movie was released...
I remember my parents falling in LOVE with the film.....
~ and the music, which was hauntingly beautiful,  played through out our home.....
Such a perfect movie for feeling a little melancholy...
Interestingly I found information that, 'Oprah' had a special show recently 
to celebrate the films, 40th anniversary...
Both Ryan Oneal and Ali McGraw admitting on the show that they would love to have a real, 'Love Story' with each other , even after all these years.....
Isn't that lovely!
 The movies opening lines, must be some of the most poignant opening lines ever...
" What can you say about a twenty five year old girl....Who died.
that she was beautiful and brilliant?
~that she loved Mozart and Bach, the Beatles and Me"
I wonder if you are old enough to remember the movie?


Little Trinny, cozying down, with a spot of music.....

I will close for now....
Be kind to your selves, won't you...
~ and just because I am still wearing my 'thinking cap'..
I will ask a question of you....
Is there an old movie, which brings back sweet memories...
and takes you back to another time....another place....

"Love is a cosy corner in my home"
~ Take time to dream, lovely friends....
Love Maria x



  1. And in this cosy corner of mine as I sit here, enjoying the spring morning, I come to visit with you, most precious Maria!

    Like you, I HAVE TO BE NEAR WATER, but on dry land! I am not a swimmer, I never learned how to swim, and I am deathly afraid of it. Yet, I dream about water almost every night. I collect photos of the ocean or pools, and love the color aqua. We never know why we are attracted to things that otherwise would give us such fear!

    Love encompasses so many feelings, ideas, and dreams. It is an eternal state of being that I am convinced can keep us busy all of our lives!

    SPLENDID visit with you, and how I would love to have a SPOT of tea with you. BIG HUGS! Anita

    1. ~ Ooh Anita....another thing we have in common! I can't swim and don't DO water....hehe! Thank you for always such generous comments...

  2. Look Out! It's Willie Wonka...! :).
    I do! I do! Love the photo at the bottom..
    Pinky! Pinky! Pinky!
    With the sun coming through the window...
    Sets it off perfectly...! Love the little
    dolly...Is that you Maria, in your early
    modelling days...HeHe!

    FILMS! Goodness, how many have l seen....
    But, l always stick with Walt Disney's,
    'Incredible journey'. The original...1963.
    Funny.....The remake....'Homeward Bound'.
    1993..Is on Sky Disney..At this very moment.
    (Like most remakes, it's terrible).

    But, my most favourite film, (For me), is still The Godfather. The family, the respect, the honour, the love....If l'd had a pound, every time l've seen it....I'd be very...very rich

    Love Story....Just can't avoid this one...
    Oh! Dear! Yep! Gotta put my hand up.....
    Cried 'ALL' the way through it....Watched it
    alone of course. Only seen it the once, could'nt
    handle it for any more viewings.....
    I'm a sentimental Sicilian...We cry very easily!
    As l said before...My emotions and my music, run my life...I don't get a look in...!

    Well Maria, this has been a bit moving and lovely...I'm gonna move myself to the kitchen, and make a lovely cup of lemon tea now! Ah!

    A BIG..BIG...'X' For the lovely Trinny....
    Think she's having a little 'paws' for thought!

    1. ~ BIG fans of Al Pacino, here, Willie too! Just watched him in the Devils advocate....Great actor!!! LOVE Disney movies too...Must admit I am off to see The Great Gatsby this week! Can't wait!

    2. ooooO! you'll have to tell us about it....
      It's having mixed reviews...! Will it be as
      good as the first one...! To think the book
      was written back in 1925, by Scott Fitzgerald.

      Going back to Disney...The Incredible Journey,
      was written by a Scottish lady...Sheila Burnford.
      She never wrote it as a childrens book...
      It is on U-Tube....Runs for 1hr 25mins. Though the
      reproduction is poor...!

      Al Pacino...Brilliant...One of my favourites...!

  3. I remember being very affected by Love Story in the 70's and bought the DVD a few years ago (you could have borrowed mine!) but it didn't have the same effect as then. Still loved the clothes, the music etc but I thin I'd remembered it a bit differently. My favourite oldie is Mrs Minniver, as you know, but a close second is Brief Encounter, quite racy for the era really, and of course because it took place near to us ...

    See you tomorrow!

    Love Claire xxx

  4. Oooh, Love Story makes me cry ... I love Bridges Over Madison County, and every film with Audrey Tatou in. The film that 'stayed' with me the most was 'Dancer in the Dark' (main role played by Bjork). It didn't end how I or the rest of the audience expected ... we all sat in the darkened cinema and no-one moved and I felt choked for some time after. On a lighter note who doesn't love Dirty Dancing ... ! M x

    1. Hi Mrs VJ....I haven't seen your memory movies before! but YES! LOVE Dirty Dancing! Good memories here!

  5. I love Love Story too and watch it occasionally when I am on my own. I remember going to see it at the cinema as a young teenager with friends and we all wept buckets full! I dont think I could single any particular film out, I have lots I love and that bring back lovely memories.
    May I say you look lovely on the photo Maria ?!

    1. I knew you would remember, Anne! We share the love of the same movies!

  6. I remember that movie, and my Mum and Sister crying their eyes out! My all time favourite was Jaws, scared me half to death, I still jump if I catch it now....the film, not the shark! :) x

    1. I am smiling thinking about Jaws! I used to have a school bag with a picture of this on!

  7. Hello Maria of the singing blog which greets me with music every time I venture in....sweet respite from a Monday troublesome day...sigh!!

    I remember Love story I saw it in London. It was a great film but like Claire I saw it again a few years back and it didn't reach me like the first time. I don't think I should have seen it again I had wonderful memories of it. One of the films that really left its mark on me was a real golden oldie,San Francisco, with Clark Gable and Jeanette MacDonald. It was the music of course...music touches me and she had a wonderful voice. I've often looked for that film on dvd but not found it yet.
    It hurts me to hear you don't like water.....I'm sorry to hear that. I'm a water baby I have to swim and I've always lived near the sea. I'd like to teach you to swim to understand how being immersed in water can make you feel super good :-) Water and swimming brought my love to me and the sea is where we still go to sort out our problems.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

    1. Hello Amanda! Its more like water doesn't like me! Am going to check out your memory movie, I like the sound of it very much! Thank you for your generous comments always....x

  8. I remember too this film too from the 70's, I must watch it again! I'm just like you and Anita and can't swim either! When the children were small I was determined to do it and achieved it by going on classes until I went on a small water slide and completely lost my confidence so I prefer to paddle or just look at it too!
    Sarah x

    1. Sarah, I did think you would have lovely water rings.....Living and loving the sea! hehe...

  9. Hello Maria
    Oooh yes I do remember Love Story, watching it through tears, with my Miners mascara running down my face..It was probably the first time I had seen two people in love...
    I also remember going to see 'Lady Sings the Blues' with Diana Ross playing Billie Holiday, very moving too...
    But I will always remember An Officer and a Gentleman in the 80s with Richard Gere..I just wanted to be Debra Winger ..How sad am I
    Thank you for reminding me how old I am he he!!!
    Happy Week my friend and don't think too much...
    Thea xx
    PS. I can swim, but the water has to be warm!

    1. Ooh me too, Thea! Remembering going to the cinema to see this film and falling in LOVE with Mr Gere! Still am! hehe..

  10. I know of the film, but never watched it. I wasn't really into love stories back then, but I know the 70s were full of movies of love and death (how despressing!). I preferred the adventure movies at that time ... Indiana Jones and Star Wars were great! And me? I love being near water, but prefer our northern lakes and rivers to the ocean (which I find a bit frightening). I love swimming and canoeing all summer :) Wendy
    PS, you want to watch a real tear jerker, see "PS I Love You"

    1. hehe...ooh yes! PS I Love You....Seen it about ten times....LOVE IT!

  11. Hello Maria, I remember Love Story but I don't think I have ever seen it. I think I will have to check it out. I love The Wizard of Oz because it reminds me of being a little girl and Christmas. It was always on at Christmas. Thanks for the 'love is' cartoon pics I'd forgotten all about them. Love you cosy corner. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

  12. A very good old film was " the Godfather" with Marlon Brando and Al Pacino directed by Coppola. I also have liked "the house of spirits" with Jeremy Irons , Meryl Streep and Antonio Banderas. This last was so beautiful in this film! Oh, Maria you have traveled me back in time, in my youth , so sweet memories, such insouciance , I have to tell you that each time I leave your blog I keep a sweet taste on my lips and a kind thought in my mind ! I thank you so much for sending us beauty...
    Have a lovely, warm day !

    1. Ooh you are like Willie, Olympia!....Must watch the God father! Thank you for kind words always...

  13. Hi Maria ... How I look forward to your posts. Love Story is such a sad film. I have so many favourite movies... whenever I watch Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (gorgeous Paul Newman and Robert Redford) I always think of the first time I saw it sat with my Dad at home. I also love Bridges of Madison County such a beautiful poignant portrayal of a wonderful book. The Wizard of Oz reminds me of childhood Christmases and any of the great 80's classics, Top Gun, Dirty Dancing, The Breakfast Club take me back to my teens. Movies are like music they have the ability to take you back to a moment in time. Love and fairy sparkles ... Sarah x

    1. ~They do lovely, Sarah! The same with me and my Pa, watching Butch Cassidy and the Sun dance Kid is a happy child hood memory! thank you for your lovely comment!

  14. Oh - so that's why Mr N never says sorry, is it...?

  15. I have vague memories of this film (ho ho!!!) - I remember crying vintage buckets at the end. Sadly I am not too much of a romantic but Dom very much is - so together we meet in the middle! I loved Ryan O'Neal in Funny Girl - makes me laugh each time I see it!
    Best wishes

  16. What is it about water and the sea, I love it, so long as I’m looking at it and not in it? Are you an Earth sign perhaps? I am, and put my fear of water down to that.

    Love story and dirty dancing are two of my favourite films, but there are many, many more – if only I could remember them!

    Keep wearing your thinking cap dear Maria, it’s so nice to share your thoughts!

    Lovely post, but then they always are. xxx

  17. The Full Milk Moon was oh so lovely and lit up our bedroom so beautifully in the night. I was very young when Love Story came out also, but I remember it. My husband and I rented it and watched it not long ago. It always makes me cry.

  18. Hi Maria ...oh yes I remember the film but it's way toooooo sad for me ! my favourite film is Chocolat ...take care and speak soon ... Gail x

  19. Oh Maria I loved seeing you thoughtfully looking out over the water ! We have the ocean not far from us but I much prefer lakes. This year more great white sharks on Cape Cod due to the increasing seal population. JUst saying "shark" makes me shudder and the poor seals :(

  20. Hello there dear and wonderful Maria!

    Thank you for coming by today! I so love this post of yours and again, like you, I LOVE WATER as long as I am on dry land to appreciate it!

    Yes, I will be on just a small blog writing break just until I see how demanding my writing course will be. But I will keep up with everyone's blogs and still visit! I WILL BE BACK, for blogging and connecting makes me happy.

    LOVE! Anita

  21. Hi Maria
    I bought Love Story last year when the males in my family were away skiing. As soon as I pressed 'play' I started to cry and didn't really stop until the end. I then read the book again and the sequel, Oliver's Story. Eric Segal writes really well.
    Other favourite movies are The Go Between with Julie Christie and Alan Bates, you can feel the heat of the English summer (which is more than I can say today) White Palace with Susan Sarandon and James Spader (an 80s classic) and more recently I really loved An Education with Carey Mulligan.