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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Sand Man.....

" The Sandman is coming"

~ I clocked off late last evening from blog land....
It was one of those wonderful, 'Balmy' evenings....
YOU know the ones...
Where you hold off going to bed as long as you possibly can.......
The first of many, I hope...

"Saying night, night," virtually.........
to a few of you, lovely, blogging ladies....
~  As I started to climb the stairs...With weary, heavy, eyes...
I heard " Sand man is coming" in my mind...
Do you remember, 'Sand man', I wonder?.
I had simply forgotten all about him...


(Courtesy of Google...Thank you kindly)


The Sand man, by Evaleen Stein.

"The Sandman! hark I hear him...
He's coming up the stairs...
And every body near him is nodding, I declare!
He's peeping in the door now, and first of all he spies,
as he has done before now,
The little children's eyes...
Then quickly does he throw it...
His golden sleepy sand,
And all before they know it ,
Are off to sleepy land"........
Such a sweet poem....

~ I can remember my Mum telling us at bed time, "Sand man is coming"...
We would persist, that we weren't tired at all!
But she knew, by the gentle rubbing of the eyes...
If I am honest, I was a little scared, at the time and wondered just who he was!
Last night I Googled, Mr Sandman, for my self.... and found out a little about the guy, who takes your hand gently to the land of nod....
and this is what I found...
" A character in folklore and children's fairy tales, who lulls them to sleep by sprinkling sand dust into their tiny eyes"....
~ I can quite clearly remember telling my children about the man with the soft gentle sand, who makes those little eyes go heavy and ready for sleepy dreams.....
~ I wonder do you remember him too?

~ The bank holiday was a bit special! ~ wasn't it just..
"And the sun most certainly had his hat on."
Hip pip hip pip hooray!
Looks like more for today...

(Card from Mrs Thriftwood,, created, by the lovely , Hetty Brown, of course)

~ We had a lovely, bank holiday, with a trip to the lake district!
~ and a lovely fish and chip lunch...
I charmed my man to leave his paint brush at home and to come out and play, for once!
Glad I did too, because the day was superb!
The book above is my latest read... and it is what I will be dreaming of tonight, not the cookery, I may add, just the camper van......when the sand man visits of course!
Thank you for kind words always.....they really make me smile!
Have fun in the sun my friends....
Love Maria x
~ With her Rosey Tinted 'sun' glasses on...... of course!


  1. My Mum used to tell me about the Sandman....
    When she'd finished, and left the bedroom,
    l used to dive under the bed....With the cat!
    Then summat used to go 'ching', it was my
    'Goes-Under'. :).

    Ah! Now! Do we remember a song by the Chordettes?
    ...1957? mmmmmmM! Yes!
    Mr Sandman, bring me a dream...
    Make him the cutest that l've ever seen...
    Give him two lips like roses and clover....
    (Bucket....Were's the bucket...). HeHe!
    And, there's a lot of 'Bungs in it.....Bung,
    Bung, Bung....
    It must be on U-Tube...I dare'nt look...!!!!

    Just before l goooooo! Yes! l can here some
    of you cheering.....! :>).
    I don't usually buy DVD's. A film l've been
    wanting to see, since Christmas....
    'Life Of Pi'. Believe ME....If you have'nt
    seen it, and, you have a spare tenner...Buy
    it....I don't mind admitting....I cried like
    a baby....I could go and on about it...(Yes!
    l know, l usually do). It's the first film
    l've seen in a long-long time that just.....!

    HeHe! Maria if that sandyman, pops up in my bedroom, to-night....I'll blame you!
    I won't be able to dive under the bed now..
    Got one of those silly beds down to the floor.
    Great, lovely, hot day down here in the tropics!
    Though rain tomorrow...!
    Ciao...Ciao....Think Pink....! :>).

    1. ~ ooh that sounds interesting, Willie! I must watch this movie...
      Haha....We called him 'sandy man' too, adding the Y! I knew he would have been part of your childhood, my friend!

  2. Oh how gentle is your world sweet Maria! I REMEMBER my father playing the song, "Mr. Sandman" on his piano when I was a child! And the images, the darling poem and the sentiment that we just DON'T WANT TO GO TO SLEEP brings me back to my childhood. But I must admit that even now as an adult, my husband and I do NOT want to go to sleep; we want to stay up and read, play, create, just BE!

    Have a happy day, you wonderful lady you! Anita

    1. ~ I didn't know the song....OR does it sound familiar, Anita...maybe...Ooh I do talk in rhythms and rimes....Have a happy day too, lovely YOU!

  3. We've had a fabulous bank holiday, lots of being outdoors, relaxing in the sun.....oh an the odd glass of wine, only a little you understand! :) x

    1. OOps Ada Bea, I had a lot! hehe....Glad the sun shined on your Bank holiday!!

  4. Oh Mr Sandman, I do remember my mom telling us about the sandman and of course the song. Mom always used to say a prayer at bedtime too Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my soul to keep, May angels watch me through the night and wake me with the morning light. I think that's how it went.
    I have terrible camper van envy there is an apple green one that lives round the corner from us it has apple and pear curtains and the shiniest chrome. I want to run away to the seaside in it. Have a sparkly sunny week. Sarah x

    1. ~ That's a lovely memory, Sarah....I still say a prayer, my friend!

  5. The sunshine is so lovely isn't it, and for a bank holiday too. I too could dream of campervans, but that's probably the nearest I'll get to one for now :) xx

  6. No Bank Holiday for us I'm afraid but plenty of beautiful, HOT, weather which lifts the spirits no end and I've almost (but not quite) forgotten about the rain. Wishing you a sunny week Maria .. and sweet dreams about camper vans and bbq on the sand.

  7. I had forgotten all about the sandman! I remember it was something my mum used to say when we were small but I dont think I ever told my boys about him. I can remember the song though!!
    It has been beautifully sunny hasnt it? I know its set to turn cooler but isnt it amazing how much the sun gladdens the soul? Thank you for your lovely words on my blog Maria, you are a lovely blog friend.X

  8. Never heard of the sandman until my friend's father sang "The Sandman" to us giggly girls, but he was never part of our nightimes. We were sent to bed with a prayer and then read until our eyes drooped close. I imagine my mom came and shut the lights out for us many times when we fell asleep with a book in our hands. Enjoy your sunshine Maria ... good and hot here now, so everyone is happy, happy :D (we'll wait till it gets to a muggy 30'C and THEN we'll all be whining and complaining about the humidity). Wendy

  9. Hello Maria
    I too had forgot about the Sandman, I think I was scared of him, so went to sleep quick...such a woosie.
    Yes I will definitely let you know if I come up your way ..wouldn't be lovely to have a get together
    Happy May days !!
    Thea x

    1. ~ It will happen, lovely Thea! I just know.... x

  10. I remember being scared of the Sandman too, but he wasn't as bad as the Bogey Man! Thank goodness my children only knew him as funny old Fungus the Bogeyman by Raymond Briggs.

  11. Oh Maria look up The Sandman song - it's by The Chordettes - my girlies have always loved it and take it in turns to sing the harmony! I love the Sandman rhyme - think it would have scared me as a child though (I was a child who wouldn't stick my feet out of the bottom of the bed in case the monsters underneath nibbled them!)Sweet dreams x Jane

  12. Sorry about the sunshine Maria ... you won't be needing your sunglasses today, that's for sure!

    The things we used to be told as children ... I'm amazed that any of us went to sleep at all ... the things that could happen once we closed our eyes!

    Love, love, love the camper van cookbook! Of course I love the van itself, you know I want one sitting in my garden to 'holiday' in! Found out yesterday that I could have been the owner of a tiny vintage caravan ... I missed out by a couple of days and it was only £100! Oh well ...

    Glad you had a nice time at The Lakes ... we need a little roadtrip soon ...

    Looking forward to our playdate, Rosey Maria

    Love Claire xx

  13. Yes, I think we have a similar story with that of Sandman , I admit being still scared sometimes at night...oh, Maria, you make me relive my childhood ! Here, it was Easter for us so we had an extended week end and very hot temperature !
    Wish you a lovely day, love

  14. Oh Maria your tempting me with more books, another one I will have to check out. I love the cover! I'd completely forgot all about the sandman, maybe because he never seemed to visit my daughter. I think I'm only just getting over the sleep deprivation :) Thanks for sharing.
    Ali x

  15. En España no tenemos "Sand Man", pero parece una bonita leyenda. Besos.

  16. Hi Maria, lovely post about the sandman! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. I spent the weekend with my husband at Hever Castle in the sunshine, and also in a posh hotel for our 1st wedding anniversay and the sunshine was glorious! Karen x

  17. The term Sandman seems to familiar to me I am now trying to work out why! I don't remember ever seeing the poem or hearing the song.I'm glad you too have been dreaming of camper vans too and I have that cookery book too!
    Sarah x

  18. My mum used to say, “time for bed the sand man is on his way” but I thought it was just one of her sayings! Another was “night, night sleep tight mind the bed bugs don’t bite!” Thank you for sharing the poem it’s the first time I’ve heard it.
    The Bank Holiday was wonderful. It's so nice to see the sun again, bit grey this morning though. Sweet dreams!

  19. I remember the song. My mom sang it to us but the thought of some guy creeping into my room at night scared me. His gentle golden sand sounds sweet now.

  20. Oh I did love reading about the sandman and it surely took me back to childhood years, smiling softly at the memories. We too have been having lovely balmy nights with the widows open ...ahh and crickets singing even ... now I am thinking of Jiminey Cricket lol
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend Maria
    xox Willow

  21. Good morning sweet friend, Maria!

    Dream, dream and dream is the only way to see France; the colors of Provence are part of the jewels of my crown of dreams. But you know what? I have got to get to know your England because thanks to Blogland, meeting fine people like you and seeing what you all share has given me a great love for your landscape and lifestyle...maybe next year I will take everyone on a tour of the English countryside. I will need your help to instruct me on what region may be the best to highlight! THink about it!

    Much love, Anita

  22. Hello ! well me and Mark always ask each other if the sandman has been after a particularly heavy sleep..! some of us just never grow up hehe ! love the camper van ..we always had one when we were kids and I have the fondest memories x have a nice weekend twinkle toes...Gail x

  23. a little more sun wouldn't go a miss!!

  24. Thank you for the memory....love the song too!
    Happy Mothers Day...Heidi

  25. Lovely post Maria, I now can't get the song out of my head. My favourite line is the one about "wavy hair like Liberace" :)


  26. sounds like a lovely day out and I like the look of your book. I think the sand man idea passed me by somehow in my childhood, funny that! oh well! Heather x