Elegant Rose

Friday, 21 June 2013

Midsummers Night Dream...

Wishing you all the magic of the summer solstice...
Believe in the magic 
It is good for the soul.
It is there in your very own back garden to see.

( thank you kindly Google for the magical picture)
Eat fairy cakes and drink Elderberry champagne, today!
And dance around your beautiful gardens!
hehe, only jesting! ( Willie)
For this is the longest day of the year...
~And may the potent Midsummer spell never be broken for you.
~ Take time to dream...
Maria x


  1. Happy Summer Solstice sweet Maria. By day we shall celebrate the warmth of the sun and gaze upon butterfies and birds in the garden . A lovely day has begun.
    By night we will sit under the stars and watch the fairies dance with the beautiful Luna moths.
    Summer Solstice has arrived we must celebrate the nature of it ! Magical it is indeed !!

  2. A beautiful time of year ...Happy midsummer...Gail x

  3. ..and you too maria x ...it is always special for me because i re-met an old boyfriend 16 years ago on this very day....he got stuck in a traffic jam at stonehenge and nearly didn't make our date......but suddenly the cars started moving just as he was about to turn around and give up......thank goodness the midsummer magic was working because he is now my lovely husband!x

    1. AWWWW this is lovely! Happy Summer solstice anniversary to you and yours! LOVE this story, Miss Squirrel...x

  4. I was so relieved to find out that today is not the 'middle' of the summer weather as it takes the first half to warm up so the best is yet to come, yay! EE xx

  5. Happy Summer Solstice to you too Maria! :) x

  6. I'll eat fairy cakes...and drink elderberry
    champagne...And, dance round my beautiful
    garden...HeHe! (If the money's right). :).
    And keep my cloths on......!!!

    Did you see the thousands of people at Stonehenge.
    Goodness! I've seen it just once, driving past it.
    Was'nt very impressed....You'd think they'd put a
    roof on it...! :>).

    Seriously though...Love the picture of the pink fairies
    up there....Seen a few of those in my time...! :=).
    Loads of them at the bottom of my garden, all around the
    pond...Playing leap-frog....With the frogs....! And, listening
    to Hip-Hop music...

    Happy Solstice to one and all....Have a lovely loooooong day!
    What's the difference between a northern fairy tale, and southern
    fairy tale.....?
    Northern fairy tale..Starts...Once upon a time....
    Southern fairy tale..Starts...Y'all gonna believe this rubbish....
    HeHe! (Edited by me to clean it up a bit).

  7. Lovely pic...it reminds me of a print from the book Water Babies by Charles Kingsley. I don't know what edition I read as a child but I remember the prints made me believe in fairies and water babies of course. They were so magical!
    Special special day as the local festival begins here today very much a welcome to the summer festival. You can practically feel the simmering excitement in the air and there will be plenty of dancing...and merriment and yes...alllllll night long :-)

    Happy solstice Maria xx

  8. I believe Maria but I can't believe the nights will start drawing in again now! Still lets hope we have a wonderful summer. Have a lovely weekend X

  9. Count me in the fairy dance precious Maria! I'm here, with my fairy ballet slippers! Ah, the magic of summer...Anita

  10. Hope you had a happy summer solstice too Maria!

    Madelief x

  11. Dancing with the fairies, how wonderful :) xx

  12. Have a lovely summer ....

    Looking out of the window today, it's hard to believe that we were sitting on deckchairs drinking pink lemonade in the sunshine, only the other day!

    Love Claire xx

  13. Hello Maria
    We did just that we enjoyed our Midsummer's eve in our garden, and felt the magic as the sun went down..hope you enjoyed your weekend with the fairies my friend, thinking of you
    Thea xx

  14. What a beautiful and magical picture... I'd love to dance with the fairies.
    Happy Midsummers Maria.
    Julie x

  15. Sweet Dreams Maria, Happy Midsummer.xxxx

  16. Solstice greetings to you Maria. I love that picture you found on google.
    Sarah x

  17. Happy belated Summer Solstice Maria. That's such a pretty picture, and it fits this post perfectly. xx