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Monday, 24 June 2013

Find The Wonderful In Today.....

The full moon in June..
Brings the Strawberry moon.
~June is typically when strawberries ripen and are gathered.
And best eaten right away.
The best time to seek forgiveness is under the 'strawberry moon'.
~ Sweetness seems to linger during this time...
~ Taken from the girl who chased the moon...

Last evening saw the fullest moon of the year...
The full Strawberry Moon.
Apparently the closest moon of the year to be nearest the earth..
and also the biggest!
A special moon...
I wonder if the moon was visible to you in your little corner of the world?
~ "Lets go fly a kite weather here for us"...
so very windy...
So the moon was lost to me through the sweeping clouds, last evening.
~ which is sad.
~ I always find this time of year, quite magical though...
~ After all the excitement of the 'summer solstice'..
Our longest day.
And all of summer to follow!
Fingers and toes crossed X

~ A little peek in my cupboards...

~ The plaque above a gift from a lovely friend!
I can't for the life of me think what she means...hehe!
~ Its journeyed along way from the, 'United States, to live  with me...
and yes I do love a little magic!
I guess there is a little' witch' in all of us!

Its been quite magical all round this last week.
  We now have the wonderful news we have been waiting for since the fabulous, 'Paralympics'!
And of course the Olympics...

Remember those....
I shall never forget!

~ You just don't get days like those, very often!
Actually I don't think my nerves could stand to many of those experiences! hehe!
Dean has been chosen once again to wear the GB vest and run in the world championships
in Lyon, next month!
~ As always I am proud of him and his dedication to the sport!
~Ever so sorry for 'tooting' my boys trumpet, LOUDLY!
But from being a little boy ,he always promised," Mum I will wear the GB vest"..
And just to show dreams really do come true!
With work, dedication and commitment and of course the desire!
You can achieve any thing you wish.
( He does have two jobs to help fund his dream as well as being a full time athlete for Great Britain)
~ So well done son.
I am proud.
Lyon, here we come!

What a year!~ The Olympic Stadium, from last year, where I cried tears of joy!

~ Its lots of words from me today, am afraid, but I would like to share with you, 
If I may, the' Bumble Bee' blog.
Please press the link  and say hello..

~ Our cheery till.
It brings a smile to every ones faces!
~ Big thanks to those lovely peeps who popped in from Face book!
You are simply lovely!
~ and your comments make me smile.
They really do!
~ I will close for now.
I would like to thank you for being here...
I wonder if you have found the 'wonderful' in today, yet?
I do hope so...
~ Take time to be and drink lots of tea..
( The' love' tea below is delicious)
Maria x

~ Don't forget to stir clock wise.....


  1. You 'toot' away as much as you like Maria....
    Deans achievements are wonderful!
    He's done the family proud...!
    I used to run short and long distance at school,
    helped me out later in life, when chased by the police....HeHe! (Joke..Joke).

    So the Bumble Bee is up and running....I'll buzz over there, and take a look when l've finished this work of art....Hope it's a nice read..With a slight 'sting' in the tale'.

    And! Yeah! It's kite weather down here in the tropics....I've got a Red Arrows kite up in the loft, think l might just drag it out and give it a go!
    Did'nt see the moon either...I remember my Dad saying, when the moon was out...That's the time to send up a rocket. It's just up there, they could'nt miss it...! :).
    It's like the Irish...(Bless'em). They were gonna sent a manned space ship to the Sun. They were told, it would burn up....HeHe! So, they decided to go at night...!!!!

    Right! I'm gonna make another lemon tea, another piece of lardy cake and go look at the Bumble Bee....Ciao...Ciao...!!! :>).

    "We don't stop laughing because we grow old....
    We grow old because we stop laughing".

    1. Dear Willie I smiled none- stop reading this comment!You have never mentioned your Pa before my friend! I LOVE his saying!! Thank you for checking out Bumble Bees blog too! You are a true gent! Maria x

    2. No! it's strange....My Dad, was a very quiet person.
      Ex Coldstream Guards, as his father was before him....
      I even went, aged 15, to join as a boy soldier....HeHe!
      I failed the medical...'High Arches'. For a foot regiment,
      that was a No! No! Only take a size eight, in shoe size...!
      And, it's been a standing joke for years....That l'm 90%
      Sicilian...10% English...HeHe! AND...That's about right.
      I loved my Dad, respected him, he never struck me once...ever!
      His voice was always enough...
      Yet! Mama! Use'd to beat the **** outta me! But, then,it did
      me no harm, in the long run...!
      (Must'nt say any more, or you won't buy the book, or watch the
      film, when it comes out). HeHe! :>).

  2. Great news about Dean, Maria ... Lyon will be lovely too at this time of year! Looking forward to seeing him on the telly again ...

    Love Claire xx

  3. Shout all you like, be proud of your sons achievements! :) x

  4. Wow, that's a lot to be proud of, well done to your son.
    Now I am off to take a look at that lovely new blog....

  5. Well done to Dean, Maria, a great achievement for him and all the more so because he has to work hard to fund himself.
    I missed the moon last night, we did look but it was very cloudy.
    Have a lovely week, oh and before I forget I popped by to the lovely new blog.Its going to be fab!

  6. You must be so proud Maria.. That Dean will be wearing a GB team t.shirt...brilliant.. he has worked hard to get where he is.
    My grand niece is with me at the moment and we saw the full moon..and we sort of wondered off staring at it.. it indeed is magical.
    Sending big hugs..
    valrosa59blogspot.com... val's alentejo.

  7. Bravo Dean! I agree with the others - share your pride in your lovely son.
    (Wish I had that witch sign!)

  8. You must certainly be a very proud mum, this is a very precious feeling Maria!
    That makes me wonder about my daughter's achievements in life but I have to wait, she is only 10.
    Best wishes for a nice week!

  9. Trumpets are for blowing you toot as loud as you like it's something to be very proud of. Love your witchy sign.... I have one in the back of my car which says "My other car is a broomstick". I have had a wonderfully productive morning making bunting and cutting a batch of faeries and am now off to work. I have pictures of that wonderful moon on my camera just need to find the time to post about it ... Dunking a hob nob in my tea and toasting to Maria :) x

  10. Woo hoo Dean ... well done! You have every right to blow your own trumpet and be proud! Hard work and dedication deserve recognition.
    We saw the moon ... and it was bright alright and looked so close I could fly to it in a jiffy ...
    Off to check out the Bumblebee blog now ...
    M xx

  11. Congratulations to Dean , you must be so proud and it will be wonderful for you to visit Lyon too. Do you know if it will be on TV? We saw a strawberry moon last night it looked wonderful.
    Sarah x

    1. Ooh yes Sarah! the world champs will be televised....Will keep you up dated...Dean runs in 'brum' on Saturday...will be on air too! I should imagine...Look for Me in the crowd with the 'Rosey Tinted Specs!

  12. Oh Maria you have every right to be a proud mum ... good job you !
    Congratulations to Dean ... his hard work paid off ~ and the talented athlete he is !
    That lovely Strawberry Moon was so delightfully beautiful here on the farm ~ and all around the world , beautiful.
    I am now off to see what all the fun buzz is about at the Bumblebeeatthehive .

  13. Congratulations to your son Maria, you shouldn't worry about being proud of him! ♥

  14. Darling Maria!

    I was OFF-LINE for three days, being on holiday out of state for a wedding. I MISSED THE STRAWBERRY MOON! With no internet, I was unaware of what was going on, and what I shame because I would have loved standing by the lake we were near to view the moon!

    So good to see that Dean has accomplished so much....missing you but now back on-line; I have much to catch up to! Anita

  15. Hello Lovely
    Oh Maria the Moon must have had Deans name on him...how exciting for you all, you must be so proud

    I love the peep into your cupboards..pretty paper

    There is nothing wrong in being a witch with a twitch..hee hee!
    I now off to look at Bumble Beeeeeeeee!
    happy summer days
    Thea xx

  16. How wonderful, it's good to have a toot and definitely deserves it. Well done your Dean :) xx

  17. I love the strawberry moon quote and congrats on your son, you have all the reason in the world to toot your horn! Checking out the Bumble Bee!

  18. Sweet friend! How lovely to see you this morning as I check my computer in the middle of HOUSEWORK! Good to have you back and I hope that your corner of the world is happy and full of magical surprises. We are having a fabulous summer that is cooler than normal, but so lush and green. I am enjoying my poetry class and this class has taught me so much about my life.....something to muse and write on soon.

    Hugs to you, my dear and lovely friend! Anita

  19. toot away my dear .I would. hx

  20. Hi Maria
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. I am now officially following you, too as I thoroughly enjoy your musings. I read you all the time but must have forgotten to click the click to make it official. Well, now it is!

  21. Hello Maria

    Wonderful news to hear Dean has been accepted to run for the UK once again. You deserve to be a very proud Mum.
    I'm looking forward to reading about your adventure at Bumble Bee.

    Ali x

  22. Dear Maria, you must be bursting with pride – I know I would be. Well done Dean!
    I’ve missed lots of good things while I’ve been away, but I’m trying to catch up now. Next stop the Bumble Bee Blog – how exciting! xx